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  1. The wound care specialist I work with recommends no sting barrier wipes. It creates a sort of second skin- keeping it sealed from the air which greatly decreases pain & allows the skin to heal. I’ve seen it work wonders on some nasty skin breakdown. It usually lasts a day or 2 and then re- apply. I still use on my kids for turf bur from soccer and cuts and scrapes.
  2. If you do end up getting a spacer- it is usually covered 100% under medical equipment, but maybe quite expensive from the pharmacy since they don’t bill through medical equipment coverage. Try to find out from your insurance.
  3. I’m in! Daily: laundry (put away each night), kitchen clean before bed, one bathroom cleaned, 15 minutes of declutter This week: sort outgrown clothes, Goodwill/consignment drop off, master bathroom, master bedroom clean up, start on kids closet
  4. Yep!! Every time I am around my brother, I call my kids me niece and nephew’s name!
  5. I really like the app, but I am one of those crazy people who loves to cross things off list - so it brings me great joy!!! :laugh: :coolgleamA:
  6. Another mom of b/g twins, totally fine to only bring gift for the boy.
  7. I'm still plugging away - my DH decided to "help" clean - well he moved about 47 objects out the storage area of basement into the den - argh!! :banghead: I am focusing on the main level and upstairs since the basement is a disaster right now. The routines are coming along pretty well. I am hoping cleaning won't feel like such a constant in a few weeks.
  8. I'm still with you! I'm pretty good with baby steps- though need to do night time routine regularly. Do you swish & swipe all bathrooms every morning? I need to wash windows in sunroom off if the finish room and organize more of the homeschool bookshelves in the dining room.
  9. I had shoes on - very soggy shoes as I was standing in the rain all day at a soccer tournament:) My beloved rain boots fell apart that month & I can't find any I like.
  10. I really liked the book and learned a ton. I use Omni Focus app to keep all my projects and lists.
  11. This is the first time I've completed the detailed zone cleaning - yahoo!
  12. I'm here. I downloaded the app to my phone today so I have easier access to the daily tasks. I am feeling better about keeping up with the daily flow of life but would like to really knock out the daily tasks and get to the detailed cleaning. I am also trying to help get the kids more independent in cleaning up after themselves (it is always faster if I just do it, but I am determined they start routinely put away whatever they get out). Completed 2 loads of laundry finished and put away Sink shiny and kitchen tidy Bathroom cleaned Pile of papers on table cleaned up and dealt with See ya tomorrow
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