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  1. The Purlbee site is great. Bookmarked it to browse at a later time. I love the binder idea!
  2. :iagree: I have a Wonder Mill and love it! We buy grain in bulk from Breadbeckers. http://www.breadbeckers.com They have co-ops in different areas you can order from quarterly, and sell in 5 gallon buckets or small bags. The buckets are the best deal in terms of $ and convenience. If you buy in bulk be sure and order a gamma seal lid. It makes using the bucket hassle free and seals completely to protect your grain. We buy 50# bags of popcorn from Sams Club. It makes wonderful fresh cornmeal, and there is always popcorn on hand for family movie time!
  3. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog. http://www.rareseeds.com
  4. Even though we live on opposite sides of the U.S. and years go by between visits. She just sent me a $100.00 gift card for Barnes and Noble! How did she know I had just been trying to figure out how to buy some reference books I really wanted? I'm off to buy books as soon as the snow melts enough to drive.:auto:
  5. No parents or grandparents to buy for so our list is pretty short. We just buy for our children and grandchildren and bake up goodie baskets for friends we are close to.
  6. We did not begin hs'ing until dd was in 3rd grade, so had a late start with SOTW.
  7. We always put the spaghetti on the plate and then add the sauce. I'm a vegetarian, dd is back and forth on eating meat, and dh likes just a little sauce with his meat. This is the only way it works for us.
  8. We disconnected DishNet a year ago and haven't missed it at all. When we get the urge to watch something we just pick out a dvd and have family night at the movies, complete with popcorn. It has been great for us!
  9. I have used HomeSchool Tracker with both XP and Vista. Check their website again. It says it will run on XP. I love HomeSchool Tracker!
  10. If you are willing to raise your dgc, have you considered the possibility of adopting her? Be sure to get legal guardianship if you decide to just raise her. After raising our dgd for 7 years we went to court for legal guardianship so she could be home schooled. The court informed us that dgd was, by legal standards, an abandoned child, being without parent or legal guardian, and as such could be removed into state custody. We immediately filed for emergency guardianship and adoption.
  11. We have a local school where the parents signed permission slips for the 'regular seasonal flu shot' and then were notified that the health department had made an error and all the kids were given the swine flu vax.
  12. Our basic rule is never to spend more time traveling than we will spend at our destination.
  13. This is what we do too. We have a huge mirror that we lean against the wall. It is so funny watching dd walk back and forth with her hands on her hips, making sure the problem is correct.
  14. I answered just for myself. I'm a vegetarian, but dd will eat a very small amount of meat (1/6 chicken breast) once or twice a week. Dh would live on meat and potatoes if given the chance. He would eat 2 full chicken breasts at a meal.
  15. Our dd (10) still wants BOTH parents with her at this type of function. It wouldn't be fair to make her choose just one parent. Personally, I wouldn't pay $20.00 plus the cost of a new outfit for a dessert menu banquet limited to just my dd and one parent. But then we prefer family oriented get togethers.
  16. Excellent question. I've seen the sugar fix win out too many times.
  17. We gave up credit cards years ago and don't miss them at all. Dh does have a debit card, but that's all. I do get ugly looks from the people in line behind me when I pull out my checkbook though. Their problem, not mine.
  18. :lol::lol::lol: I just shared this with my dh and we both had a good laugh. Our dd (9) only heard the quote and had no clue as to what had transpired said, in a very wise and experienced sounding voice, "Yes, if someone wants to do something badly enough, they will find a way".
  19. :iagree: And don't forget the books of the Bible which were removed much later by man.
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