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  1. M-W - Horizons Math, Jump In English/Easy Grammar, Spelling Power, First Form Latin, SOTW 4 History, Lots of reading TH - Horizons Math, Jump In English/Easy Grammar, First Form Latin, Science Detective, Lightning Lit 7 Still haven't decided on where our art and yet undecided upon Spanish program will fit into our week.
  2. We have used Horizons from the beginning of our hs journey, 3-6th grade. I really can't compare it to another program since this is all we have used, but it has worked very well for us and dd loves it. OK, as much as any dc loves math.
  3. I had forgotten all about this dvd. My dd loved watching it when she was younger! Ahh, good memories...
  4. We count all 'scheduled' physical activity. This includes marshal arts class, gymnastics class, park play dates, soccer practice/games, and whatever other sports dd is in at the time. Everything else is just play time.
  5. I voted 3-5 times a year, but we only go during the summer. We are lucky to have a great drive-in close by. Adults are $5 and the dc are free. Add in a $5 pizza from Little Caesars and we are set! The drive-in even has a nice playground. We park on the front row where we can keep an eye on dd, sit back, and enjoy the evening.
  6. I just received spam that was sent to my email address from my email address. The same address! How is that possible?
  7. I voted other. We use First Form.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't seen this one before. Wow! The price is great compared to some of the other curriculum I've looked at.
  9. My dd loves FFL and would like to add in Spanish next fall. Is there a Spanish program that is laid out like FFL?
  10. :iagree: OK, I was beginning to get worried that I was the only one who doesn't believe in giving rewards for expected behavior. I have a nephew who was given rewards (I tend to see them as bribes). Now his response to all expectations is, "what's in it for me?" I want my dd to understand that having appropriate behavior and attitude is simply the right thing to do.
  11. You might check the libraries near you. We have one close by that has it set up on one of their computers for public use. You can't add to your own information, but can print off copies of everything you need, such as census records. Also, if there is a LDS office locally, they will let you access their information for free.
  12. How do you help your dc deal with stressing out over taking tests? Dd knows the material, but lately it's all tears when she has to take a test. We don't push perfection, just do your best...this is just to see if there is anything we didn't cover enough. Today she had to take a Latin quiz and completely fell apart. At first I thought it was because we had just taken a couple of weeks off and she wasn't comfortable with her grasp of it, but she answered all the questions perfectly including the bonus questions. My only thought is dd is 10 and the hormones are starting to kick in.
  13. Our dd (10) is in bed at 8:30, and reads until lights out at 9:00. We like to start our day early so she is up by 7:30.
  14. :iagree: Vegsource was the first site I bought/sold on.
  15. We are just the opposite. DD loves chunky applesauce cooked in with her oatmeal with just a touch of cinnamon.
  16. I love this! We hs year round, finishing up different subjects at different times. What a great way to have a 'break' without stopping school totally.
  17. Does this 'So You Really Want to Learn Spanish' program have a teaching dvd for the lessons? This is what dd likes (me, too!).
  18. Thanks for the link. It looks like it might be just what we are looking for.
  19. We have been using Memoria Press Latina Christiana and dd loves it. I would like to add Spanish this summer. Is there a Spanish program out there that has teaching dvds like Memoria Press?
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