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  1. BM in Voice performance here (Class of '83). From my experience as to classes, I was required to take only 1 semester of English Comp, no science, math or any of those other "core classes" that were required for a BA-Music. So if I decided to return to school, I'd basically have to start as a freshman. The tough thing w/a music major is that so many of your required courses are 1 credit (but meet 3x week) or req. tons of individual practice or labs. As a keyboard major (of any sort) she'll probably be required to do some accompanying which will require additional outside practices, etc
  2. I'd do them all on mine, but lots of app say that transcripts are required from any other schools attended. If they ask for them then I'd send them, but not to every school applied to.
  3. You may also want to research combining w/Environmental studies (what ever degree would be compatible.) With all the "greening" of buildings, that is a good field to be up on.
  4. I'm from Tennessee & I dropped my middle. I thought legally that's the way it is. FYI: My mother (married in 1954) & Grandmother (married in 1917) did the same. It connected them to who "their people" are in the small town.
  5. Since it is possible to do DE in FL after 9th grade (regardless what the folks at your cc may tell you) he could start next summer with cc classes. You may have to argue w/them (I did when #1 was that age), but the state allows the $$ to be used so they should too. #1 had had 1yr Latin & 1yr FLVS Spanish before she too cc Spanish. Dd#2 hadn't had any prior foreign language. Both did fine. I wish they'd had the option of a 2nd yr @ cc, but it wasn't offered.
  6. I'd check with the FA office, esp since Bright Futures requires the FAFSA now. Usually you do them as early in the year as you can for entering in the Fall semester. Since he'll be starting in Jan, you may need to do them with 2011 taxes and then do a new one once you have the 2012 taxes.
  7. Not at all! It's a time proven way to multi-task. ;) Do you think all those conversations while washing dishes, quilting bees, etc where considered rude? Personally, it helps me focus on what's being said if I keep my hands busy. It also can help diffuse a tense talk if you don't feel you have to eyeball the other person the whole time.
  8. With us, DE was the most economical choice. We only had to pay for books (which can be resold) so dd could take all those classes with lab fees for free. Also, since all state schools (cc & U) matriculate, they didn't have to re-take any of those classes. The U also considers the student a Freshman for scholarships, etc. if the classes were taken during hs so they didn't loose out on competing for any "freshman only" $$.
  9. Check w/the local hs guidance/college office. They'll have the list for all the local scholarships, some of which are open to any student (some are restricted to grads of xx high school.) The U he's looking at will be your largest pool. Check their web site to see what's listed and the application date. Many will have an earlier application date than the school's general admissions application date (like even in Dec.)
  10. Even with completing an AA as a DE student, my dd applied as a freshman. She needed the full package of docs including an ACT/SAT score. As long as the credits were accumulated under DE, the U still treats them as a freshman although all the credits will transfer w/in the state system so they'll officially not be a freshman for long. ;)
  11. :iagree: Thing is, when you submit your transcript with cc classes on it, the U is going to require the official transcript from the cc anyway. So if you call it 1 credit or .5 for hs, it won't really matter. Also, since for an AA degree here, you're required to take Speech, that counts as another English credit to help fulfill the 4 required for hs along with Freshman comp I & II.
  12. For our dd (both), we went for the basic AA for University Transfer. To fulfill the "Humanities" blanks, we chose classes that would also fulfill the "basic knowledge" slots she needed. For example: #1 had already had US History at home so she didn't need to pick that as her cc Humanities. #2 however, had not had history at home, so she took it at the cc. Since the AA requires 2 credit level maths, (College Algebra or Statistics and above) the 4 credits required for hs would be covered to get them prepped for that level of cc maths.
  13. #2 suggests work on reading comprehension and logic. They give you facts and you have to determine how to use the graph, etc to answer the questions. If you have some basic knowledge and logic, you can narrow down the choices and go from there.
  14. The Duke Lacrosse team. Yes, they invited a stripper to perform for them, but they did not do any of the other things they were accused of and were slandered for in the press. Any man accused of rape where his name appears in the paper, while the woman's is never given. If he later is proven innocent, he still has lost prestige (his name) to the accusation.
  15. Many have dc take both as some do better on one or the other. From what I gather, SAT tests more how you learn. They're known for having more "trick" questions and they count off for incorrect answers. The ACT is more like an achievement test--it tests what you know. It's less tricky and doesn't punish for incorrect answers so guessing can have positive results. Also, since it has 4 sections (math, English, comprehensions & science) if your dc is weak in an area (esp. math) it doesn't affect the comprehensive score as much. As to the writing section, it is not mandatory for all
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