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  1. Only people who don't eat junk food can criticize smokers, right? Ironic that this is coming up now when today's main health headline is "Most of Cancer is Bad Luck."
  2. Seems the Rolling Stone writer committed the journalistic equivalent of assault on this woman. She said she didn't want to go forward as a source in the story, and the writer insisted on keeping her in it anyway. So the writer has mirrored the actions of (whoever the real assaulters were), in a strange kind of way. [not saying the violations are the same of course]
  3. Since there are so many of these assaults going on, the least they could do is pick one to report on that doesn't have so many questions surrounding it, or at least so many non-supported facts. If this girl's friends are doubting her story, the news media ought to be at least as cautious.
  4. If only Rolling Stone had shared your sense of skepticism. In general. If this alleged assaulter lived on campus, wouldn't they have a Campus Directory that would allow her to figure out where he lived? Not everyone who attends a fraternity party, or house party, or dorm party, is a member of that living group.
  5. I love it for when I have people over who drink decaf. Or if I want the occasional hot chocolate. Or if it's later at night and my husband suddenly wants a cup. Or if it's late at night and I suddenly want a cup. It doesn't replace my main coffeepot but it's a great supplement.
  6. ACA works best for people eligible with subsidies. Without a subsidy it gets a lot less affordable for people, especially when you factor in the rather large deductibles.
  7. I dunno, Bill Clinton is doing pretty well on the speaking circuit. Other than Monica, I don't think he's suffered at the bookstore or anywhere else in spite of multiple allegations.
  8. I find "stupid" tends to be contagious, we get "stuck on stupid" so to speak. When trying to think of things in my life that are downright stupid, I ALSO came up with the annoying and unnecessary fingerprinting policy. I avoid calling things stupid because although there are a lot of policies out there that are annoying, unnecessary, not well thought out, bureaucratic...etc., unless they rise to the level of dangerous or wrong, I try not to encourage my kids to call things stupid. Because then there's the tendency to think of people as stupid, such as the people enforcing the inconvenient policies. Stupid spreads. I would rather people like Jonathan Gruber call American voters uninformed or not paying attention or apathetic, all of which is true for a lot of voters. Stupid just rubs me the wrong way.
  9. Definitely pejorative. You can always come up with something that is less inflammatory.
  10. I was a journalism major, got a job in public relations with an automaker after college. (got a free master's degree by having a half-time assistantship in a university's public affairs office, writing press releases and writing stories for the the university magazines etc). Later worked jobs in advertising and marketing, both of which required strong communications/writing skills. I did work part-time for a newspaper at one point, but it was a temporary position between two other jobs. Journalism is not just writing for newspapers. But you really have to get a flavor for what jobs are out there. Science writing is another option. (not referring to writing scientific papers, but taking sciencey subjects and turning them into something a general audience can comprehend) When I get to the point of steering my kids, it'll probably be to find marketable aspects to whatever their interests are, rather than looking at things too narrowly.
  11. Teeny tiny ginger ale ice cubes helped me at age 12. Little square ones, you can get a tray on amazon I think. It sounds like a normal amount of pain.
  12. Put into context with everything else she's said, it's even more disturbing.
  13. All part of the po*rnification of our society. This too shall be mainstreamed, sort of like our advertising, some of which I also find disturbing.
  14. Sounds like a made up story that you conveniently can't check. Thing is, if he found an EMPTY wallet, it would've been nice to try to find the owner so the guy doesn't lose his I.D. As Pope Francis would say, "Who am I to judge?"
  15. You just do what feels comfortable for you. I wouldn't move closer based on relationships that seem marginal to begin with. It probably wouldn't make any difference unless you were right in town...and even then it might not matter! Just keep making appropriate contacts -- maybe you can talk to the nieces/nephews if you call at the right time? I'm close to my extended family, but I live far away, so most of them I only see once a year. Otherwise it's just phone calls. How about some friendly regular texts?
  16. I'd just be glad she isn't a complainer.
  17. I'm not feeling 100 percent convinced of this until someone does a TV interview with the girlfriend, Louise Troh.
  18. Bowling alleys! Cruises! Bridal Shops! Soup Restaurants! Planes! Subways! Taxis! Maybe people with ebola exposure need to be given a specific list of instructions on how to keep a low profile while waiting out the 21 days.
  19. And the family is, after all, anecdotal evidence of one way of coping. And that may or may not be the best way for this child. Who should be able to get help without being hindered by family biases. There is nothing to lose by getting an evaluation. There is everything to lose by not getting one.
  20. Now how would it sound if someone denied you glasses, and was annoyed at the term near-sightedness (for example), because it isn't *impossible* for near-sighted people to read books, they just have to hold them closer to their faces and read more slowly. For pity's sake, a kid who has trouble writing legibly is not doing it on purpose. I can't imagine being annoyed at someone's disability, even if you consider it minor. I'm not trying to be argumentative, I'm trying to go to bat for your son. It's frustrating to be near-sighted (or far-sighted or astigmatic) and I'm sure it's frustrating to have dysgraphia or some learning disability. But probably even more frustrating if you're not getting any help for it!
  21. I don't know if you're saying he's ALSO having an organizational problem, but to focus solely on that seems to miss the point. From your description it seems there is more going on here. If an evaluation gets him the tools he needs to become a more successful student (and you can't know that unless you at least attempt it), then it would seem to be worth it. Why wait until college is at risk? There's a lot more in your control now, and there won't be the added distractions that college brings. I'm not seeing any negative in an evaluation!
  22. The good news is now we can all claim to be Renee Zellweger and no one can really prove us wrong.
  23. If an adult is there I wouldn't worry about whether it was a parent.
  24. Judge Clay Jenkins just announced that the Duncan Ebola Finacee (Troh?) will "remain quarantined" for several more days before being moved to a rental home. So hopefully that fills the gap in the timeline from when they were last exposed in that apartment.
  25. They're talking about the 21 day quarantine for the family being over today because it's three weeks from when Duncan got hospitalized. (They meaning the news media) But didn't the family remain in the contaminated apartment for several days after that before being moved to a safe place? Just wondering why that isn't considered part of the exposure timeline.
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