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  1. See how easy it is to diagnose over the internet? This stuff is starting to be overtaken by events, actually.
  2. I think it's due in part to the CDC not having as much credibility as they ought to in this situation. They say they know how this disease is transmitted, and then people who supposedly have taken appropriate precautions come down with the disease. Then they say it needs to be handled in a certain way, and people are allowed to waltz into contaminated areas without any protection at all. Then you have hospitals that have had training in this specific issue only one week prior, and they send a symptomatic Liberian man home to infect others. It doesn't take much to have your credibility power washed away. Maybe your exasperation should be directed toward the people at the top.
  3. I think the camera man who was working for NBC in Liberia got the virus when he was disinfecting a vehicle.
  4. Maybe ambulances are easier to disinfect than other forms of transportation that don't have a protocol. If ebola is diagnosed.
  5. Tonight's news is they were saying the spread throughout Europe in inevitable. I can't imagine the U.S. would be very far behind, but who knows.
  6. I saw that a CNN reporter was puzzled and sort of horrified that upon her return from Liberia, there was NO airport screening. They're really on top of this stuff!
  7. Trish


    If you re-read it, it asks for opinions on this woman's behavior, not for help in how to deal with a tough situation. Nice of everyone to offer though! I think ceasing the affiliation with Christianity is also an option, as that seems to be a sticking point. I once saw someone who professed to be a vegetarian nibbling on a chicken wing. Backsliders are available in all varieties when it comes to human beings.
  8. Each time they ask they get a fresh chore.
  9. Some "brave" person needs to inform them they are ignorant and rude!
  10. Trish


    Probably a lot of our lives wouldn't measure up to your standard. But this is sort of the online version of the same thing, isn't it? I mean, I don't know if this lady has good cause for her complaints. Maybe she does! Now if we were both Jesus, we would've written something on Wordpad that no one but ourselves could see...
  11. Chlorinated city water kills ebola? That's a relief. Good old tap water! I think we're good, then.
  12. Tell her she can't be friends with the mean girl anymore?
  13. The Dallas Weekly is advertising "Taste of Africa Comes to Dallas" this week. How's that for timing.
  14. Wonder how long that vomit was on the sidewalk! Even now they just sort of spread it around...
  15. It wouldn't shock me if a lot of people in the affected countries concluded that exposure to ebola is a death sentence there, but that they can get great medical care in the U.S. if they could only get here before becoming symptomatic.
  16. Maybe he's familiar with the Jacob Wetterling story and therefore has a superabundance of caution. How well do you know the neighbors?
  17. Well, the CDC says there's absolutely nothing to worry about unless/until someone develops symptoms. So I guess I'd be as relaxed as people on three different plane flights have been. Do you trust the worker to mention anything, or stay home if they develop symptoms? As people here are wont to say, "you're more likely to die of the flu." Small comfort!
  18. Okay, what, REALLY? I'm not a person who is sue-happy, but if that were to happen somebody should get sued BIG TIME by the men's families. I'm amazed at the gross level of negligence on PUBLIC display there. It does not inspire confidence about what may or may not be happening out of sight.
  19. My brother-in-law got talked into a flu vaccine last week. Today he's got the flu. Flu isn't going around here yet, but maybe he'll touch it off! You will *always* find more people to die of something else. But the U.S. has spent billions, maybe trillions, on terrorism prevention etc. and your chances of dying in a terrorist attack are what, not huge, right?
  20. Would they need a visa to enter the U.S.? I'm thinking a policy wherein anyone coming from Liberia would have to have either a 3-week quarantine, (perhaps for Americans), or be denied entry to the U.S. I wouldn't dictate anything to Liberia, but make them aware of whatever policy we had.
  21. Seeing on the teevee that a large Hazmat truck is just NOW arriving at the Ebola Home. Better late than never!
  22. I don't know, has that been suggested? I'm talking about who enters and leaves the U.S.
  23. If we did it for Israel, why wouldn't we have the authority to do it for Liberia? Don't we have the authority to issue directives to our own airlines, and permit who and who does not have permission to land in the U.S.? For example, if Cuba wanted to send a commercial airliner to the U.S. without our permission, could they do so? I guess I don't know who rules the skies, in general, but I thought we had jurisdiction over our own airports. Maybe as a compromise we could route all West African air traffic to a specific U.S. airport specially designed to handle the situation, and to process passengers more thoroughly than a standard U.S. airport. I have no idea how many negative effects it would have on the economy to stop all air traffic to/from Liberia coming to the U.S. for (arbitrarily) six months, but I can well imagine the negative effects if ebola starts getting out of hand in this country. If Liberians with ebola and U.S. passports see that a quick flight to the U.S. results in immediate treatment far better than what they can expect in Africa, and at no charge, you could hardly blame them for doing everything they could to get here in that circumstance. Just something to think about!
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