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  1. Thanks heavens! Hoping she is able to begin to make the changes that will bring peace of mind for all.
  2. Praying for your precious niece.
  3. New York Public Library has free shipping right now, and you can enter your email for 10 % off. Some beautiful gifts, variety of price ranges. I ordered a few puzzles, and saw a puzzle game called Shuffleface that looked like fun for the right group. The tote bags are perfect for some of my kids, too. http://www.shop.nypl.org
  4. Hooray for good news! Praying for co rubies food news and healing.
  5. Last year bought my MIL all kinds of greeting cards and put them in a basket with stamps. She loves to send cards, so she was happy.
  6. If it is reassuring, my dh has this surgery 3 weeks ago. I had to drop him off and then pick him up the next day. I was not allowed to enter. His recovery has been fairly easy. What I needed to do primarily was keep track of all the medicines and make sure he got them on time. Making sure he had food and drinks, ice packs as needed. Helping him use walker and then cane to walk constantly. At first it was 10 minutes every hour (not through the night). He was able to toilet and shower independently. Incision cover was same as you mentioned, and easily changed after first week. Th
  7. Melatonin has been a life saver for me. I use 3 mg. It is not always successful, but most of the time it lets me sleep through the night. I have no ill effects. I hope you get some rest!!
  8. Many hugs for you. It is unbelievably hard. And the judgment from others peeking through the window, certain they could/would mold different results, is terribly painful. Good mamas don’t all look alike. Because each one has a very different job. You’ve done everything you can. I join you in your prayers for your girl, and for mine, and for all the others who must live life the hardest ways possible.
  9. When he was first found, the article I read stated that the creek he was found in was separated from the lake at the park by screening in the water which meant he could could not have fallen in the lake and ended up where he did. There is fencing between the park and the area of the creek. I want to believe it is a terrible tragedy, but there are definitely questions that need answers.
  10. I am one who did not have kids holding my babies. I wasn't comfortable with it, really didn't see a reason I needed to be. I might do a photo with the little one sitting on the couch with support holding the baby, but that would be my limit. I am sorry you and your dd are disappointed, and I completely understand her desire. I would have wanted to hold the baby at her age, too! But I think unless and until your sister wants it to happen, it should be off the table. I would tell mine "I know baby is cute and you'd like to hold him, but Auntie prefers only adults hold him so we aren't
  11. Can you just tell him it contains a lot of things you object to, coupled with the fact that even many former fans have found it is not really funny anymore? Maybe flip it around and ask him to give you reasons you should allow him to watch something you disagree with when he is 11 and you are in charge. (Not being snarky!) It is going to be hard to convince a kid that something forbidden is not as great as it may be in their heads.
  12. Just wanted to update for anybody else who may find some old film. I picked up the first photos today from CVS, and they are fine! I am shocked!! They are my daughter's 5th birthday. (I thought she was older in the photos. My kids had to set me straight on what year they were!) She is 20. So, yeah.
  13. The lion may mean it is British sterling, but I think you would have to ask a jeweler for value.
  14. Hmmm....that is interesting! I hadn't considered checking out a drug store lab! I am going to see what my local CVS might offer. Thanks!
  15. I am so heartbroken reading the interviews with a survivor who lost 9 family members, including her husband and 3 children. She stated that prior to the tour, they were shown the life vests, but told they wouldn't need them, so they did not put them on. I also read that the tour operator changed the schedule and went on water first, rather then land first and water last, after hearing that storms would be arriving. So it seems they were trying to get in and out of the water before the weather rolled in, but it came in faster than anticipated. We had a horrible tragedy with these boats
  16. When we moved, I found a ziploc bag filled with film and single-use cameras. I love the idea of possibly finding some wonderful photos of moments forgotten, or people we've lost, but looking online the cost is quite high for me. $11 for a roll of 35 mm, plus tax, plus $5-6 return shipping. I thought I could at least avoid the shipping if I chose only to have the images scanned to me, but nope. You still pay it so they can return your negatives. Can't opt out of that. The single use cameras are a few dollars more, and I have about half a dozen of those. I am continuing searching onli
  17. I "liked" your post only because I completely, totally agree!! Ugh, ugh, ugh. I am a decent writer, but the stinking cover letters are torturous to me. Hoping you get the job you want!
  18. If it is any comfort, I am right there with you with my 20 yr old dd. She is working hard, I am really proud of her, but I struggle to bite my tongue when she makes purchases similar to what you describe. We have had her develop a budget, but I can't really "enforce" a budget at this point, kwim? So I talk to her, I remind her and I cringe from time to time. Life can be unpredictable. If I could talk to my 20 year old self, I would say "Save every possible penny!! Life is coming at high speed!!". Unfortunately, some lessons are only learned the hard way.
  19. I am not an expert by any means, and would have absolutely gone to the current trainer to ask why she put restrictions in place at a camp which she is not running without speaking to me. The fact that she yelled at you—and “for quite some time” is shocking to me. We’ve had different approaches with different trainers, but I have never experienced that, or witnessed it with others. That would end our training relationship. I need a cool head when my kid is working with a powerful animal, and I wouldn’t tolerate anyone yelling at me like that.
  20. This always annoys me, and I try to figure out why :) ! I think I am old and I am used to the traditional registry items or, if you wish and are able, cash gifts. And that never bothered me. So I would rather a couple do some sort of registry for those who wish to buy something tangible, or take whatever cash people gift them with and purchase their trip or their home or their $200 couples massage on their honeymoon. I don't really want to feel like I am part of a gofundme.
  21. 6 are out as of this morning! Woohoo!! Praying the other boys, coach and rescuers are on their way to safety.
  22. More great ideas!!! Hooray! Thank you! I am going to try all these strategies. ?
  23. Exactly what I was thinking! My kids used to make these, nice & easy!
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