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  1. I always learn something new on these boards. So in my state, you need to enter more personal information than just your name to access voting records. So, I couldn't just type in my neighbor Susie Smith and find out when she voted and her political party. But I can just lean over the table and see if see voted and her political party!!
  2. Not exactly what you're asking.....but if smiling and nodding doesn't work, I respond, "Over the course of my lifetime, I've voted for both parties." After that most people change the subject. And a weird story. I moved to this town as a registered Independent. I go to vote for the first time. At the table the poll worker asks my address. She turns the pages in a book and arrives at a page with my street name. She check me off. Here's the thing....I could read (upside down) all my neighbors names, their party and see if they've voted that day. She made no effort to tip or cover the book. I get to the the tiny, counter height, non-curtained semi-cubicle with my toddler. Worker lady advises me that toddler should not be in the weird cubicle. Big sigh. All this in a probably 25'x25' room. As I turn in my ballot, the other poll worker opens another book and checks me off the list. So, if I didn't get to read it the first time, I got a second chance!
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    For a public schooled 8th grader to play on the public high school team (Varsity or JV) the high school's athletic director requests a waiver through the state athletic association. I *think* waivers are given based on the enrollment size of the public school or the population of the town. It's not incredibly common. (Waivers are not given because of an athlete's skill.) If the district has an 8th grade waiver then the student can play all 4 years of high school. My state's athletic association website has all the rules listed. It's vast but searchable. Can you search your state?
  4. In my frig is a brisket wrapped in butcher paper. It's about 12-18 inches wide, probably 2" thick. I would like to cook it in the oven. (no smoker, no grill). I have spices, oils, etc and a meat thermometer. Can someone please speak to me small words...what on earth do I do with this large, intimidating piece of meat?
  5. So ds turned in his Eagle proposal March 21. He gets an email April 26 saying that the proposal doesn't show enough hours or leadership. The email did mention that there's no standard for hours and the ultimate decision of showing leadership lies with the Troop. But.....please rewrite and resubmit your proposal. And oh ya, you're missing the financial page 17. He turned in page 7-10. How on earth is any reasonable human supposed to guess/assume that page 17 is also needed. He figured out the problem of hours/leadership. He kept writing "a" fence. When if fact it should say "elevenly-million-miles of fence." (He's not really building a fence) So it looked like he was just building one of something. Yesterday, he resubmitted pages 7-10. He needs to get the Beneficiaries signature tomorrow to submit page 17.
  6. I'm asking this very gently. Is there any chance that your father didn't do that for your brothers?
  7. What is homeschooling like in the area you are headed to? We landed where our homeschooled high school teens could play spots for the local high school. That was not on our "house hunting list" when our kids were younger. Turns out, it has been a wonderful experience. We do joke, that we should've bought a house closer to the high school, with all the back-and-forth driving for sports. 😉
  8. Sorry, I don't know anything nationally. However, do you have more than one community college in your state? We live between a couple of community colleges. When my now-college-aged son was in high school, we discovered that each of the community colleges handled tuition for dual enrollment differently. Sometimes, it was based on our income. Sometimes the gen-ed requirements were the only classes that had a tuition break. The best discount was the online classes but he didn't really like on-line classes. So, as soon as he could drive, he did drive for the free/reduced cost classes. Another dual enrolled student told him that the StateU had dual enrollment classes for free. They only let in 30 or so students and I never saw it published/ advertised anywhere.
  9. So my Scout drove about 40min/miles to turn in his Eagle Scout Project Proposal and the woman at the desk told him, "That doesn't get dropped off here." Thankfully, son did not drive home. Instead he called me from his car. I encouraged him to call his Scoutmaster. After some back and phone calls between the Scoutmaster and council, the women appears in the parking lot and agrees to take his Proposal. Rumor has it that the council is taking at least 6 weeks to return proposals. I swear Eagle Scout projects give me gray hair.
  10. We seem to have the worst luck with book lights. I just bought everyone a new one for Christmas and half of them are not working any more. Does anyone have a favorite brand or style? The kids like the kind that can clip to the book. Thanks
  11. This may not be helpful....I was gifted a beeswax candle from someone that raises bees for honey. Can you located a hive owner in your area?
  12. The payphone was gone by the time we sold the house because of cell phone usage.
  13. I encouraged you to speak to the who ever handles zoning because I know of a small town that had very little zoning. There was a commercial strip mall that had residential homes across the street. The restaurant in the strip mall applied for a "strip club license" and the town had to give them the license because the town had no zoning rules for strip clubs.
  14. Our first house was on a corner lot. The house faced the residential street and our driveway ran along the back of a small commercial building. It was an insurance office so mostly Mon-Sat. 9-5 business with only 3-4 parking spots. For many years, all was fine, until the new owner put a public payphone very near our driveway. Zoning-wise there was nothing we could do. The payphone attracted all kinds of activity, noise and chaos on the weekends. Once you are interested in a house, I would go to the city/town building department and ask "worst case scenario". Could the nearby property be turned into anything at all? An Amazon warehouse that loads/unloads trucks all night long? etc. I read something recently that suggested asking the previous, previous owners when you are looking at an unusual property.
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