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  1. I don't want to encourage a run on the grocery store but I would like to share something. I live in a state that has restrictions in place and I have more than 2.5 kids 😉 Locally, I keep being told the grocery stores are good and trucks are getting through so don't panic. However, there are a few items that no matter which store or what time of day, I have been unable to get some items. There are some items that have not been restocked since this started. (I don't have brand loyalty) No bags of rice. No frozen veggies, not even onions. No frozen fruit. No flour, sugar, yeast. Only tiny packages of expensive name-brand organic poultry. Only store brand white bread. There are store limits on eggs and milk. I didn't check on meat cause we get a cow. I didn't check on t.p. cause we've always ordered by case.
  2. I waited tables during high school and college. Some venues allow perspective brides to "peek" at a venue all set up right before another bride's reception. I was amazed that the coordinator pulled it off but it was always very good for bookings. (Obviously this was pre-blogging, internet etc) I would suggest that your wedding planner find a food truck event for you to drive-by and (not creepily) take a look :) It doesn't have to be a wedding, maybe a birthday party or a business event? My other suggestion would be to talk to the food trucks directly and ask how long it takes to service X number of people. (Restaurants know how many people they can serve in how much time.)
  3. I have two college kids and one dual enrolled high schooler. All of their spring breaks were the same week this year!! Dh took the week off from work. We did daydream a bit about taking a "real" vacation but didn't because of cost. Thankfully, we didn't make any big plans travel plans but we did make a local list of fun things to-do. I have a couple of middle schoolers that really were looking forward to hanging out with the "bigs" Plus, that means dh and I might have had some time together if all of our kids went out without us. Sometimes it's nice to stay home in a quiet house with just dh. As my teens move to young adults it's just harder to get everyone together at the same time. (school, work, etc) So, I was really looking forward to this week.
  4. My teens call it "emergency hamburger". I cook and freeze in 2lb bags.
  5. I have boys and it's winter here. What are they doing from 2-4:00? Unless one kid really needs that much down time, I would like to encourage you to think about replacing some of that time with physical activity. Some YMCAs have a sliding scale based on income. Ask other local moms what available in your area for physical activity.
  6. I have a gas stove. I only ever have had Revere. I still have the pans I bought for my first apartment right after college. No regrets. The original stuff can be found at second-hand shops. It's on ebay but a bit pricier than local shops. An internet search will tell you how to identify the original stuff.
  7. Yes, boy privates are checked a physicals. One time something was found that needed to be rechecked by a urologist. It was something the teen was completely unaware of and I definitely would not have noticed/seen/observed.
  8. That's the toddler size. Thanks for looking
  9. I see that but when I select the Youth size 5-6 it won't load into the cart. I called customer service an hour ago but I will call again in a day or two. Thanks so much!
  10. I'm almost out of little kids 😢 and I now mostly shop for teenagers. My youngest ds has a pair of slippers from Children's Place that he has worn holes in! I would love to get him the next size up for Christmas. The slippers in Youth Size 5-6 are sold out online. I called customer service but they cannot see individual store inventory. I can put in my zip code but I only only search 75 miles. None available within 75 miles. Individual stores won't do shipping. (Ebay only has toddler sizes.) So, here's the really big ask....If someone finds a pair near them....I'm willing to pay for the slippers and shipping and little bit more for your time.
  11. There was a Cub Scout pack that "worked up" to the main dishes. If I remember correctly, 1st grades brought the paper products, 2nd graders brought the drinks, 3rd graders brought the desserts, 4th grades brought the sides and 5th graders brought the main dishes. Potluck only happened once a year and everyone could see the entire list each year so they knew what was going to happen next year. I grew up without ever having been to a potluck in my entire life. As an adult the first few times I went to potluck I was really lost.
  12. I have a bay window with honeycomb shades on the shady side of the house. I'm not sure the brand name we bought but oh, my, yes they're were worth every penny. When I lift the shade in the morning there is a huge, huge difference in temperature. The shades push all the way up, so perhaps, maybe there's 1" or 1.5" at the top but most of the view out of the window is unobstructed. I also have a picture window with honeycomb shades. I don't notice the temperature difference as much. The picture window is on the side of the house with the most direct sunlight.
  13. We do following the general guidelines other people of have posted...easy on bleach, no food, etc. I also agree that installation, maintenance and location all matter to your personal situation. Our home is about 60 years old and we're the third owners. After talking to neighbors (that have been here since the neighborhood was built) and knowing the type of work the building inspector did (or didn't do🙄) We've chosen to pump every year. It's about $125 and I try to be home and ask the company if they see anything unusual. We did add a lockable green cover. I have adventurous boys (and their friends) that figured out they could lift storm drain covers. I didn't want them to move onto the septic system. 😳
  14. I suspect each state is different. We often share this information with friends for whom the cost of insurance is nearly impossible. We encourage them to just get their license and then do nothing.
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