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  1. Would anyone be willing to post their favorite gpa calculator? I'm double and triple checking something and I think I've spent so long on it that I cannot longer think straight. If it matters...I live in a state that gives 5 credits for a full year high school course. Plus my teen has taken some dual enrollment classes. Thanks for saving my day!
  2. Not just social media.....people say it in real life. I have a male relative that caught the virus this fall. He was very sick but not hospitalized. His work had him stay out three weeks. So, he was past contagious when he returned to work. Another co-worker had some very stupid stuff to say 🙄 At his point, male relative isn't telling anyone he had the virus. ETA Relative was careful (masks, distancing, etc.) and has not idea how he caught it.
  3. I like Dashing Diva Gel Strips. It took a couple of sets to figure it out but now I can get a set to last about two weeks. I do notice that the glitter strips tend to stay on longer than the solid colors.
  4. Dh had a minor scheduled medical procedure this fall. That doctor's office scheduled a covid test. It did not appear on our insurance.
  5. What kinds of tests and what kind of doctor order those tests? I recently switched to an OBGYN that mentioned it offhandedly. He suggested a naturopath but the naturopath is quit a distance from me.
  6. I would schedule just a cut first. Maybe at the fancy place your daughters go to. At that cut, talk about your color and listen to what the stylist has to say about red hair. IMHO stylists get very weird when they see "virgin" red hair. (Seriously, that was the word a stylist used for hair that has never been colored) My guess, it's a challenge to try something they don't do very much. However, that challenge doesn't always translate into a good experience or color for the client.
  7. Last time one of boys had stitches/staples the dr emphasized not to get a tan or a sunburn for a year. (Obviously, the sunscreen is for after you've healed.)
  8. If you wear Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus contact lenses -1.5 (BC8.4) Can you send me a pm? Thanks!
  9. I know a teen who got fired from his job in mid-February. He's collecting the $600. His parents told me about the $600. (He was fired because he was late a million times to work) His parents have not lost a single day of work from their very well paying jobs. My teens swear a friend of theirs quit his job and was able to get the $600. I don't how the money should've be distributed.
  10. Maybe your email will create some change. Sometimes, people just resist change because...well....it's change🙄 Someone in our life has gone from, "It's just the flu." to now saying, "When school starts in the fall, teachers should move from class to class so that the students stay in their assigned seats all day."
  11. Last spring, MIL ended up in the ER for a fall. We're told she has no medical coverage?! She mentions that over the winter, "some form arrived and I filed it out" She has not idea what the form was or where she send it. It asked about income. Our best guess is she put a few too many zeros on the income line. 🙄 Very, very long story...shortened....there's a person at the hospital that it's his job to help the elderly with insurance. He was amazing and incredibly patient. I'm sorry but I don't know the job title.
  12. This was the only way I survived toddlerhood. If you have a yard, can you move school outside?
  13. I would encourage you to get in touch with the International Student Office at the college he's going to attend. They would know best. In Massachusetts, almost no one ever takes the takes the driving test without paying a driver's ed school to take them to the registry for the test. If you want to head down a rabbit trail....there's an article in the Boston Globe that explains that the driver's ed schools have "a long standing and well know relationship" with the Massachusetts RVM that only benefits the driver's ed schools. 🙄 $$$$ In addition, the RMV was closed and/or had limited
  14. Summer swim teams starts this week. Indoor pool. I should email the coach and ask about safety procedures....but I keep putting it off....
  15. I thought I read somewhere that only 40ish people of the 140 took a test. The remaining people were called daily for two weeks and ask about their symptoms. Please correct me if that information is not accurate.
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