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  1. Was looking for an option for tinnitus. One reason I'm not pushing my kids to get it.
  2. This year, I have one son taking the Mr.D PreCalc live class and one taking DO Alg 2 with grading. I like them both for the student taking them. Mr. D's class is great for those who don't " get" math very quickly. I would have never imagined this son to do so well with PreCalc. I'm not a fan of open book, multiple choice tests but it works for him. My other son really likes DO math (and he's not one to gush on any schoolwork). After 17 years of homeschooling, I'm done trying to do so much myself. I bought the $50 spiral bound course books from Lulu and I paid for the grading. Ds is responsible for taking the picture of his homework and submitting it which he balked at in the beginning but now is fine with it. It really isn't a big deal, and I get a copy of all his graded work so I can keep an eye on his progress. The tests are not multiple choice and are closed book. He has already asked to continue with DO next year.
  3. I just replaced all my older, fading mismatched Corelle with a new set of Corelle called Bella Faenza. The plates are white but have a pretty sculpted design around the perimeter. The pattern doesn't come in small plates, so I picked up some plain white ones at a Corelle outlet. I bought two sets at Target because they sell them without the Chinese made mugs. I prefer Fiestaware mugs. I originally thought I wanted Fiestaware plates until we stayed at a rental house that had them. Way to heavy for me.
  4. I haven't read all the responses and have only sons at that age but wanted to respond to the curfew. My oldest rents a room at college from some people who for years have been renting rooms to several college students each semester. I was surprised to find that he has a curfew. The owners are doing them a favor by supplying an affordable way to live near campus but in return the students are expected to honor the house rules. The rules are in place because it is very disruptive to have people coming home at different hours all night especially when you have dogs. It is also reasonable to expect those who live at home to honor similar rules. We currently do not have a curfew for our older sons, but I do ask for the courtesy of letting me know if they will be late. (And we have a dog that goes off when they come home) This is something that would be just as expected for me and my husband. I do expect any young adult in our household to be doing one of two things..either working full time or going to school full time while getting themselves up in the morning. That has helped our slow maturing son to get to bed earlier.
  5. Praying. I know I don't comment much, but I feel like I know you from all your contributions. Hope all is well.
  6. Time Left: 6 hours and 54 minutes

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    Set includes 4 books all used: TE- ISBN: 0-201-86095-3. Contains some writing SE - ISBN:0-13-165708-9. very little writing ( some problem numbers circled) Solutions ISBN: 0-201-861000-3 Tests and quizzes w/ solutions : ISBN 0-201-86099-6 REDUCED PRICE!!!! $75 USPS MEDIA MAIL. Papal only. Prefer email contact. Feel free to ask questions.


    Bath, New York - US

  7. I totally get your frustration. I volunteered at a community helping function at my church a few weeks ago, and behind closed doors there were no masks worn and very little social distancing. I felt like I had to explain myself for wearing a mask. No, I'm not fearful (most of the time) BUT, I am trying to love and honor others. who I will come in contact with. I will say that "Faith not fear" was my quiet mantra when I was teaching my oldest to drive. It was scary.
  8. I don't have an answer but I do have the same question. I showed my son the Traditional Logic book at the curriculum fair and he was not very excited by it. He also has already done the same books you mentioned. I would also love to hear some answers.
  9. You may want to see if the Big State U accepts CLEP credit for Spanish. I have not done this with foreign languages only history. The cost is $87 plus testing fee depending on where you go. It is easy to sign up on college board. It was a little more challenging for us to find a testing center and their fee was high. I think you can earn up to 9 college credits depending on the test grade. I would think that would translate to at least 2 years of high school Spainish credit plus it removes having to do it in college.
  10. No. My oldest son has a roommate with one. Our local library has one too, but I have never used it.
  11. Both of my eyes are nearsighted but the left has always been much worse than the right. Now in my late 40s, I started having trouble seeing close up with contacts in, so now I wear the same power contact in each eye but it works as monovision. My dominant right eye sees far away while my left eye with the lower powered contact can see close up. I tried no contact in my left eye but the difference is too much. For awhile I was just wearing my full powered contact in my left eye for distance and leaving my right contact out.
  12. I'm not sure if it is challenging to code, but my son had requested an Otto bot for Christmas. My other son had it 3d printed and we bought the electronics. The plans are free and it is based on using Ardrino which is a stepping stone to Raspberry Pi. I like it because it is a combination of programming and building. He does it for fun as I really don't understand it much and whenever I make it into "school" he loses interest. I wish all learning could work like this We were first introduced to Ardrino at a maker faire like event. Aso my oldest son has worked with it in college.
  13. I am wondering if anyone who has used this book has felt the need to add in more graph and statistics teaching than is offered in the book? I am specifically thinking of chapter 8 which covers scattered data, linear regression, and probability. I live in NY and looked at what is covered for the Regents exams.(which we haven't pursued to date, but you never know) If I am reading correctly, I also see box plots, stem-and-leaf plots and a lot of statistical vocabulary. If you have felt the need to add, what did you use?
  14. D's (10th grade) took it and scored in the 42nd percentile. We have what I think is a rigorous school but testing has never been his thing. We live in NY and he has taken the Iowa test many times with similar results. This guy has been one of my hardest working students because he doesn't intuitivally understand as easily as his brothers. I an posting for those who may be discouraged by scores. They are not who your child is. I also don't place a huge emphasis on them so that may be a factor. My oldest received a full ride scholarship based partly on his SAT score so I do realize the importance of these tests, but there is something about the principle of the whole system that makes me not want to stress this kid out to jump through their hoops. I will probably have him practice some over the next year to keep working on his test taking skills.
  15. I grew up near there so maybe I can help.
  16. I bought it but haven't opened it yet. I thought it would be interesting to watch the labs along with doing them as I always have a hard time finding internal parts during dissections and picking out small organisms under the microscope (Is that a dust particle or the cell???). I would love to hear other opinions. I do agree that the video is pricey but I had extra homeschool $ this year now that I am down to 2.
  17. I guess I'm going to make it Thankful Thursday for me.. This is my second ds's last week of school. His graduation party is Saturday. I have learned from my experience with my oldest not to wait till later in June/July for the party as we tried to work around other public school friends/relatives parties, and I spent to much of summer break worrying about the one we were throwing. So it is a picnic at a local park. I am trying to keep it simple, but I still feel like I am going in four directions at once. My younger two sons do still have about 3 weeks of school left so it doesn't really feel like a finale to me. We do not have any other parties going on yet. Here in NY public school has a few weeks left. Dinner tonight is burgers. I am thankful that the weather Saturday is starting to look as if it may be decent.
  18. My second ds will be graduating this a May and for the moment does not have any college plans or ambitions. He is a young senior (17) and still has much maturing to do. I agree that college is really not the right choice for him yet. I would love to see him get some life experience and travel and work until he finds his gifts and passions. I do feel bad that he will probably be bombarded by the "what are you doing now?" questions.
  19. Thanks. It is an android and I am thinking gmail for the same reason - I don't want my email chained to a specific ISP. I do wonder if one is safer than the other. I am planning on doing an email overhaul soon with all my accounts. Most likely, I will not use my smartphone for online banking or shopping.
  20. DH and I finally decided to get a pair of smartphones. We have four email addresses with our internet company (One for account log in which we never give out, family one, homeschool one, and shopping one) We also have a gmail account that we have been kinda sharing mostly for church and away from home communication because for some reason the internet account emails did not work on the laptops for sending emails. So now I am beginning to set up my smartphone and the first thing it wants is an email. Is this usually the same email our wireless company will have? Should we establish a whole new either imap or gmail account for us both or individually? We would really rather have separate email accounts I think. Also, can a google account have more than one email address associated with it? I really don't want my current gmail address, but all my other devices and laptops are using that account which I do like for bookmarks and histories. We also share a facebook account which may get tricky with Messenger if we want to communicate with each other. People tell me that email is really dropping out of popularity but both dh and I are not really into FB much. Dh is not a huge gadget guy. The main reason we have shared email up till know is that he rarely checks it. Would love some input.
  21. I don't have the answers, but when New York State was considering it, we attended a local meeting which offered differing viewpoints about it. One of the speakers was a professor from Cornell who presented/explained it very well including the chemicals and why and how much are used. Maybe you could find something searching there. I don't remember his name.
  22. I am very happy for you. My third son is going through it this year (my 3rd time through it) although he was not super excited about it (or any curriculum for that matter). With each new 9th grader I reevaluate if I want to start with MFW AHL again and I always come to the same decision that it is a good balance of writing, history, and reading. I feel there are many places I can add more if I need or with a slow reader I can keep it basic. My ds listens to the Bible online for the readings to The Old Testament Challenge. I also get the audio cds from our library for the Iliad and Odyssey but I add in the teachings on these from The Great Courses.
  23. I don't really have a problem with the superintendent pushing this to someone else except for the fact that I could go in and talk with him. We live in a very small district and they really were not very involved. I am concerned with having to deal with an overly picky person whose office is over an hour away from me. I am also wondering how this will affect my current senior. My IHIPS and Quarterly reports are not to the standard they show. My IHIPS just had a list of curriculum used or written plan where they also want to know what is specifically covered in it each text. My quarterly reports were mostly just grades with a statement referring to hours done and percentage of IHIP covered. Their sample shows a written description of what was covered that quarter along with a grade. Could the ask me to go back and redo all that? My current senior has shown zero interest in college (or anything after highschool), but I am determined that he will at least have the correct paperwork to go when he is ready.
  24. I have been homeschooling in NYS for over 14 years and have never had a reporting problem. I just received notification that our school district is handing over all the homeschool paperwork to the regional BOCES. My question is that if the NYS reg. specifically say to report to the superintendent, the how can they just push that off on a whole separate agency? (Or are they not that separate?) I know there are others on this board who report to BOCES and am wondering how it is going. I read the manual they included and so far my only complaint is that they are asking for hours per subject in high school instead of cumulative hours which I am not sure is in the regs. Any thoughts? Michelle
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