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  1. I keep the bottles of Lipton Diet Green Tea-Citrus nice and cold in the garage fridge and only get one when I feel like I need a “pick me up”. FYI: I normally have no problem with generic, but the Costco brand of these leave a “bite” in my throat🥴
  2. We have three parakeets and love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad.
  3. Weird But True on Disney+ is such a great show. My girls and I are watching it at breakfast and I love it!! Very informative and entertaining. We have enjoyed EVERY episode!
  4. FYI—In Peak Prosperity’s latest video he shows some indication of a “pseudo frostbite” being a COVID Symptom.
  5. So, do you feel like there will be another run on the grocery stores when people get more deaths in their local area? Supplies are being stocked more and more here in Central CA, but I think of what if the truckers get the virus or the grocery workers. We bought a lot of staples ( which we have been using) and have only been out for some junk food a couple of times. Thinking I need another shopping trip though. How is shopping for food etc going in NYC? I think people “tolerate” a certain level of crisis before they panic. Like, deaths in NYC and numbers seem still a little distant for a lot of people but several deaths in their own town would cause panic buying again.
  6. I think it’s wonderful to see so many companies/programs offering “free” plans, steams, programs in lieu of the crisis. I don’t want to take advantage of them unfairly (like a school program when my kids already have their curriculum), but I believe there are some great opportunities being offered- such as virtual field trips, the opera being streamed nightly etc that we would be amiss not to use. I have been looking for a good exercise stream for awhile and now it seems some will offer a free two weeks! i like the look of Scholastic’s learn At Home being offered-as my 4th grader will miss out on co-op science now. please share anymore opportunities you see:)
  7. I meant to hit like/love. I don’t do this enough on my iPad. So sorry😂. I do totally agree with you. When we don’t know what to do we tend to just keep doing what we are doing.
  8. NO ONE SEEMS CONCERED! I Feel like a hypocrite, after following this closely here , on Twitter and YouTube, we just got home from picking up our older married daughter from the airport in Sacramento. She flew from Houston and besides a few masks, saw or heard nothing about the virus. Please don’t judge—it was a hard decision to let her come, but we do not get to see her very much at all and we felt like we had a small window till it gets bad. (tickets have been bought for months though) We drove fromModesto area, stopped at a Starbucks, got her, ate at a Mexican food restaurant, shopped at HomeGoods (in Elk Grove), and got a Dutch Bro’s on the way home——all so normal, I forgot about wiping down the shopping cart😷 No one at church, neighbors, family, Or friends seem at all concerned (except tp and water are gone at Costco). I’m starting to believe I’m crazy.
  9. I found out after I bought a chromebook for our daughter that Questidio didn’t cover it too. We also have a Circle device and although it does not cover things the same way as Questidio, it does allow for the device to be paused, have a bedtime and control use of apps like Pinterest and YouTube. Our Circle is the first generation. I know there is a new one out, but not sure how they are different. Hope this helps:)
  10. We just went in November. We didn’t hike but we stayed over night at the Maswik Lodge which was just ok. Their pizza was good. We took our own stuff for breakfast. We did enjoy the views better near Hoppi house than the main area everyone goes to. We saw elk on our way to take our dog to their kennel. Kids had money for the gift shops which were eh. We went one hour south to Bearizona and LOVED IT. it’s a drive through safari park with bears, wolves etc. and a mini zoo. And have the most incredible gift shop-kids wished they had saved their money🤨
  11. Yep-I feel your pain. It looks like The Great Conversation classes are going up to $880😩. But, we have had such a positive experience this year, we are going from two to four classes for my son. It’s really worth every penny. Their teachers are top notch, and the technology is incredible. I believe they are offering an unparalleled education.
  12. This school is only using the CLT now. Very interesting! New College Franklin https://www.newcollegefranklin.org/clt
  13. I am almost 48 My skin is not terrible, but I am a redhead with very very dry fair skin. I use a variety of rather cheap cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliates, creams etc I am working on water intake, I do take a multivitamin and a probiotic.. But I feel like I need to get serious about preventing whatever can be prevented :laugh: Seems like the stuff with alpha hydroxy just bothers me alot. I watched several videos on youtube about over 40 skincare and I seriously don't know how they can have enough time and money to use all that they do! Need simple, need not outrageously expensive although I know I will have to spend some to get good stuff. Just wondering what the hive uses;)
  14. It's every Tuesday for 2hours. The cost is $30 for your whole family to watch-you have access the recordings and live. We have had 5 lessons ( today is sharks and mermaids!) so far and 12 more to go. Just really wanted to recommended because my kids are loving it! Turbo Tuesday Markkistler.com
  15. I am very interested in the grade 5 set. Do you have any idea of the cost of shipping to Central California? Thank you
  16. Vionic with Orthoheel are wonderful for my PF. They look "normal" but support like nothing else I have ever used. I even slip them on when going to the bathroom at night.
  17. Yahoo mail will update and get new messages on my phone but not ipad. Some I deleted are coming back too.
  18. We got a great deal for tickets and hotel through Costco last December. We bought the meal plan which I wouldn't do again--too many limitations. We didn't have park hoppers--I think it's just too hard to change parks in one day with littles. Our hotel was down the street and we bought passes for the shuttle. We spent 2days in disneyland and one in California Adventure-wish we could have had another day there. I think the character dinings are great--you sit and the Characters come to you. I could tell you more specifics about those if you like. I bought blank page books on amazon and my kids decorated them before with stickers and they loved getting the autographs Best thing we did was rent a stroller through City strollers. It was waiting for us at the hotel and we loved it. There are lots of sites with ideas-like picking up cheap Disney toys etc at dollar tree and passing them out to your kids instead of the expensive stuff--especially bring your own glow sticks. We let the kids pick something on the last day at the big Disneyland Store in Downtown disney--which worked out great.
  19. I have an 8 1/2 year boy. The girls don't want to do any video games with him. I have rented Mario Kart before for him and he has played at a friends-so he's not totally in the dark but probably not good ;). I will go to game stop and get it for him if you'll explain the friend code thing.
  20. What about just have her throw the old fleece away and provide her with precut fresh pieces. You can always get pieces from the mistake/clearance pile at Hobby Lobby at a reasonable price.
  21. We have been in CA now for a year. It does not feel like home-I love our house and the six of us together are always "home" Church family helping some. But....... I was born and raised in TX. I feel like I could be taken blindfolded anywhere in the world, open my eyes and "just know" if I were anywhere in TX or not.:) I have lived short times in SC( which was nice) and MI(didn't feel like home either) CA is a whole different ballgame than anywhere else--dd18 will have to go back home---she's miserable here:(
  22. Just curious-- have you lost weight doing this? Do you have energy? :)
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