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  1. Jentrovert


    (((Hugs))) Have you tried a therapy light? I have a very rough time with depression from November - April. A light helps quite a bit. (I actually use it year round, because I tend to hibernate in the summer when it's miserably hot. Plus it's easier for me to just stay with the habit.)
  2. Hugs to OP. I hope time and space, and maturity, will help.
  3. I appreciate the climate and elevation advice. That was on my list to look up info about. When my husband was in CO a few years ago, he said that although the temp was lower than we usually have, it was much more comfortable because of the lower humidity. Here it is a wet, soggy cold. He said it was a much dryer cold there. I don't remember him mentioning anything about the elevation.
  4. Lol I'm with her. We don't have those here, and I've only ever read the name, never heard it spoken. I read it short e to myself. Good to know!
  5. We started LiPS and Barton, and while it went well from the beginning, this week it feels like I'm really in the swing of it. Dd7 finished Barton 1, about to start 2. Ds6 is going much more slowly, which is fine. I do already see some improvement in his ability to distinguish sounds. Doing LiPS concurrently, and they are both having some fun exploring how sounds are made. I'm doing everything separately, but today ds caught up to her with LiPS, so I believe we'll do some games together next week. Have been noticing more social thinking deficits with dd, and she is becoming more difficult to manage (mostly regarding very rigid thinking). However, since my husband understands her thinking (we are sure he is undxd ASD) he has had some very helpful suggestions. We have a psych eval scheduled for her in Nov. Overall I feel positive and hopeful, with small pockets of overwhelm now and then.
  6. Produce drawers or behind the extras (mustard, ketchup, etc) in the pantry. Extras are on the bottom shelf and no one wants to bend down there unless they have to. But, I rarely have special ingredients that are so appealing as nuts (we keep cashews on hand for snacking). It's usually something more exotic, and my husband is suspicious of exotic. The kids ask first.
  7. I'm leaning toward New Mexico or Colorado. I have a list to check out based on all these great suggestions; should have time tomorrow to research further.
  8. Thank you all, this gives me some great places to start considering! I also appreciate the info on which activities are good with kids. We could be flexible on our dates, so the suggestion to go on short notice depending on snow is a good one. Of the suggestions, New Mexico would be closest, I believe. Alaska and Canada would be wonderful, but probably not in the budget this trip.
  9. See, that's the kind of thing I don't know! Had no idea about the snow mobiles. A city might be the way to go, with the kids being young. Plenty of variety.
  10. We're in southeastern Oklahoma. Would prefer a 10 or so hour drive at most . . . hmmm . . . will that get us to snow . . . no, don't think so. So 12-14 I think?
  11. Good for you! This is an area that, prior to having kids, I always thought I'd love. In practice, I can barely stand it. They help with various kitchen chores, but my almost 8 year old could be doing quite a bit more.
  12. In January or February, where should we go? The kids have only seen snow once, and only a couple inches. My husband has been to a ski resort in Colorado, and liked it. We aren't that interested in skiing, but would be interested in snowmobiling and snowshoeing. Also just playing in the snow and enjoying a cabin. It seems like the resorts are mostly for skiing? I sort of think we'd be better off with a private cabin somewhere. But, we do need roads to be clear, as we have zero experience driving in snow/ice. I know nothing about this. Any suggestions?
  13. Glad you were able to do the visit! I feel you on the regular trips. At various times, and for various intervals, over the past 4 years, we've driven over 2 hours one way for eye appts and vision therapy. Right now I'm making the trip every two weeks. My biggest tip as far as saving money on frequent trips is not to eat out. I recently got a Hot Logic and an adapter to plug it into the car. It's already paid for itself in the money we've saved. We get so tired of just sandwiches, but with this we can have an actual meal. (I've mentioned this thing in a couple posts the last few weeks; I'm not connected to them, it's just really made a big difference to us.) So I pack plenty of water and for us usually 2 meals, one cold one hot, and we're good for a long day traveling.
  14. The med I take is Inderal. My heart beats too rapidly and I take it for the purpose of slowing my heart down. It has been around a long time, and I don't think it's used much anymore for anxiety. If I miss a few days, I get incredibly anxious. Not just the feeling of my heart beating too fast, which I lived with for years and know well, but actual anxiety. A med for anxiety may help everything else work better, giving you that extra help you need. And it may not be forever. I'm all for doing things naturally, but sometimes we need more help just to get over a rough spot.
  15. Yes. I take a medication, for something else, which is also used for anxiety. If I miss a few days, I become very anxious. Until feeling the difference on and off this medication, I would not have thought I had anxiety.
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