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  1. I would want a truck. Yes, you can haul stuff in a car or suv. I haul quite a bit in our CRV. However, living rurally, it takes so many trips to haul what you need. That is a pain, not only in gas, but mainly in time, when a trip is 2 hours roundtrip. And there are still things you need delivered, at a fairly high cost because of the distance. We sometimes borrow a truck/trailer, but then I worry about scratches or accidents, plus everyone is using their truck! We do have a small truck, and I use it occasionally (it's high mileage and usually husband has it) but even that is not as useful as a full size truck. More trips, and things that don't fit. If $ is the only concern, then sell the truck. But convenience is worth something and if I had a little wiggle room in the budget, I'd want a full size truck. For us, right now, we don't want 2 vehicle payments. We're focusing on getting house and car paid off. After that, we will likely purchase a full size truck. I wonder if selling the prius and truck, and then getting a newer truck with better mileage would come out better? Probably not, but maybe run the numbers on that.
  2. This is me. I use screens for occasions like this. Screens and bribes, with privileges revoked if they choose not to behave for that short a time. They are both capable of doing so, assuming they're well-rested and in good health. If they weren't, I would either skip it or line up childcare. For me personally, and knowing my kids, if I couldn't expect that they'd be ok with a screen for a half hour during the lesson with me nearby, no way would I trust them at home alone. (I'm imagining them a bit older here, no way would I leave them now anyway. 🙂 That said, I saw where you're not feeling well too. So, if everything together is just too much to coordinate, I'd skip it.
  3. Thanks! So far, Barton is working wonderfully for us, but I'll keep it in mind if we get to a point we don't need intervention level curric. AAS would be a less expensive choice, if we get to that point.
  4. You're probably right; when I said I checked the syllable division, all I meant was that I checked a dictionary. I didn't think about what PeterPan mentioned above, that spelling and speech syllable breaks may be different.
  5. Ok, this makes sense about the root words. Thank you. I'll let someone else answer these questions. lol I was a natural reader and never learned many rules. My kids are both dyslexic and I'm using Barton with them (started with Logic of English before the dx) so I'm basically learning the rules alongside them.
  6. I kinda do this. I have morning alarms set on my phone for 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00, with the setting where it says the time. This really helps the mornings not get away from me. Before, I had a tendency to get distracted with laundry or picking up this and that or simply taking too long for breakfast. Now I'm reminded of the time going by and stay more on task. I wonder if you could do something similar for blocks of time. I would totally drop Scouts.
  7. No confusion. However, my goal at this point is only exposure, so I'm not concerned with whether or not they have a good grasp of the timeline and don't really check them on that. Also, our progress has been extremely slow, so not a lot of info in a short time. When we come to a chapter that switches civilizations, we always go to a wall map and locate where the last chapter was describing and find the new location. They each have a binder with pages onto which they've glued the review cards and done copywork, or I've written their narrations, below. The coloring pages and anything else we did are there too. These pages are in chapter order, and they both really enjoy looking back through the binders. They've not been confused when doing this either.
  8. I'm learning along with my kids. 🙂 I did google, but didn't find anything . . . in the word "aging", why is the vowel in the first syllable long? It's a closed syllable, right? If so, the vowel should be short, right? My first thought was that I was dividing the syllables incorrectly, and it should be a*ging, which didn't make sense to me, but would explain it. But I checked that, and ag*ing is the correct division. Is it because "aging" is the Americanized spelling, and it was first "ageing", so the spelling changed but not the pronunciation? Or what rule don't I know yet? (Or, what totally simple thing am I overlooking? 🙂 )
  9. Given the bolded, unless I'm missing something, I think I would definitely pay it off. If you end up having to put something else on the card again, you're no worse off, and if you don't then put the "extra" two grand in emergency savings each month until built back up.
  10. Re medical debt, I was listening to a NPR podcast series the other day on money, and there was an episode about medical debt. It was recommended NOT to pay for medical with a credit card, because your credit score takes a bigger hit from credit card debt than medical. Also, and I don't remember details and may have this wrong, there was something about the possibility of medical debt disappearing after a certain number of years, varying by state. I meant to go back and listen again, as I was distracted the first time. Anyway, it might be worth checking details on that. I understand what's done is done, but maybe work on a set plan for what to do with medical. We are within 2 years of having house paid off, assuming no huge unforseen expenses. We would very much like a larger home; it would be an advantage to us both in regard to mental health to have some small bit of personal space and lose the neighbors. BUT we also really love the idea of no mortgage payment. Not sure where we will end up on that.
  11. Fwiw, $100 each sounds high to me too, when the goal is to pay down debt. But there's probably not much you can do to change that. To be fair, from what I remember of previous posts, that is a reduction for him, so that's good. Whatever the amount, I would not be tracking his spending on that. Give him the cash, or a prepaid card or something, and when it's gone, it's gone. Tracking his discretionary spending would drive me crazy. Also, make decisions about eating out. Set a monthly budget for family meals out that comes out of the family funds. And, if necessary, a monthly lunch budget for him. Once that is met, then, if say, he chooses to eat out instead of making a lunch, imo that should come out of his mad money. Or if he wants to eat out as a family, and the family eating out budget has nothing left, then it comes out of HIS mad money. I would make it where he feels the crunch, not you. Shielding him from feeling it, by using your portion of discretionary spending to cover his wants, will not be helpful. I do feel for you on the eating out. It's hard. We've recently needed to reduce eating out. Although we technically have the funds, I'm uncomfortable with what we were spending on it. It can really add up, especially if you're on the road a lot. As always, ymmv.
  12. Hugs. Something similar has happened to me several times. Once, dh even made surprise plans for something I had specifically and clearly told him I did not want to do. That time, I was pretty upset. But usually, if I can accomodate it, I do. And if it's just a really bad idea, we discuss the reasons. Do you have time to have a practice night at Grandma's, to see if it's at all practical? And, it's probably more the alone time he's wanting, than the specific place, so for the budget issues, maybe the kids could stay at Grandma's and the two of you have a mini stay-cation at home?
  13. Yep. I've had gray hairs since I was 18. I color it, but when the roots grow out, it looks well over 50% gray, and is very wiry. After coloring, it feels smooth again.
  14. This is my husband's superpower. I can give reasonable guesses by looking at the sun, sometimes, but he always just knows. No sun required.
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