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  1. I don't know about the science. My colorist does a double shampoo after coloring. I try to wait 2-3 days to shampoo again because I've noticed it seems to help the color right around the hairline stay longer (the gray not come through). The only thing I've noticed that affects brassiness is if I am in the sun a lot without a hat. It's miserable this weekend. On days at home, I usually work outside in the morning and then again in evening, dripping sweat each time, but don't want to wash my hair twice every day. I rinse in the shower, sometimes add conditioner, and then just pull it back for the day and wash at night. Occasionally the timing might be such that it dries before I shower in the morning, and then I use dry shampoo.
  2. Treated lumber. I tried to order fence pickets today, just ordinary 6 foor dog ears. The lumberyard said they haven't received any treated lumber in 2 weeks and had no idea when they would get any.
  3. We recently did something similar. Our area has very few cases, it was a reasonable decision given local conditions and quarantine status of those there . . . even so, I was somewhat nervous during and for a couple weeks afterward. I've not been a worrier about it in general. Cautious and careful, but not extreme. This is the only recreation or gathering we've done at all since March. I was surprised at my reaction. So, I'd also consider the effect on your mental wellbeing afterward. It wasn't a *huge* deal for me, but I'd venture to say it would've been pretty hard if we were in an area with lots of cases. (I'm not sure what our cutoff would've been number-wise. We still have single digit total cases ever, or did at that time, so we haven't had to make that kind of decision.) Also, that experience proved to me that people have different comfort zones with closeness, food, etc., no matter what they *say*. I'd consider how you will handle it if something comes up.
  4. Don't get A. If I had another child, I would skip A and start with B, even having the A book here already. Spend a bit of time on the review lessons at the beginning of the book, and it will be good. I will caution that sometimes RS can feel to leap ahead for a child who isn't thinking conceptually about a particular thing. I've had it happen more than once, and every time it works to simply let it marinate a bit and come back to it later. And if there are any challenges with processing speed or working memory, the mental math will need to be adjusted to accomodate for that (we jot down things as needed instead of holding in the student's head).
  5. This is me, although my kids don't (yet) hate it. A couple of older ones I always cry during are Lonesome Dove (I usually need to excuse myself and have a real cry in private for this one) and Out of Africa. But, really, anything.
  6. I know, it's crazy! The frozen ones always taste like they have freezer burn to me.
  7. We replaced ours last year. I'm not sure exactly, but I believe the previous one lasted 8 years. We do about 10 - 12 loads per week.
  8. I'm not sure if it was my comment that prompted this, but regardless, I agree. It's just that I have the best chance of actually enjoying veggies with fresh. 😂 Frozen in second best, although, oddly, I prefer canned to frozen green beans and green peas.
  9. Not enough. I have three main excuses, errrr, reasons. One, it's hard enough to drag myself to the grocery store twice a week for produce in normal times, much less now. Two, we all like roasted veggies best, and it's too hot to use the oven much. I can (and do many weeks) grill up a bunch at a time. But they're not great warmed up. (Maybe I need an air fryer to reheat?) And, three, I don't really like veggies, for the most part. I can eat a ton more than I could in the past, but not very adventurous. I've branched out more in the last few years to try to set a good example for the kids, but it's hard. Let's see, I would guess that in the first few days after shopping, I eat 3-4 servings a day. It gradually dwindles down to 1-2, and toward the end much of that is canned/frozen. Lots of good ideas in this thread, thanks for asking the question.
  10. I call my inlaws by first names. Dh calls my parents by their first names. We also use their grandparent names (grandma, etc) a lot. My parents did the same with their inlaws. Usually, when talking to us kids they use the grandparent names for them, and first names when talking to them or others. Same for us. It would really, really bother me if my children end up calling inlaws "mom" or "dad". I wouldn't say anything, but it would bother me a lot.
  11. Exactly this. The one thing I did do post-kids is have their pictures done regularly and family pics yearly. (Have slacked off, though, the last couple years.) So I do have some nice ones. I just don't have a lot of day-to-day, regular photos.
  12. lol I didn't see you had already posted about the ScanSnap! It is awesome. I think scanning double-sided is one of the best features. It really cuts down on time.
  13. Wow, I just googled the ScanSnap and seems it is more expensive than they used to be. I've had mine several years, though, and if you scan a lot it might still be worth it for the ease.
  14. I do. For a ton of papers, I use a Fujitsu (spelling?) ScanSnap scanner. Soooo nice! I bought it several years ago when I began converting everything to digital and it was so slow using flatbed and all-in-one. I still have a few boxes to go of older papers, but am almost caught up. For current things, as they come in, I scan with an app on my phone. If I let it pile up, I use the ScanSnap. Everything uploads to Dropbox. I had an external hard drive at one time, but it quit working. I would have lost everything had it not been in the cloud. I'd like something external, but don't see any good options right now. As far as medical, I have everything in Dropbox and also keep a binder. I don't take the binder to every appt, but can access on my phone if I need to.
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