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  1. This has been great, thank you for starting it!
  2. I truly enjoy a relatively small number of foods. A few others are just comfort foods. They make me feel better, but I probably don't truly *enjoy* the taste of them. If I don't have preferred foods available, and I get busy, I often don't eat. I get hungry, it's just not worth it to fix something that I don't actually enjoy. Now that I'm providing food for other people, it's not often that I don't eat, because it's always there and I have to fix it anyway. I get so tired of figuring out food; I'd love it if we could all just pop a pill and move on. I used to enjoy cooking. Dh
  3. We usually eat out once a week, with friends, Mexican. I'm actually glad that habit has been broken, because it was getting more expensive as the kids get older. It used to be that we could split 2 meals and feed the four of us, but not anymore. It just adds up, doing it weekly. I enjoyed it simply because I didn't have to think about food. I get so tired of figuring out food! But I like saving $ more, most of the time. If we had a larger family, we would eat out very rarely. I don't mind restaurants, and usually enjoy them. I think it's primarily because we almost never ate out when I wa
  4. We are back from camping. Weather was good, 65/45, except wind was awful one day and night. I hate wind, it jacks up my nerves (I mean actual nerves, not just mentally). Fortunately, it was still the majority of the time. We hiked each day. This was car camping, so I brought an air mattress; I might not be able to move otherwise. Lol At first the air mattress was to make dh more comfortable (he's not a camper and does it only because we do) but it really makes a difference for me too. I'm paring down the car camping gear, but will keep the air mattress. 😁
  5. I'm catching up after a few days off the boards, so this is late, but wanted to give our experience using the Dynamic Reader. It wasn't used in dd's VT, because she was too young. Ds was older when he started, and they did use it with him. At the time, he was not reading at all (I'm thinking he was 6ish). We had recently started Barton. When they called me into the room after his session, to show me the Dynamic Reader and how to use it at home, I was less than thrilled but wanted to look it over before responding. At home I realized it was awful for him. He could "read" some of it,
  6. I've been forgetting to check in; doing my 30 min of something has been working well. We're camping this weekend and will hike. Looking forward to that.
  7. My goal was simply 30 minutes of *something*. I spent 5 hours yesterday moving books, shelves, and other heavy things. I mentally counted it because I was too pooped to do anything else. (Naturally, still had to put sheets on the bed.) I can barely move this morning, so I think I'm ok counting that as exercise.
  8. Forgot to post last night. Done!
  9. I think I forgot to post yesterday. Done for both days.
  10. I wasn't allowed to pierce mine until I was 13. This was very late, compared to my peers, and that decision is not something I would make for my kids if they wanted earrings. As modifications go, it is really pretty standard. I had dd8's pierced when she was . . . I'm not sure. Three, maybe? It was no big deal, they were both pierced at once and it was over. She has adhd and is not great at remembering things, but that doesn't really matter because she just has a small stud that stays in all the time. I check periodically to make sure the back is still screwed on tight. She is one who nee
  11. Me too. I forget to do things if I don't leave tabs open, and bookmarks don't help that. My email and browser tabs are basically my to-do list.
  12. Yoga/stretching again, done. Will also walk a mile or so this evening.
  13. Yes! That's the one area where she is almost like a different person. I find that I brace myself multiple times a day, when things happen that I know will set her off . . . and then now she will respond mildly, or not at all, most of the time. I didn't realize how stressful it was. Hopefully soon I'll be able to be more relaxed, instead of being at the ready all the time.
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