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  1. I'm glad they are both doing better. I've been thinking of you and them. Hopefully things will continue to improve and they will soon be settled back home with care. But I know it is very stressful in the meantime. Iirc your dad has dementia or alzheimers? which would make all the changes especially difficult.
  2. I'll jump in! I will definitely need a reminder, please.
  3. Depends on who is doing the eating. 😁 Some people in this household aren't very picky . . . and I just mopped yesterday.
  4. This is sooooo annoying, and it's a pain to compare invoices. I like the previous suggestion, but I don't tend to enter my transactions, I work with them after import (yes, I know this misses part of the point of ynab, but it works super well for me :). However, if I happen to have a large order, with many items in different categories, I sometimes do enter it at the time I place the order, with all the split transactions. The only other suggestion I can offer is just not to let it get too far behind. Do at least that small part of your budgeting weekly, twice a week, whatever, so t
  5. Last year I was taking Wellbutrin for other reasons and noticed a big difference during the winter. I had previously used a lightbox, which helped a bit, but it was significantly better with Wellbutrin. I am continuing on it through this winter for SADD, even though I feel I could drop it otherwise.
  6. I use them monthly, and don't have trouble with them moving. However, I would make sure they are specifically for bladder issues. Like with cloth diapers and a heavy wetter, you need specific materials and layers to work well for urine (quick absorbing, medium, then hemp or something that absorbs a ton but more slowly.) I have used my cloth pads for mild bladder issues, and they don't absorb and hold urine as well (expected, since they don't have a hemp layer. They work fine for menstruation.)
  7. I think this is fairly common, but I didn't expect it until it happened. The lumberyard I use hasn't had fence pickets in months. I badly need to restain our fence, but need to replace some pickets. Also finish another section of fencing. It's aggravating to have the funds and decent weather, but no supplies.
  8. Yeah, in all seriousness, I think the neurodiversity makes a big difference. I will say, also, that I have observed a change in this area (and others) with interoception work. I know you've been doing things like that, and you may find that things improve as you become better integrated. It makes sense, right, as so much of it is sensory. I have some additional thoughts on this, related specifically to math and interoception, but I will need to pm them later. A bit too much tmi to post publically. I have to go fix supper now, but will try to remember to pm you tonight. If I forget, feel free t
  9. @PeterPan My accountant has never been great at intuiting how I'd like the books done. I think his neurodiversity completely prevents him from picking up the usual clues. I long ago developed the habit of exaggerating any, ah, expressions of approval while he's busy calculating. It took some time, but eventually my preference for, say, addition became clear. Once he mastered addition, exaggerated expressions anytime he ventured nearer to multiplication, and so on. At this point in time, he's much more comfortable discussing it, so I can be more straightforward. But in those early years, this
  10. Man, what a week to begin my new "social media on weekends only" policy . . .
  11. I'm more of a "find a bush" person. We used to keep a toddler potty in the van, though, and I've used that in a pinch, or just a cup. Diapers work really well to contain odor. Even paper towels, in a tightly wrapped bag, aren't too bad until you can find a trash. But, the main reason I'm commenting is to say that I have discovered I am unable to pee standing up. This is true with a cup, with those travel john type funnels, etc. I do not know what it is, but I must squat to use any of it, even if I really, really, need to go. It just feel so unnatural to stand, I can't let go.* So, if you
  12. If this is because of its appearance, have you looked at all the edges and patterns that are available for formica now? With the right color and the right edge, it can look pretty good.
  13. I agree with you. I was taught that if you borrow something, you return it in same as or better condition than you receive it. I once borrowed a paint sprayer and the owner was shocked at how clean it was when I returned it. When I lend, though, I expect it to return (if at all) in worse condition. So I'm careful. I usually make arrangements for the return when I give it to the borrower. Ultimately, though, I don't lend anything I can't part with. Maybe she sold the discs to help fund the machine. 😕
  14. I use YNAB. I used it years ago, got frustrated, and quit. Then some time ago it was mentioned in a thread here, and I decided to try again. For whatever reason, this time it clicked.
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