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  1. I would consider how this will affect your kids' activities. The opportunity to be in town could mean easier access to friends and activities as they reach the age when those opportunities increase. It could really good for the family.
  2. My neighbor's DS went to one a few years ago. They had prizes and he won an iPad. He liked that. He didn't go to the school though. Spending the day gave him the opportunity to see he wanted to go elsewhere and he got a the iPad.
  3. My HMO (kaiser) offered the shot free to anyone. They set of the flu shot clinic in the lobby of the medical center and of course any member could get a shot, but they also invited anyone to come and get a shot free. Dh and younger ds are on dh's insurance. They went to the minute clinic at Target, but if I still have the same insurance next year and they offer it, I'm going to have them come with me to get the shot free.
  4. I'd plan specific type of work for the laudromat. Are there tables at the laudromat? When I've used a laudromat, I've tried to choose one that was comfortable for waiting. My kids and I will get a booth and have books to work through while I get up and change loads from washer to dryer and fold, etc. It takes some planning, but it's not dead time for homeschool.
  5. I think he's a great choice. My first reaction was what kind of movie are they going to make. I loved Mr. Rogers in the early 1970s as a child. I loved my own kids seeing him. I just wonder what Hollywood would do to his story.
  6. Hallowell and Amen are good. A good start might be ADHD and Me, what I learned from lighting fires at the kitchen table The author uses anecdotes from his own life to identify types of problems and walks through how he addressed them for himself. It is very easy to read and targeted at adolescents. I think even if he is motivated not having parent support is going to make addressing these problems hard.
  7. I know you want to avoid disability. However you are looking at a very short time, 5 years until he ages out of health insurance. So, I think you need to be working that angle too. You really have to.have a lot of documentation to apply. So while your DS exploring writing you probably should see if you can track down every bit if documentation you can to prove disability. It's a tough process and pretty much every application is rejected on the first try. It takes a few years to get it all together. I think you get all the stuff together. If ds hasn't figured out how to produce an income, you need to work with a therapist as a family on how to apply for disability. And exactly what that means his life will look like. I am a little familiar with the frustrations be of the process because I have a friend with an adult child on disability. Also I have a 2E ds who is stumbling his way towards fully launching. It's been one push after another to get him as far as he's gotten. Time is ticking away at him too. Are you hooked into any local support groups for Asperger's/autism. It would be good to connect with parents of adult DC locally who have accessed whatever is available near you. Every state has different resources so I can't direct you. I know you've said you are introverted, but these groups are great because you do not need to reinvent the wheel finding stuff for your DS. Someone may have already done everything you need.
  8. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Better today. Mostly weak. Haven't taken any OTC stuff today. No fever. I was miserable a couple of days ago. I have a long work related training tomorrow. I'll make a decision in the morning about attending. If I go I'll sit in the back and stay away from people. I'm not sure though. Right now I'm exhausted walking across the room. Dh and younger ds got the vaccine in December. I got it in October. Dh thinks the vaccine was reformulated before he got it. So far dh and younger ds are not ill. My other dc are away at school. This is my first experience with tamiflu and I'd say it really works.
  9. I used to be acquainted with a woman who was finishing a PhD in French Literature at Howard University in DC. She told me they had the largest collection of Caribbean French Literature in the US. At the time it was not catalogued very well which made research difficult. We used to attend the same church and we talked about this just before I left, so I know how ago this was--21 years. Perhaps, the organization has improved.
  10. I finally get to sleep a bit today. I spent much of the last two days, figuring out plans for my responsibilities at work to be covered. Anyway, I need to gripe. I'm sick and weak. Those blister pill packs are hard to open. I'm taking tamiflu and some otc stuff. I had to get a knife to open the packs. OK back to sleep.
  11. I don't assume police are just out to harass. I have one negative experience. When I was 17, I was pulled over late at night under the auspices tags were expired. They actually weren't. They were due that month and it was the beginning of the month. He approached me very angry and beat on the window of my parents station wagon with his night stick. He sent me away telling me to make sure the tags were paid in three weeks. It was kind of scary. I've learned you do not have your pull over immediately, but are permitted to proceed to a well lit area or police station if you know where it is. (I forget the details on that in my locality) Anyway, I wasn't speeding and all equipment was working it was just a weird intimidation late at night. That was 35 years ago. Since then I've gotten a few speeding tickets. I am white. I have many friends of color who definitely have reason to mistrust police. Driving while black really does happen. My former boss was a dark skinned Indian man. He married a white woman. Shortly after their marriage he was pulled over and his wife was questioned separate from him, being asked if she was OK or felt unsafe. They were sent on there way with no citations. I know many people who have similar or worse experiences. Your friend sounds messed up. If she does have problems with her vehicle or is reasonably suspicious then she should be pulled over. If she is violating local property laws by poor property upkeep she should expect someone to investigate. That is what police do. My mother in law got several speed camera tickets. She called and told me about it laughing. She said she knew she was speeding and now she was going to stop. She also told me she didn't understand why other people complained. All they needed to do was to stop speeding. Anyway, people who break the law or have equipment issues should expect to see police. Other people should not. And the truth is there is a law abiding segment of our population who has very negative experience with law enforcement. ETA my experiences and those of my friends have all been in the same large, densely populated metropolitan area.
  12. All freshman, sophomores and juniors take the PSAT in my district. If they want the scores they have to pay the registration fee. Otherwise they test and don't know the results. Everyone is informed that junior year they must pay the fee if they want national merit consideration. Most of the neighboring districts do this as well. They do a reduction in fee for those on free lunch (1/3 of my local school).
  13. Has he been to ANY college open houses? If he hasn't been to any, Id suggest pushing a little. So he can get a general idea of a campus and his place. I dragged my 2E DS to an open house the summer before senior year. I actually had to drag him all the way through the application process. He had a lot of anxiety, which he does not admit, that complicated the process. He did actually enjoy seeing that college even though he did not apply.
  14. I don't get bringing your dog everywhere. My family never did that when I was a kid. We took our dog on long walks leashed and kept her away from others. We were her pack and she knew it. Today I have a small rescue. He has a lot of anxiety towards people but believes every dog (and cat) must be his friend no matter how much the other dog is barking. He never goes out off leash. Sometimes he slides out of his harness. When that happens he freezes. He has an extreme fear of being separated from us. I think that is a remnant of being rescued. I don't take home to run errands. We took him to PetSmart once. I hated that. When another dog is walking nearby I pull him close to me/cross the street/pick him up. I know not everyone likes dogs. Some people like dogs, but are allergic. I'm not pushing my dog on anyone. Doing so is not right. Not recognizing your actions is pushing your dog on others is just rude. I don't believe you have to take a dog in and out of stores to teach him proper behavior. It's fine to bring a well behaved dog if allowed, but I don't think teach/maintaining behavior is a reason to do so. I'm glad a couple of airlines recently announced they would be requiring more documentation for "support animals". The slippery slope has got to stop. Particularly in airplane travel, which has gotten awful without all the animals.
  15. As the student, I'd be camping outside this department chair's office with copies of the guidelines for choosing the class. I'd be getting an explanation from him/her about the decision and uneven application and solutions based on the late notice. And I'd be thinking of who else to involve outside the department. As the parent, I'd be telling my dd to do the above. I'd also research the university organization for other channels to follow and send my dd that information. I'd make phone after she had done these things.
  16. Dorm was an extremely bad experience for DD. She's in an apartment near campus. She and roommates renewed their lease for next year. Her roommates will be graduating next year. DD is already talking to some friends about getting an apartment in another complex for her last year. DD has a group of friends who stayed on campus. For that reason we purchased the smallest meal plan, so she could easily meet up for a couple meals a week and socialize.
  17. This just boggles my mind. I remember January application deadlines 35 years ago. And "not going to bother with NCAA stuff". Well then your kid doesn't play, period. Now, I'm off to consider that it's been 35 years since I graduated high school. :ohmy:
  18. I don't know why anyone who is college educated and wants the opportunity to attend college available to their child wouldn't have researched this stuff years ago. The lack of affordability has been in the news for at least a decade. The problems with student loans that are huge and last forever has been in the news for over a decade. When I say over a decade, I mean I started seeing stories in print, online, or on TV a decade ago and I've continued to see stories every few months during that decade since. I don't know why if you were planning for your child to attend college you wouldn't start reading a few of the stories. I looked up college costs when we had our first child 23 years ago. In the 7 years between college graduation and my ds birth costs had gone up a lot at the public ivy I attended. I paid attention to state politics and could see no abatement in the rising costs just to go to a public school. Since I had a white, male child who by genetics was unlikely to have superior athletic skill, I knew I'd better start figuring out how we were going to save for college pretty much from the time he was born. If you think you want an opportunity available for your child, why would you not learn what has to happen for said opportunity to be available. So, yeah. I don't get it.
  19. Sounds like poor management. I didn't see it at the gym I used to go to. I don't see it at my rec center. Years ago, the Y had issues with people putting all there sufficient on benches in the locker room and people trying to reserve hair dryers when they weren't in use.
  20. I think the only nonverbal cue that would have been clear in the situation was not done. Get up and get dressed. Don't hang out on the couch naked. What kind of message is that. This girl was not held hostage. She was free to say no. She was free to leave. It was a bad sexual encounter because neither person knew the other well enough to communicate. I don't think it's surprising that a bad sexual encounter can come out if two people who don't know each other getting together. That doesn't mean the encounter was constituted assault. Encounters like this happen. One or both parties may feel remorse or pain. That reaction does not make the encounter assault. People have crap experiences sexual or not. They learn from it. Move on. Approach the next situation wiser. Think it through. Ask yourself, "what happens when I go home with some I don't know?" Talk and send clear verbal messages. "I'm not comfortable." Is not that clear. It could mean, I don't like your couch or I'm cold. "I need you to stop. I'm getting dressed now." Conveys a more specific message. Publishing a nonassualt and naming someone is pretty close to slander. Attaching the nonassualt to metoo devalues that movement.
  21. DD and I The Post at 10:45 am last week. The theater was about 25% full. The average age was 75. Most theaters start showing at 12 or later around me. This theater is in a densely populated area and in a big mall. It's a great time for senior mall walker groups.
  22. ((hugs)) Sending positive thoughts your way.
  23. Having had a child with an IEP and another child who qualified for an IEP, but we elected to go with just a 504 plan for reasons I won't discuss here, and having advocated for children in special education before I had children, I have to disagree. I do believe there are circumstances where having advanced instruction could be part of FAPE. But anyway...off this tangent, back to the thread.
  24. OK, some of you are listing shows that were prime time during the 70s (Little House, 8 is enough...) Some of us were adults before these shows went into rerun syndication. I remember soaps, PBS had zoom and electric company. And yes the ABC Afterschool Special. I remember the LSD one. I remember one where a parent was an alcoholic and a friend gets the teen girl in the family to get involved with Alateen/Alanon.
  25. But there could certainly be a case where FAPE for a 2 E kid includes calc 2 and AP chem. But the family that has the money to sue in such a matter has the money to take DE classes. At that point I wouldn't pursue the school hassle and I'd get the necessary accommodations at the local college for DE.
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