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  1. I am guilty of buying the single beverages but we are also "that weird family" that takes reusable water bottles to all ball games. My guys still get Gatorade some but it is the powder mixed in their water bottles. Some other "weird" thing we do is use reusable shopping bags, cloth napkins and bring our lunch with us (in reusable containers :eek: ). :lol: :lol:
  2. Jane -- when we do get to travel we have always taken food too. We try to get rooms with microwave and mini fridge. Before going I grill some chicken, hamburgers etc. and take them with us in a cooler. We take lots of snacks and drinks (bought on sale) too. Even when ds had an away ball tournament (day not overnight) we packed a cooler with drinks and food. I don't think I responded on last thread. Don't think we have been doing to great either :thumbdown: We have eaten out a few to many times lately. Crazy schedule and my lack of planning. Got to get back on the ball. Bought ds a late birthday/early graduation gift. Haven't decided when to give it to him. But found a good deal on some camp equipment he has been wanting. Ds2 has a birthday coming up. Haven't bought him anything yet. Usually he is the easy one to buy for. This year he hasn't mentioned anything.
  3. Deep freezer Hair clippers Carpet cleaning machine Big water bottles and insulated covers Cloth napkins Lunch bags Reusable containers that fit in our lunch bags Tiller -- bought used, now can break up our garden without paying someone to do it My grandmother gave me her sewing machine. Old one but good quality one. I don't really know how to sew but I do repairs, have made curtains (from sheets) and draft stoppers and a few other small things. My stepdad gave me an older upright freezer. I know it uses more energy than a new one but this one works and has allowed me to really stock up. Like when I was given a bunch of fresh garden veggies and the deep freezer was full. When both freezers get low I move everything to the deep freezer and unplug the upright. If it is very low I put water bottles in the freezer.
  4. Yes I too wish series were marked 1, 2, 3 etc. This series literally picks up where the previous book left off. Here is the Miss Fortune Mystery series by Jana Deleon. I forgot to add the books in my previous post. 1. Louisiana Longshot 2. Lethal Bayou Beauty 3. Swamp Sniper 4. Swamp Team 3 5. Gator Bait 6. Soldiers of Fortune 7. Hurricane Force
  5. I saw these the other day. Think they were Ozark Trails. Looked just like the Yeti but WAY cheaper
  6. We have been using Tervis for several years and love them. Love they are made in USA too. Dh also came home with a couple Yeti - big one for me, smaller one for his coffee. His boss gave them to him. I like them too.
  7. A Miss Fortune Mystery series by Jana Deleon. Very funny not scary. Not a heavy read either. But you MUST read them in order.
  8. Than reaching for your towel and the wet shower curtain and bar fall on you :closedeyes:
  9. Amazon delivers TP :thumbup: Yeah I have bought it from them before. My guys thought it was :lol: :lol: that I had TP delivered. Hey it cost the same and I didn't have to leave the house. :thumbup:
  10. No recommendations but if your couch has removable cushions you can put a piece of wood under the cushions. That will help firm it up some. At least not sink as far. That may help some.
  11. Hummingbird feeder and food and maybe a shepherd hook to hang feeder on
  12. Mom's -- knock and wait til someone answers door Step mom's -- knock, crack open door and yell -- knock knock. And generally walk on in. But usually step mom is yelling "come in" MIL's -- if just me, knock. If with dh, he knocks and walks in FIL's -- knock and wait Most people know and wait at my house but a few will open my storm door and say "hey" as they are walking in (only if wooden door is open)
  13. I use holey socks for cleaning. If it is something really yucky I just toss them after. If not to bad I wash and put back in rag box. Old t-shirts get cut up and added to the rag box too.
  14. BarbebueMom -- understand the clothes deal. I put one of those iron on patches on the inside of my jeans. Sometimes it is a little uncomfortable but most of the time I don't notice it. And can't remember the last time I got a haircut. Spent extra this past week. Ds1 18th birthday is this next week. I picked up his birthday presents. I think I did good. Only spent $125 and got the things he wants. All very useful items, except for a cap. He just really liked it Not much spending on groceries. Been trying to use more from the pantry.
  15. This It has USB port and pictures can be stored on the surface then moved to an external hard drive.
  16. I was raised on canned food and that is mostly what we eat now.
  17. Must finish the bookshelf I have partially unloaded :closedeyes: Need to start another bookshelf after finishing the first. :sad: What I really want to do is nap and read and watch movies. :tongue_smilie:
  18. I do need to add. Dh will gladly pick up 1/2 price Sonic burgers on Tuesday and $5 Little Caesars pizza any other night of the week if I call him (and he has money). I try not to ask to often (just because I am trying to save money for some house projects). Doesn't mean we don't have popcorn, chips, cookies, cereal or whatever you can find on those nights I just can't get it together.
  19. Here is the thread for this week
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