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  1. Wasn't a blog but I was watching House Hunters one time. The people looking at the house got to the kitchen and said "Oh these cabinets and counters have GOT to go. They are hideous". I turned off the TV. The hideous cabinets and counters were exactly like the ones in my kitchen. :glare:. Yes I still have those cabinets and counters.
  2. Holidays confuse me too. Laying in bed this morning I was trying to figure out what day it was :laugh: I need to play along today. Yesterday I was lazy. Today I need to do something. Figure out meals -- at least for today and hopefully for the next few days Empty vacuum Vacuum Pick a spot and dejunk and organize Work on homebinder
  3. I am on board. Not sure what "method" I will be using but something has got to change around here. (and ALOT needs to go)
  4. I am happy to sleep late, read all day and someone else do the cooking and washing dishes
  5. Santa brought everyone their own pair of nail clippers this year. I am tired of looking all over for a pair of clippers. We have multiple of lots of things. Some I need to go through and get rid of. Some I like having more than 1 of. Like water bottles. I like having them for sporting events, travel and when there is a yard full of boys. And we have way to many throws/blankets but I still won't get rid of them ;)
  6. Man what a walk down memory lane! My grandmother had a yellow rotary dial phone on the wall next to the kitchen bar. When we were visiting I use to want to sit closet to the phone when we ate and hope it would ring :laugh: Being about 14 or 15 and walking all over town (like miles and miles away from home) with my friend. Several times we would be on the main road and my dad would pull over and ask if we wanted a ride home. He was at the store or just got off work and saw us walking. We didn't have a cell phone and no one knew where we were. Saturday morning cartoons. My dc don't understand that cartoons or kid shows weren't on anytime of the day. Sunday night Disney movie. Mom would always fix us popcorn to go with the movie. Playing the Christmas albums on the HUGE stereo. Looked like a huge cabinet and the lid raised to reveal the turntable, radio controls and 8 track player. Going on vacation with extended family. Staying in a small motel that some rooms had kitchens. It was a no thrills place but clean. The family would get one of those rooms (more like a small house in the center of the motel) and a regular rooms. Then everyone piled into those 2 rooms. Sharing beds with cousins. All meals were fixed and eaten at the hotel except for 1 night out at a restaurant. Either that same night or maybe another night we would all go to some attraction. The rest of the week was spent hanging out at the beach, pool and just hanging out with family. Riding to and from the vacation spot we went in a caravan and all the cousins switched up cars to ride together. Spent lots of the trip making faces at the cousins in the other cars. Not locking car doors. Half the time not locking the house.
  7. Usually New Year's Eve day. I am ready for some stuff to come down but I love my tree. So relaxing to sit by the glow of the lights after everyone has gone to bed.
  8. Junk food, movies, games, sparkling cider at midnight
  9. I have not read the book but y'all are inspiring me to dejunk my house. It sure needs it
  10. Get this. FIL gave us a bunch of plaques and trophies he won in golf tournaments. Why :confused1: I asked dh why and he said "he wants us to have something of his". So now I have a stack of these things. UGH
  11. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  12. Dss lamp looks like a Walmart mainstays 72" combo floor lamp. Tried to link but my tablet won't let me today
  13. Like someone else said make sure you get the "daylight" bulbs. Made a huge difference. Dss have a floor lamp that has the bulb at the top and a bendable lamp on the side. It can be bent up toward the ceiling or down where they are working. Got it at a yard sale but I think I saw some like it a Walmart.
  14. After the battery tested ok driving the van to the auto store and then it dying again dh took the battery off and took it to the auto store. It tested bad then. Jumping off and driving charged it enough that it was saying it was ok.
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