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  1. I've been using Corelle and stoneware for 25 yrs. I've used cheap stuff that breaks easily or doesn't heat well in the microwave, always go back to my Cornell and stoneware...
  2. I prefer crocheting. I began this year. YouTube was best for me cause I could stop and rewind. After I did a coup,e of videos and found some very simple patterns online, I'm now able to read the patterns. I haven't learned all the stitches yet, but I am enjoying it soo much. Enjoy!
  3. No way! I would not go. Viruses can hang around for over a week after symptoms disappear. My son has gotten sick many times in the same situation. Thankfully he seems to be outgrowing his propensity for sinus infections, but before last year, every single cold turned into a sinus infection. It's me that stays up all night with a sick kid. I would make plans to visit another time, I don't care what day it is. I detest illness of any kind and I do my best to avoid it. My son has a cold right now, so I'm a bit aggravated...
  4. I've brined and cooked according to Alton browns method, I change stuff in the brine, not really hat much salt but lots fruit juice and herbs. I spread herbed butter under the skin. I love how it comes out.
  5. Have you looked at any Thornton burgess or Arthur Scott bailey books? They are free on booksshouldbefree.com
  6. I prefer binoculars to a telescope, even cheap ones. You can see one object with a telescope, and then the planet moves and you have to keep adjusting. Binoculars are awesome for seeing whole areas in space that are invisible to the naked eye.
  7. Hmph, I would pay no attention to them, and would not have them in my close circle. I love to crochet. I am totally addicted to it. My sister says its an old lady hobby. Who cares? She sure wants some things I crochet and she was thrilled with the blanket I made for her grand baby. People can be mean cause they are jealous. That is my opinion. Do what makes you happy.
  8. What takes up room in my house is not homeschooling materials. That is all in one corner cabinet, and on the dining table. We have contemplated living in a smaller space, we did it before we had a child, but I honestly couldn't do it. I rarely leave the house, I have to beat myself to leave to go to what I consider absolute necessities - appointments, church, and the grocery. I really need privacy. We don't live in a town that offers much, library is useless, so spending time out of the house, well it's not really an option. If I didn't love my collection of books (a great many are out of print, and will most likely never be an ebook. I got rid of a lot of classics since those are available in ebook), crocheting and it's inevitable yarn stash, photography, and sewing, I probably could live in a smaller place, lol! We have camped for a couple of weeks at a time, and we did school in the RV. You really don't need much. I just tended to get claustrophobic and was glad to return to my house, which isn't huge, about 1700 sq ft, but I do have 8 closets....
  9. Daughter of time was written by Josephine Tey. Anything by her is wonderful. Miss Pym Disposes and Brat Farrar are my favorites. He might like some of Agatha Christie.
  10. Where outside of new Orleans did you live? I'm from Louisiana and always found people around there to be very friendly. Most people in southern Louisiana are very friendly, it's very common to have conversations with perfect strangers in the store, or wherever you go. It's quite normal, and nobody even cares if you join in a conversation with people you never met. I found people in Nebraska to be extremely friendly, I could just never take the cold winters there...I'm spoiled to my mild winters. I don't like the humidity we get down here but I sure tolerate it better than the cold. When it gets below 60 I try not to leave my house. Seriously.
  11. I have an only child so there is no fighting, but my 7yo is a master avoider. School has actually been sporadic the last few weeks. I can't seem to bring myself to fight him. We did good the first six weeks, now it's almost more than I can deal with. I'm determined that tomorrow we will have a good school day! Oh I like to mix a spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin. Bake in a bunt pan and then pour a honey glaze over it. Is great with a cup of earl grey tea!
  12. Love comes softly Sarah plain and tall, Skylark, Winters end The shunning, the Confession Little women
  13. Corrina corrina Ever after The princess bride - there is a curse at the end when Inigo kills count Rugen The original yours mine and ours with Lucille ball and Henry Fonda.
  14. Glad to know that it is pretty common. My seven yr old cant remember math facts but he knows that 12 has four sets of three. A friend of mine said that her son's 2nd grade class is not expected to know math facts this year. I don't feel so bad now. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  15. I haven't checked it, I'm behind in putting in our work, but I keep a paper copy of our schedule and it's on my iPad, so I always have access to what we need to do.
  16. Yes, we use those for first and second, along with magic school bus books and videos.
  17. I started it at the beginning of this year (1st grade for just turned 6 yo) and it was too much. His eyes would glaze over. I shelved it and wil do it this fall, when he's a little past 7. For him I think it will work best that way. We did K12 history for K and I really liked it. I just wish I could have gone at my own pace and did it once a week instead of two or three times a week.
  18. yes, I know, that's why I said "fever'. The book I read by Donald Zochert said they thought the fever caused a stroke. this is the one I've read many times, includes photos: http://www.amazon.com/Laura-Life-Ingalls-Wilder/dp/0380016362
  19. I got it for $7 last summer. I've used it a little but I found it too hard to navigate and use. If you have nothing else it's ok, but I'd prefer Evan More.
  20. when Mary went blind on the show it was very very VERY different from how it happened for real. She never got dramatic, Never got angry and ugly. She was always calm and serene. It also wasn't from an old injury, but from a fever that damaged her eyes. All her beautiful golden hair had to be cut off. Laura became her eyes for several years until she went to the school for the blind in Iowa. She never married.
  21. I buy. The library has very little that I can use. I find things cheap enough that I buy them either from goodwill, ebay, or amazon.
  22. I have a schoolroom and don't use it. I like having my stuff in one place tho so I got a tv armoir and put everything in it and put it in the dining room. We usually work in there anyway. I can put it all away and close the doors. I have thousands of books on bookcases that line my hallway. I don't need a room for those anyway. I have one child tho and it causes us no difficulties to not have a dedicated schoolroom. We made th living and dining room a huge area for him to play in. If I had more kids I'd probably need a schoolroom more cause I'd have more stuff going on. But I like the compactness of what I have going now. Love being able to open the door to the cabinet and see everything exactly in its place.
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