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  1. I should add, I don't want to rule out video instruction, but he is definitely more of a book kid, and would prefers books to videos if all else was equal. Also, if this helps with placement, the last thing he played at a recital before he quit 4 years ago was Bach's Minuet in G major.
  2. I haven't posted here in forever. I hope it is still a very active place full of wise contributors, because I need some advice. Ds is entering 9th grade next year and somehow we completely missed the boat on his music education. He had piano lessons for 3 years. He was doing very well, his teacher often said that he was among the brightest students she had ever had. Everything clicked easily for him and he was moving fast through the books. Then circumstances changed and his teacher could no longer come to our house and we stopped lessons altogether. That was 4 years ago. I thought he wo
  3. That's great. Unfortunately I don't personally know anyone that can fill this capacity. I know no local teachers or professors. I guess we might just drive to the closest university that administers the AMC 8 (about 3.5 hours drive).
  4. I'm interested in how you went about having the AMC 8 proctored by yourself? We contacted a local school that was listed on the AMC 8 website and asked if they would be willing to let ds who is homeschooled take the exam there. Initially they agreed, but the Friday before the exam they sent an e-mail to me saying that they can let him take the test, but i have to order a test bundle for him. I contacted AMC 8 and they assured me that if the school has agreed to administer the test to my son that they will provide the test for him, and they do not sell tests to parents. The school however d
  5. Thank you for the update. I've read through this thread many times. My impression always was that you were most impressed by CW. Your latest update doesn't mention that curriculum at all. Did you change your mind about it?
  6. Ruth, did you try TTRS? I'm considering it for my kids who have gone through dance mat typing multiple times, but still seem to hunt for letters when typing and are super slow.
  7. Ok. I am actually relieved to hear that the problem might be MEP. Also, in regards to discalculia, how do I get him evaluated properly? Is that LD difficult to diagnose and is there risk of false diagnosis? I want to look into it, but I don't know where to even begin.
  8. I know about dyscalculia, but that is not his problem. He is able to do straightforward arithmetic problems with ease. It's when the problem is asked in a slightly different way than what he is used to, or a new type of problem that he hasn't seen before that he says he doesn't understand without even trying and is not willing to engage actively with me in a conversation that will help him figure out how to approach the problem. He just tunes out and there is no getting through to him. Wintermom, are you saying that MEP is one of the more challenging curricula? I thought Singapore was con
  9. I don't know how to help my 8 year old like math or to stay enthusiastic through challenges and be ok with wrestling with new concepts (or old ones that he no longer remembers). He started out with Miquon and education unboxed in kindy, then did a couple of years of Singapore. We are currently doing MEP Year 3 and are on lesson 15 (we started in September, and it's a lesson a day type curriculum, just to give you an idea of how slowly things are moving). He also does Khan every few days, and reads math living books as part of his daily reading. He read through LOF till Honey and is curren
  10. What do the R:, C: and E: stand for at the top of each lesson plan? I was thinking maybe R stands for Revision, and E maybe stands for Extension, but what is C then? Does anyone know?
  11. My kids were involved in several research projects this year (from FLL to geography) that culminated with an oral presentation using a tri-fold display or poster. While their displays were very colorful (packed with information, charts and pictures), I felt that neither kid used a well defined process for deciding what should go on the display board and what shouldn't, nor give any thought to the "user experience" (if you can call it that) that people who would be just walking around the display room and spend a few quick seconds glancing over each display board would have. I'm guessin
  12. lewelma, when you do write out what you wanted to share please post a link in here so that I won't miss it. Thank you for giving so much of your time to this community.
  13. Would we be allowed to organize local "watching parties" with our friends, where we pay for a single registration and split the cost, but all of us watch together? Or would each "watcher" need to register separately? If "watching parties" are allowed, that would greatly help with the cost.
  14. I'm jumping a bit late in the game. I just found out about it and have been posting all over facebook like crazy. But more than anything else, I would really like to have seasoned boardies present. Here's my wish list: Quark lewelma Nan Kathy 8FillTheHeart Also, will there be some kind of discount if you sign up for multiple sessions, or will it be $20 per session regardless? And another thing, will there be a way to interact with the speakers during the sessions and have questions answered?
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