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  1. My kids want to see a presidential debate. In your opinion, what would be a good debate that demonstrates how a presidential debate is conducted? (Just name one and I'll search for it.)
  2. Can he tell you why he doesn’t like the different food items? That might help you to define the problem, and then work towards a compromise. You could try a collaborative, logical approach ..... so for example, I’m not a big fan of GoGurt because of the high sugar content; see how much sugar is there? I’d prefer you to eat XYZ yogurt which only has x grams of sugar. But I realize that’s a big change, how do you think we can still have tasty yogurt as a snack option? ..... hopefully he’ll see that the added sugar is a problem. And maybe you guys can brainstorm a solution ... one w
  3. I think I understand what you’re saying .... and perhaps I’m inferring that you want to give her a “Numerical” time goal rather than a percentage goal. But what I’m suggesting is that you calculate the percentage and then set that time as her goal rather than basing her goals on what you or other kids can do. And what goal you give her now doesn’t have to be your final goal. For example if I have a struggling reader who’s reading 35 WPM, I’m not going to say “you need to read this list at 60 WPM” like all the experts say you should. Sure 60 WPM would be my end goal for this child
  4. Because learning is about improving one’s self, why not base her goal on a percentage-improved from her current time?
  5. I thought that Sentence Composing (the one that OP is planning on using) had the most grammatically correct terms. But definitely don’t depend on my recollections. 🤪
  6. I'm doing Sentence Composing now on a 1x/week basis. We have finished Grammar Town and Practice Town and are waiting to start Grammar Voyage et al until our workload is a little lower. I think you'll be fine with Killgallon after finishing all the grammar work in the Town level. I've done all those resources with my older child, but I can't remember how I sequenced them except that MCT was of primary importance and everything else was fit around that as opportunity presented itself and seasons of life dictated. I only completed 2/3 of Treasured Conversations, but I think that you wi
  7. FWIW, between here and Facebook I'm noticing a lot of unhappiness with level 4, especially using it as an entry point to the MCT-universe. Since it's the newest book in the series, I wonder if it's a poor place to start the MCT journey for whatever reason. We skipped level 4 (as I used the logic of the-program-was-good-enough-for-years-without-this-level) but came back to MCT level 5 the following school year. ........... just my 2 cents.
  8. Abecedarian's Aesop's Fable reader is available as a free download for now .... http://www.abcdrp.com/download-units
  9. So, how do you tell a good Polartec/fleece from a bad one? I know some brands number their fleece to deisgnate their weight. Do you always just choose the heaviest fleece? Won’t that be bulky? (I guess I’m scarred from childhood playing in the snow as a kid and bulked up like a marshmallow. But on the flip side, I’m wary of these new fangled, expensive, thin layers today claiming to be warm. I’m a mess. )
  10. .... or don’t check them out, let the library put it in their book sale, and then buy it from them cheaply. 😉 but seriously, yes, you’re exactly right.
  11. I'm not moving .... I'm just *trying* to change my mindset to embrace the cold. And I'm thinking I might kick the kids outdoors more this winter than past winters.
  12. You're right about living in a cold region. I'm not even thinking about changing my mindset for the summertime. I'll just focus my attention on being grateful for air conditioning and remain inside!!
  13. Ages: Teens all the way down to elementary. Activities: from playing in the snow to basic mom-kicked-us-outside-cuZ-we-were-driving-her-nuts exploring. Some outdoor adventures/hikes in the woods and off the beaten path may occur so fabric durability is a factor too. Yes, I’m trying to get a jump on used clothing for the kids! (Or maybe that’s just my idealized thinking)
  14. For wool sweaters - are you recommending thick/bulky wool sweaters or the newer thin stuff like smartwool sells?
  15. You are both so right. I can’t believe I overlooked that important detail! I’m envisioning cold, windy, humid weather. Sometimes snow. Think Chicago winter. Sigh. This is going to be quite a mind shift for me if I undertake this.
  16. What kind of clothing (adults and kids) do you need to invest in if you’re going to subscribe to the idea of “no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes” that @wathementioned in an earlier post? Specific brand and product suggestions, in addition to guiding principles, would be appreciated.
  17. don't forget to check Powells and Book Depository - I don't think bookfinder searches those two sites. also there's biblio.com oddly enough, there are vintage booksellers on Etsy you can check.
  18. Haha. No, I’ve never seen Psych, but now it’s on my watchlist. Seriously, though - thanks for clearing it up for me.
  19. So is it fair to say that this mental narrative is typical of someone with APD?
  20. Yesterday, I was reading the excellent book Save Me A Seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan. One of the main characters is explicitly said to have APD. When he goes to the resource room, he's supposed to do the following exercise with noisy and visual distractors in sight: 1st, find a page with no pictures; 2nd, circle all the words that begin with the letter t; then copy the t words, and finally fold the paper in half and turn in. But what happens is that the character gets through the first step then before remembering the second step his mind goes off on a series of connected
  21. Wow! Nice! I’m curious.... why did you start a YouTube channel? Are you hoping to start a stream of income or are you just documenting your journey or ....? Like PP, I’m allergic to that kind of hard work.
  22. I do suspect stealth dyslexia. Earlier, I didn’t mean that the visual memory is in the needs-remediation range but rather lower-than-average. That was imprecise wording on my part. As someone without dyslexia, I rely greatly on my visual memory for “se” vs “ce”, but I can see this child struggling to determine what version looks right. Hence, I was hoping there was a rule that we could turn to. The noun/verb idea is a start but I wonder if it has too many exceptions and end up being frustrating instead.
  23. Great thinking! Developmental vision has been checked, and vision therapy completed!
  24. ha! I was just trying to get through an AAS lesson with my 2nd child who doesn't have great visual memory. I can't remember if/where AAS discussed this. We hadn't even thought about the British variants .... although we got ourselves in a pickle when wondering why "expense" isn't related to the monetary unit "pence". 🙄 @MerryAtHope, @ElizabethB do you know how to teach "se" vs "ce"?
  25. Is there a rule to know when to use “ce” vs “se“ when trying to spell the /s/ sound? Or is it just by visual memory? For example ... expense, except, sense, percent .... Thanks in advance.
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