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  1. Me too! You aren't the only one who is insecure and intimidated. I appreciate you voicing this point-of-view.
  2. I too bought the game because of the Hive! Does anybody adjust or modify the game for slower processors? If so, what have you done?
  3. I knew it; I knew it; I knew it!!!!! 😄 In addition to Sheppard Software, Seterra is another great website ... not just to practice online, but I discovered you can also print blank maps in a variety of "quiz" formats.
  4. If you have an Evernote account, “Scannable” is a good option. I’m trying to move away from Evernote. So I just tried “Genius scan” this week and was happy with it. A friend uses the paid version of “Tiny Scanner” and really likes it; that’s my plan B if the free version of Genius Scanner disappoints. Being able to scan in Batch Mode is very important to me .... but apparently I’m not willing quite yet to pay for it. 😂
  5. Here's another idea .... what about putting tracing paper over the desired map and having your son trace the basics .... and then .... color it in. That way he ends up with a creation of his own. He might buy into it more if he's truly adding value to the his map (actually making the water colorful rather than changing the color from gray to blue).
  6. In my mind, this imitation of the masters is a trademark feature of classical education. Students study the great masters of a certain subject, then they imitate it, then they should be able to create great work. Also, Socratic discussion is another key element of classical education. ( in using Socratic discussion rather than regurgitation or fill-in-the-blanks learning methods.)
  7. classes: cooking or glass blowing or.... art museums Shopping at an international market Perhaps check Groupon or AirBnB experiences for your city to get some ideas and/or deals.
  8. if you use a do-a-dot marker, be sure to use heavier paper as it's pretty wet. ... and personally, I would respectfully argue that coloring is *not* a battle to fight. But I'm not a color-er and always disliked coloring assignments in school; it seemed like busywork and a waste of my time😄. So take my opinion with a grain of salt. If you're looking to build conscientiousness, why not use more meaningful tasks like folding laundry? Or an activity that requires precision such as origami? Then they feel the natural consequences of cutting corners. OR ... make him color neatly *something that matters to him*. I noticed on of my kid's coloring ability seemingly improved dramatically when the coloring sheet was something of their choosing. Another kid's coloring ability seemed to improve dramatically when switching to adult coloring pages when the white spaces were much smaller. But again - all this talk is about coloring and not geography. So we need to define what we are trying to achieve, especially when we have to pick our battles. I'd venture to say that a lot of people have learned geography with only shaded maps or without coloring in landforms. 😉. And will forcing him to color neatly just breed resentment and a "git-r-done" attitude to mapwork and become obstacles to learning? (Not that I'm resentful of all the coloring I had to do in school.... hahaha.)
  9. I don't know if there's a reason to color landforms or not. What is your end goal of doing the map work? Retention of the material? So, if he can retain the info without coloring, I'd vote that your main goal is met. It depends on how your kiddos' brains work and what your goals are for the map work. But what really prompted me to respond was to propose the idea that you could modify the instructions to avoid coloring yet still improving focus or whatever .... for example, instead of *coloring* the water, *crosshatch* the water blue ... or "use these blue dot stickers to cover the water blue or make a mosaic of torn construction paper pieces ... or here's a marker with a big fat tip so there's less coloring required ... or use a do-a-dot marker ... or ...........
  10. I agree with everyone else that there is likely nothing to be read into the comment. It sounds like a good opportunity to reinforce the idea that in life there will be tons of stuff that you might not be familiar with. We can't know everything, nor do we have to be well-versed with everything. But it's a wonderful time to learn more about the unknown topic and find common interest within that topic. No one is superior or less-superior, we've just all had different experiences in our life. His persistence in the topic could just be curiosity and wanting to share it with you. Maybe he wants you to do something similar or wants challenges or rewards for reading.
  11. One more idea .... post-it notes in novel shapes/sizes, personalized or cute designs. Long ago on these forums there was a link to cute post-it notes from a Japanese stationary store based in the Pacific Northwest. They had planners and pouches too. But I can't find the link now. I got some girly designed post-it notes from Current Catalog, and they weren't as sticky as the 3M kind. So buyer beware. Edit: Found the link! Edit: another idea .... a big thing of zip ties (or the velcro kind of wire bundler) in assorted sizes.
  12. You could make a flight of orange soda ... Sunkist, Jones, IBC, Fanta ....maybe there are some local, craft options too? .... or the Mexican brand in the glass bottle with the alligator logo. ... of course this is all if he would enjoy the *experience* of trying new things. Do it together as a family and have an "Orange Soda Tasting". I don't know what pairs well with orange soda, though. haha.
  13. a box from .... even if you don't do the subscription service, just doing one month might be fun.
  14. A really bright LED headlamp or flashlight A buff ( A hammock
  15. something from whiskey stones if he likes coffee, a set of joulies (
  16. I need some ideas for independent, educational, indoor activities for a dyslexic 2nd grader who wants to learn (and learn deeply) but is far below reading level. I guess I could record myself reading instructions to, say, Snap Circuits, but that would take some preparation time on my part. Can you help with any solutions until I get to that point? Right now, he's watching how-to-draw videos on YouTube..... Thanks in advance.
  17. For the 3 for 2 deal, make sure you look for specific books you want. When I clicked on their link for the list, it wasn't a complete list of what's included in the sale.
  18. I have no experience with this; I just know it exists and follows a traditional sequence of courses.
  19. I was really impressed with how Rightstart Math taught fractions & percents. They have a stand-alone book for this topic, that I haven't used but assume it's using the same methodology as the full curriculum.
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