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  1. If the context of the 20 min was a Consistency Bootcamp - maybe it's being suggested as a productivity technique. Just like the Pomodoro Technique asks you to set a timer and work for 25 minutes before you get a short break. The promise of a break & a timer signaling a firm end to lessons can be motivating to some kiddos. Or on the flip side, if you are having a hard time as a teacher getting to subject XYZ, you can aim for "just" 20 min/day rather than some longer, ideal time period. Once the habit is established, then it might be easier to lengthen the lesson time. Just trying to think outside of the box here .....
  2. Can you audit the Self-Paced Course and thus allow you to skip a few books? I know you can audit their elementary history SP courses so that you didn't have to pass the quizzes to move forward through the course.
  3. Killgallon's Sentence Composing for Elementary School gives practice in this. Michael Clay Thompson's Sentence Island gives a "big-picture" idea of what makes a good sentence, but it doesn't really give the kid practice or the parent guidance. Or ... you could take the path of Narration. Make sure your child can first give excellent oral narrations. Karen Glass's book Know and Tell is an excellent resource for this.
  4. Simultaneously hit the following three keys: Command (or control) key and Shift and the plus symbol
  5. I agree with all the resources already mentioned. And I think that it's just a natural stage/plateau of reading ... Just do a search on these forums for "multisyllabic"
  6. To answer your question: nothing. MCT is not about memorizing. It's about understanding the bigger picture. Just like in physics, one could memorize each and every equation or one could derive most of the equations from first principles. So, with MCT it's not memorizing the list of prepositions or the questions that adjectives answer. Rather, it's knowing that Prepositions show relationship. and that Adjectives modify nouns or pronouns. As for your specific situation, you could buy both Town & Island levels. You could also consider doing the Town level for instruction for both, but differentiate in the practice books. (Note: The practice books are really where you get the practice and learning.). Or a 3rd option is buy Town to do with your older & just wait for your 2nd to be ready for Town. There's nothing saying kid needs a defined base of grammar knowledge at 8 yrs old. When he's 9 or 10, he could probably pick up the same info but at a faster rate. ..... All that to say that you don't have to do the same thing for both your kids. Define your goals for each kid as an individual, take into account your family dynamics, and then prioritize your possible solutions. Gotta run ...
  7. They felt very different to me. W&R utilizes a greater variety of types of exercises that feel very different from each other.... narration, copywork, dictation, copiousness, summary. Killgallon was the same basic type of activity .... here's a model of good writing, now play with it and create a work of your own following the patterns in this model. ("Play with it" was done in a couple different ways, some of which could be done orally and not require writing.) From what I've seen W&R uses old, classic texts (fables, King Arthur, 50 stories retold, etc) whereas Killgallon generally uses 20th century literature as models. The W&R student book is consumable; the Killgallon is non-consumable. W&R seemingly requires more creativity .... "Add on to the fable." or "Write a paragraph that praises the character." Whereas there are parts of Killgallon that a you can just "follow the formula you see in the model" .... Like the model, I want you to start with a dependent clause, then add 2 adjectives modifying the Subject Noun, an action verb, and then finish with a prepositional phrase. So the student is writing/producing good sentences/paragraphs but the creativity is separated out from the process. You could add it if you wanted, but this allows kids who "Don't know what to write about" an opportunity to practice writing good sentences without requiring an abundance of creativity. W&R has a teacher edition to help you guide the conversation. Killgallon is written to the student.
  8. There’s someone who is using the Mentor Network in one of the MCT groups on Facebook.
  9. Another idea for introducing classics .... do it as an audiobook with an awesome narrator. He can be building with Legos (or some other thing he enjoys doing) as he listens.
  10. Is this the documentary that SWB narrated a segment? My searching skills failed me on this question.
  11. In my opinion, I don't think a Literature Guide is going to instill a love of classics in a typical child, boy or girl. Yes, it's school-y, but is that your goal? If your goal is to get him into reading the classics, maybe do the first couple as a read aloud with him and with no output required. There are lots of other ways to check that he's reading .... Oral Narration, make a movie trailer for the book, make a stop action movie of a part of the book, make a cartoon summarizing the book/section (even just a stick figure drawing), create diary pages written by the main character. or --- have him practice reading comprehension with non-fiction texts. You don't have to learn to read carefully by using classic literature. Reading Detective, Science Detective are the first things that come to mind.
  12. if you are on Apple devices, you could always download a free sample of the books to look inside them a bit. I don't know if that sample is more/less than what's available on their website.
  13. Here's another thread with even more suggestions for writing programs:
  14. What do you want in a writing program? MCT writing is very unique. You mentioned CP, W&R, & WWE .... and in my mind, they seem vastly different in their goal. How much hand-holding do you want as the teacher? MCT doesn't have much compared to the others. I enjoy the MCT program, but the writing portion never seemed to work for our family. We'd read it to get the big picture about writing a (sentence, paragraph, essay), but the exercises were too much for us. So we didn't do much actual writing with MCT writing.
  15. The Reading League also has a YouTube channel with similar information if one wanted to listen while doing something else.
  16. From what I've gleaned from stalking this board, the book When the Brain Can't Hear by Teri James Bellis is a great resource for APD.
  17. Go down rabbit holes using this website:
  18. Some TV shows: I'll Have What Phil's Having Rick Steve's Travel Videos Andy Griffith Show (American Culture) Great British Baking Show Wild Kratts Popular Mechanics for Kids Seconding Night at the Museum movies Listen to Podcasts, perhaps? Brains On, Forever Ago, Smash Boom Best, Noodle Loaf, Wow in the World
  19. The grammar is front loaded in your year. So you'd do the grammar book first. Once that book is finished, then you work your way through the practice book. We would typically just set the timer and work X minutes reading and discussing the book. I know other folks will break up the book by page numbers/sections. When we are finished with the book, then we just did 1 sentence a day in the practice book. Depending on the season of life, we'd aim for doing the practice book 2-5x/week. Depending on how comfortable the kid is with doing an analysis, a sentence in the practice book can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes. There's no script to follow; so it's really up to you to plan and structure.
  20. I wouldn't buy a student book for the 2nd grader. By all means, they can feel free to sit in & listen to the lesson, but I imagine they might wander off halfway through the lesson. Even if they have the attention span to handle the material, the blanks are sized for students with mature handwriting.
  21. Having trouble yesterday and today too. Something I haven't seen mentioned is that it seems to get hung up on asking me to login .... to the point that I get a page saying stuff like the server couldn't respond or the cloud flare something or other and it has a picture of a dugong .... or is it a manatee? ... as the background image for the whole page. ETA: Definitely worse on Safari than Chrome these past 2 days.
  22. Rightstart's Tutoring book? And possibly their worksheet book that goes along with it?
  23. Yes. Have you considered what time your body will think it is when you arrive? Will you need to plan on sleep (i.e., a hotel room) before driving home? If you use the local airport, will you still have a ride home if your flight gets delayed by hours? ... by a day?
  24. If anyone has tried the new MCT Mentor Network, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it is going/went! Any reviews from the Hive? Thanks in advance.
  25. Can you just talk with a nurse to request the addition of the Free T3 & Free T4? Or better yet, do they have a digital system in place that allows you to contact the doc via secure e-mails? Perhaps you could say you want these extra tests to serve as a baseline reading for the future, since you have such a family history of thyroid issues.
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