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  1. I was on Victoza for around 3 years before switching to Ozempic due to changing insurance coverage. Honestly, I preferred the Victoza. I felt better on it and it worked on my hunger/weight loss better. If I could, I would go back to Victoza over the Ozempic. As far as the blood sugar side of things I felt like the daily dose of Victoza worked better at keeping my sugar levels on an even keel. The Ozempic worked, but there were more ups and downs as I got close to the next dose each week.
  2. I've never replaced couch cushions, but I don't see why you couldn't. I have ordered foam from thefoamfactory.com on multiple occasions and have been very satisfied with their products and services. For seat cushions I would probably get the Lux high quality foam.
  3. I'm glad you're feeling better. To answer your question I would say that if you were dehydrated then there would be more cells packed into each milliliter of blood, if that makes sense. The blood can become thick and sludgy if the severity of the dehydration is great enough.
  4. I've been using Mint Mobile for going on a year with no issues. I do have 5G in town and 4G pretty much everywhere else. They are owned by and operate on T Mobile's network. They are also offering 3 months free when you buy 3 months of service if you are a new customer and buy from their website. http://mintmobile.com
  5. Not me, but my mother has been on a low dose of metoprolol for SVT for years. I asked her about side effects, etc., and she reports that she hasn't noticed any significant change in her heart rate or blood pressure. She feels that her anxiety may have improved a little on it. For whatever it's worth, my heart rate regularly falls into the upper 50s without my noticing. If it were me I would try the beta-blocker first for awhile. Changes to your heart rate or blood pressure would become evident within a few days to a week of starting treatment. If all was well then great, if not then consider your options.
  6. I saw the ad you are talking about. It looks like someone has glued dried beans to the top of their foot and is pretending they are growths of some sort. I've seen similar clickbaity thumbnails for different ads on lots of different websites.
  7. The Hoof GP cow hoof trimmer. Also Glenn and Friends Cooking, especially his old cookbook show.
  8. You can use mosquito bits to kill the larva. You soak the bits in your watering can and then water as usual. The bacteria in the bits kill the gnat larva. It's completely safe for people and pets. Amazon sells it here or buy it from most lawn and garden centers.
  9. Does she have original Medicare or an advantage plan? Original Medicare doesn't cover hearing aids, but many advantage plans do.
  10. CTS stands for cardio thoracic surgery. I'm keeping her in my thoughts.
  11. Southwest Indiana here. Milk rhymes with silk.
  12. Fantastic! He can be in the 2/17 birthday club with me and Michael Jordan.
  13. I just realized that if baby holds out until after midnight he or she will share their birthday with me!
  14. Glen and Friends Cooking Tasting History with Max Miller History of Earth History of the Universe Jolly Hoof GP PBS Eons Dr. Becky
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