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  1. It largely depends on what the student's goals are. If the student has their eyes on seminary or reading the writings of the church fathers or other early theologians then we would do ecclesiastical. However, if the student has plans to read more ancient authors or to take Latin classes anywhere other than a religious school we would do classical as that is what's used in most schools. If pressed to choose only one I would probably choose the classical pronunciation as it would make for an easier transition to a high school or college class later. That being said, the differences aren't that dramatic so one could teach both successfully if one wanted to.
  2. King Size Direct has some stuff that would probably work for someone his age. Their prices are usually pretty reasonable too.
  3. If she has done well with the grammar she has already learned you might try something like the Legamus transitional readers from Bolchazy-Carducci. They also have some very nice AP prep and AP level texts and workbooks that would serve her well on the AP exam, which is mostly Caesar and Vergil. The Caesar Workbook and the Vergil Workbook are both designed to prep students for the AP Latin exam. Both are very nice, I know a couple of professors who use them to prep for translation classes at the university I went to. You could couple the Legamus reader and the Workbook from one author together and have a very nice translation class. If you wanted you could get a copy of Wheelock to have on hand for reference and review as needed, they're not very expensive.
  4. If your daughter is finishing Fourth Form/Henle I then she has already covered pretty much the entire Latin grammar. Assuming she understands the material covered, starting another program (like Wheelock or Latin Alive) that's going to cover things she has already learned seems like it would be boring, and frankly a waste of your (and her) time. Why not get Henle II? Or another transitional program? Do you think she needs more practice with the basics, or needs to go over things again for some reason?
  5. I second the call to limit acidic foods, my grandmother had problems with canker sores for years until she realized that if she didn't eat acidic foods they got better. Also, and YMMV, but when I was younger I would get them occasionally, and I found that putting some peroxide on a cotton swab and thoroughly rubbing the sore with it helped to clear them up. Might be worth a try.
  6. I have a couple of differently sized enameled cast iron dutch ovens that work very well for both cooking soup and look good enough for serving it.
  7. I agree with a PP who suggested testing for infection. UTIs can have a variety of presentations in the elderly that don't happen in younger people. If she hasn't been eating adequately for awhile she could have nutritional deficiencies that are contributing as well, have you all tried getting her to drink something like Boost or Ensure a couple of times each day? However, she could just be really old. My grandmother just turned 90, and she does have moments of confusion and suspicious thinking, though not to the extent you are describing. I would want her checked for infection and seen by a neuro guy who works with the elderly a lot.
  8. It could also be attributable to elevated ammonia levels in his blood caused by liver dysfunction. My aunt had this, when it was at its worst she couldn't recognize anyone in the family and made absolutely no sense. Other times it was almost like she was drinking again, she had that not quite in the here-and-now thing going on.
  9. I generally don't carry a purse, but when I do I like the crossbody ones Baggallini sells. They come in lots of different sizes and configurations, and some are made in such a way that you wouldn't ever have to take it off, even when sitting or driving. Maybe something like that would work.
  10. Another thing to consider is where she would like to work after graduation. The best way to get a job in the hospital of choice post graduation is to get a job there as a student nurse while still in school. And the best way to get a student nursing job is to have done clinicals in that hospital, because they function as an extended job interview. So if your daughter has her heart set on working in a specific city or hospital look for a school that offers a BSN, has good NCLEX pass rates, and has clinicals in a hospital or area she might want to work in post graduation. Another thing, not all clinicals are created equal. Some schools never send their students to a full-day clinical. Some don't let the students actually do much but observe and pass water. Others provide a much better experience, especially teaching hospitals. Our local nursing school doesn't do a full-day clinical until the last semester of senior year. The rest of the time students only go in for half a shift, and then they aren't actually allowed to do much, because they have to have their clinical instructor present for any procedures they perform. So a class of 20 will come with 1 clinical instructor for 6 hours twice a week, you can guess how that goes. I've worked with some new grads who didn't know how to do basic things, like start an IV, put in a catheter, etc. All they had been allowed to do was observe because they could never get the clinical instructor's attention when the chance to try a procedure occurred.
  11. It's averaging $2.05 here in southwestern Indiana. Lowest around here is Sam's Club at $1.95, highest is the small Mom and Pop shop at $2.17.
  12. Typically when an electric oven is on the "bake" setting the bottom element does around 90% of the heating, the top element only comes on for the other 10%. I would guess that the cupcakes that are burning are the ones nearest the bottom element. I was always told not to open the oven for the first 20 min. of a cakes bake time to ensure that it rises the way its supposed to. Since that's most of a cupcakes bake time I would just bake one tray at a time on the center rack, unless you can fit both on the center rack at once.
  13. Do you have an electric oven that heats from the top, or a gas one that heats from the bottom up? If it's heating from the bottom up maybe moving the rack higher in the oven would help. You say that not all of them burn the same amount, could the pan itself have a problem? What happens if you use a different pan?
  14. Would something like these work? There are several different color pack options. They've got 4.5 stars on Amazon.
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