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  1. I had the J&J shot back in early April. That evening I started feeling like I was coming down with the flu. No real fever, but there were aches, headache, some chills, and a rundown feeling. The next day I felt like I was getting over the flu. Still not great feeling, but definitely functional. The day after that I felt fine.
  2. My mother has Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome which causes paroxysmal supraventicular tachycardia (PSVT). It can cause lightheadedness, fainting, shortness of breath, and some other stuff. It is generally managed with a beta-blocker like metoprolol, but in severe cases there is an ablation surgery they can do. Aside from her metoprolol the things she was warned to pay attention to were her overall stress levels, stimulant intake (no caffeine), and her thyroid levels (high t3 can cause episodes of refractory SVT).
  3. My great-uncle passed from this but I'm afraid I don't have a lot of advice, other than that if Parkinson's is suspected then you definitely don't want to wait for testing. Most of the treatments work better if you start them early in the disease process. Also, when they are doing the testing make sure they rule out Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus which can mimic the symptoms of Parkinson's but has a completely different treatment plan and outcome.
  4. What about a power chair or mobility scooter for long distances? I've seen a lot of people use them when they are at the grocery store or clinic, but then switch back to a cane/walker when they get home. It might work out for him as long as he ends up somewhere he could ride it right into his room/apartment. Our county has both buses that are accessible as well as the county agency on aging van that takes people to stores and appointments. The bus driver can't help people on or off, they just operate the lift and hold bags while people get settled, but the agency for aging van does have people who will help more. On another note, I don't the specifics of your dad's situation, but my ninety-something grandmother went from being able to walk/function independently to being bed ridden after a back injury. She went to an in-patient rehab that sounds a lot like your dad's and they got her to a stronger/more functional level than she was before her injury. It took awhile and the real results didn't happen until later on in the process, but your dad may end up at a better level than it seems at the moment.
  5. Not BeachGal, but it's my understanding that the bits themselves are just there to carry the bacteria that actually do the killing. So I would think that you might be able to reuse them once but that after that you would need new ones. We never reused them, we just scraped up any accumulated bits before adding new to the pot.
  6. Assuming these are fungus gnats, which match your description, then I feel your pain. We had a major infestation here a few years ago after re-potting a bunch of plants. What we did was go buy a bunch of mosquito bits and sprinkle them up onto the soil around each plant. Then you lightly water the plant. Repeat the whole procedure every week until the problem is resolved. Mosquito bits contain Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis which is fatal to the larvae of the gnats and mosquitos, but not dangerous for anything else. It can take a few weeks to see a lot of improvement since you have to wait for the current generation to die off before seeing a noticeable reduction in numbers, but it cleared up our really bad problem in a month.
  7. We have a newish electric range, and while the oven is fine the sensi-temp elements on the cooktop are awful. It takes at least twice as long to bring a pot of water to boil on it than our old gas range. As soon as the water gets close to boiling the burners sense that the pan is "hot enough" and cycle off. By the time they decide to cycle back on the water has begun to cool off. It also makes cooking rice on the stove top extremely hit or miss since it isn't heated consistently. The rice issue was bad enough we ordered a rice cooker from Japan. Additionally, you can't get the sensors wet which makes soaking, or just thoroughly washing, the elements pretty much impossible. I will never buy another electric range after the headache this one has caused. I would stick with gas or dual-fuel.
  8. I finally gave up on any sort of table lamp and bought a swing arm, single bulb, adjustable height floor lamp from Lowe's. I've got a 60w equivalent soft white LED bulb in it and it has worked out great. I put it behind the nightstand close to the head of the bed. Between the adjustable height and swing arm I can position it however I need to depending on reading position.
  9. I thought of a few other possibilities: Warehouse 13, SeaQuest DSV, Eureka, and the Librarians.
  10. SG-1 would probably be good, with the caveat that the pilot episode, which was originally filmed as a tv movie on Showtime, has one scene about half way through that features full female nudity. None of the rest of that episode has anything objectionable in it, nor does any of the rest of the series, it was just that one scene. I've always felt like they thought they needed to do that because it was on premium cable, but who knows. If you decide to try SG-1 you also consider SG-Atlantis.
  11. $400 for the year, but our house is only around 1,000 sq. ft. and is on a narrow lot.
  12. Wow, that sounds awful! Around where I am it's more just people with the attitude that the whole covid thing is overblown and we are weak-minded fools for falling for it. I haven't had anyone who deliberately tried to come over and breathe on me. I have had a few who felt the need to educate me on their view of the pandemic (i.e. it's not real/ it was a plan/ it's a plot for world domination). I usually just say that I disagree and that's it. To be honest I don't think I would be able to be non-judgmental or non-shaming if someone was deliberately trying to get in my personal space and put me at risk. I think I would be making a scene and raising holy hell about it. That being said, ever since I started going through peri-menopause I haven't been very good about keeping my mouth shut or caring what other people think so YMMV.
  13. I've heard it around here (lower Midwest) for years. I think I learned it from the original CSI back in the day.
  14. It was a small upper division history class and the group project was really the only thing we did that semester. Additionally, the group only consisted of three people, and the prof was the one who requested that he be cc'd on the communications. He already knew that there had been problems in the group before I was asked to take over as group leader. I would never presume to include a prof in those sorts of communications without first discussing it with them. However, I would, and did, keep a record of all group communications as a cya sort of thing, just like I would at any job.
  15. If the bolded is true then I would probably do my part to the best of my ability and if the others didn't do their part then so be it. Let them learn what happens when you don't carry your weight. Yeah, you'd lose out on the points for the projects but if it won't hurt her overall grade in the class then so what? When I was in school towards the end I made it a point to never take on the role of leader unless specifically asked to do so by the instructor. I also made it a point to cc the prof in every "official" group communication I sent out (after meeting with them about the group situation). Emailing to remind people of a deadline? CC the prof. Emailing to ask someone why they didn't show up to a meeting/conference call? CC the prof. It made sure that everyone knew that the prof was aware of the issues and kept the he said/she said down to a minimum. I also had all the work done in a shared Google doc that the prof was on as well so he could go back and see who had done what and when.
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