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  1. Thank you so much, lewelma! Lots of wisdom in your post and I'm learning a lot.
  2. @lewelma, you and your son have put in tremendous effort to achieve these targets in a positive way. Whenever I make any such effort to remediate my son's (9 year old) skills, I face huge protests from him. He would gladly work on it for the first few days or weeks. Gradually he throws tantrums and arguments. He finishes the task with a lot of complaints or bad behaviour that I eventually give up. As you mentioned, it is hard work for both teacher and student. Have you faced any such troubles with your DS while continuing with a task for over several years? How do you maintain your student's motivation and attention for such long periods of time. Most importantly, how do you not lose your patience and up your motivation levels? Can you please share some of your strategies?
  3. This is a new term for me.. motor OE.. does it mean Oral Expression. What specific term/diagnosis should I request the psychologist to perform - complete neuropsychological assessment?
  4. Fantastic suggestions from all of you and a plenty of techniques in my toolbox now. I'm going to have him diagnosed next month for ADHD/ADD. Hopefully, the diagnosis provides some more insights.
  5. I need help in becoming a more patient teacher and a more patient parent. My 9 year old boy pushes my buttons so often that I say something that I regret later. It is an everyday story and my patience level runs thin. He talks nonstop, morning till evening without any break. This tires me a lot. He doesn’t have impulse control and any attempt to teach is vain. Even when I am explaining to him how it annoys me, he continues talking in parallel without paying any attention. This usually ends up in me shouting at him which I regret later. I want to avoid these constant battles. Any ideas or resources that will help me to stay patient through these difficult parenting/teaching hours?
  6. This is exactly how my 6 year old solved the problem in a fraction of a second.
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