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  2. Exercise was really important for me, both in managing mood and in reducing hot flushes. A good 40 minute brisk walk every day plus yoga twice a week and more serious aerobic exercise twice a week.
  3. Yes but I am not reading that he was forced.
  4. The issue with VA loans is really only the appraisals are much stricter. If you have an unusual house it’s rough to find comps they will take. Nothing else should be harder for the seller.
  5. Here’s where it mentions adding the other sister
  6. It’s in the original post. I can’t double quote. I’ll quote it below.
  7. I actually had to look it up because I thought the same
  8. I have type 2 diabetes. It's been well enough controlled that my doc has been making noises about taking me off Metformin. But I have resisted because it is well controlled because of being on Metformin. But for the past two weeks I have felt like crap off and on. When I've tested my bloodsugars they have been fine so I ruled that out as a cause. Until yesterday when my sugar dropped to 66 and I almost passed out from hypoglycemia. So I cut my Metformin in half (as previously discussed with my doc) and am trying that. But what I am realizing today is that I am still having these really quick drops in bloodsugar that still make me feel like crap even though technically I'm not in hypoglycemia territory. Case in point: 20 minutes ago my bloodsugars (2 hours post prandial) were 134 (yes, I know higher than they should be after a breakfast of two eggs and a cup of bone broth). Then in 20 minutes they plummeted to 111 and I feel like passing out. (Actually they could still be plummeting - I am getting food now.)
  9. This, I have some agreement and some disagreement with. I said earlier, I probably would have just taken my kid to the bank after lunch, or stopped by her work while running errands to get the cash out before I threatened to cancel. I suspect that that one small thing would have avoided the son's freak out. But, I don't think it's the parent's "job" to ensure the adult son doesn't go crazy just because he's p!$$@d that mom wants the money he promised her. He didn't follow through on his promise and then didn't think about anyone else but himself when his not following through actually had consequences. That's immature selfish butthole behavior. Even from a 22yr old.
  10. Ran some errands: bank, gas, snacks for team relax a little and then more things
  11. Happy birthday Kernal 16! Happy first day of school! Hugs to everyone that needs them.
  12. Mamashark -- Just if it's helpful, main idea/detail graphic organizers exist, and I think they are a suggestion for working on main idea/detail. Just if it's helpful 😉
  13. Yes, this is what I was coming to say. Sometimes natural consequences really are the best. I doubt it was intentional from the onset.
  14. Totally agree with that! I am very big on the person causing the disappointment being the person who informs the kids of what's going on. There are times its unavoidable. And it feels terrible. But yes, if the trip (or party or whatever event) is to be cancelled, the person doing the cancelling does the informing.
  15. I think the disappointment of his sisters (one of whom was added to the trip by his parents, not him) was more likely the unintended fall out of an impulsive act motivated by anger at his mother, not his intention at all. He may actually feel pretty badly about the effect it had on his sisters. The parents could also have handled things differently, in order to avoid disappointing the girls.
  16. I have had comments before like -- they have another client who talks a lot, easily, but is frequently not on topic, and Eli they have to try and try for him to speak, but he is almost always on topic when he does. Could they meld the two kids together? They are joking and not disclosing any personal information, but I they have whiplash going between kids sometimes! And from talking to other parents sometimes, I am going "your kid talks and talks, isn't it amazing," and they are going "your child gave an on-topic response, isn't it amazing," and don't see it's difficultu either way. I hadn't thought of this. I will keep my eye out, lol. My husband is better at catching on to things like this, thank goodness! Thanks, and good to know. I think ideally language structure, comprehension, and production are all taught at the same time, but it is hard when production is hard. At this point I think it's more that he needs some solid level of comprehension to support his production!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not doing this and it is hard for me to actually do. I have had good intentions to do it several times and just not quite followed through and done it. I have the student SGM, and the Book 1 autism that has the explanations, sitting in my living room with my library books, and I just haven't done much with actually doing it. I will plan to do it, and then somehow not actually do it. I know he has been taught at least generic story grammar elements at school. I know he has done related graphic organizers at school. I am having a hard time making this happen. But I also will think -- whatever I do at home is helpful, even if maybe somebody else helps him tie things together more in the future. And then too, maybe it will get easier as he gets older. That has happened with other things for sure. When I try I feel like he is really impatient with it and I am not holding his attention. Right now I can have a vibe with him for math where it's like -- I'm teaching you a lesson, you need to pay attention. I can do that for a very short lesson. Or -- we ARE going to do a math-related activity. I have not been able to do this for that long, probably a year or two, but I can do that now. Not that it goes super smoothly -- but it happens. For reading I don't have anything with him like "now I'm going to do a lesson, and you pay attention." We have that I read, and he will answer some questions here and there, and he likes to make some comments. I am just thinking of this now, but it might work if I rent him a movie he wants on a condition that we try to use SGM with it. That is the kind of thing that might go well.
  17. And hopefully they share those feelings with their big brother. Given the current situation, I think that will likely have far more impact on the young man than anything the parents say or do.
  18. We have friends who are curious about homeschooling so they frequently ask questions. Recently, when one of them asked DS what his favorite part of homeschool is, he said his favorite are days when he gets to teach! He thinks he's sooo smart because he can find all of my mistakes without a teacher's manual 🤣
  19. Sure, but an adult sibling intentionally causing such disappointment in their younger's a real butt nugget move.
  20. And, quoting myself, I would be BEYOND p!$$@d if my DD23 did that to one of my younger kids. Quite honestly, I would probably lose my 💩 on her over the phone.
  21. Hate, hate, hate dealing with house sales. Hugs. I personally would be inclined to offer the lower price, split the closing with them, and be done with it.
  22. Sure. But life is disappointing sometimes. I guess as a parent I would have felt no obligation to make this trip happen after the fact especially if it were financially a challenge. It really is ok if teens suffer some let downs.
  23. For a formal event that my three teen boys attended last year, I had to find matching (same color) suit coats and pants, along with a dress shirt/tie that looked nice, dress shoes, and dress socks. All three were in that no man's land of sizing. My total budget for all of them was $100, more or less, hopefully less. We hit every resale shop in two cities in two states. I am firmly convinced that it was one of the circles of Hades mentioned in the Inferno. Really, truly convinced. We did stay within budget. 🙂
  24. Again, when someone is really p!$$@d off and is justifibly so, they sometimes get a bit over the top.
  25. This kid complains constantly. It's not a matter of being clueless, but being a twit. We think we see progress, and then, not. Maybe it will come, when he's 35...
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