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  2. Can I use the original DVDs with the current edition books (for teaching DVDs and SWI)? Has video content changed or is it just repackaged?
  3. the very first thing that came to my mind is a private investigator DH was on workcover for a work injury. We had private investigators doing things like that trying to see if they could spy him doing anything active. Some of them even came to the house and spoke to us. They eventually paid the neighbour to SPY on us. but DH was genuinely very ill and they couldn't "find" anything incriminating. the neighbour must have felt guilty and before the shifted away they came over to apologizes. My sister once had a crying baby at night that she couldn't settle. She put it in the car and drove around and around the block for about an hour. the police pulled her over thinking she was casing a house. they were very apologetic once they understood she was just trying to get the baby to sleep. One of the police officers told her that he drives to get one of his littlies asleep too.
  4. twins school in morning mad rush to tidy kitchen lounge room before psychologist visit twins psychologist Phone call to government agency - always frustrating DS15 schoolwork most of afternoon phone calls to multiple government agencies technical departments ---- hate it when they say this is the first time we have had this technical problem with the system---means they don't know how to fix it. Sigh do evening chores - bring in washing, collect firewood for next day lay lounge-room fire. start heating up the kitchen fire to cook tea I seem to have no energy today with brain fog.
  5. School yard work laundry get two more bags of bark
  6. If you still have symptoms after the week, you need more recovery time. Symptoms include a returning headache, which was the last thing to go for my son. He had a more severe concussion, but it took much longer than I expected for him to be recovered. Consider N-Acetyl Cysteine to aid brain recovery. (that's the first study that came up when I googled, but there is quite a lot of research about it's use with brain injuries) I wish I had known of it earlier with my son. It's very safe to take, but take it with vitamin C to help the body process the cysteine.
  7. Agreeing with everything Story said. I'm surprised you're sending her for the math intervention, as you could do that yourself with Ronit Bird and probably do a better job. There's no standard curriculum or intervention for dyscalculia the way there is for dyslexia, so the odds of getting crap worthless intervention (and losing that time driving back and forth) are higher. Her writing scores are low, discrepant, so you need to view that as an SLD and intervene there too. One thing the ps will do well is making sure she's doing word problems as well as computation, so make sure you think through that. I really like the Evan Moor daily word problems workbooks I'm using right now with ds. You may need to get some intervention under your belt before you're ready for that. I REALLY like Ronit Bird, highly recommend.
  8. Any particular passages you're going to be reading? I was just wondering. I'm always trying to get in my ds' head, sigh.
  9. Well I don't know every test, but around here they use the CELF, which has known sensitivity issues. With tests you and sensitivity and specificity. So that's how many people you catch/miss and how accurate your hits are. So the CELF has these known issues and some tests are starting to be published with the recommended standard deviations to be used for sensitivity and specificity. They'll actually publish it if those scores are available. However in a district like ours, they're just saying blanket things like 1.5SD, no matter what test, and that means kids get missed. The CELF has more issues. It doesn't address narrative language at all, and that's an area where these kids will commonly flag. My ds has ASD, so he flags in more things. You understand this, but not every dc who has a disability will qualify for intervention services under an IEP. They can have the disability but not qualify for services. In our district that's all by the numbers, so the only thing that changes that is bringing in a test that gives the numbers that get kids qualified. So for instance we had a private SLP run the TNL and then the ps SLP bought it to use as well. So she saw it would allow her to identify disabilities and qualify kids. But I don't think the school is jumping up and down to do that, sigh. Can't help you on the politics of it. Your school has the amount of discrepancy they want to see and you have to show it on some kind of standardized tool. Then you'll probably be there. The form the ps uses is probably from your state (hopefully) and it will hit every area and ask them to check off saying they've eval'd or at least considered whether it needed to be eval'd. The forms vary, but that's the idea. The parent signs that at the planning meeting to begin evals, and it's a legally binding document saying what they'll eval. If they have EVIDENCE that compels them, they'll eval in an area. If no evidence, no evals. So it's nice to say everyone should have certain evals, but you need evidence. You can make a strong case that narrative language deficits should have intervention, so that's a thing you can be seeing that can be evidence to say they need to eval. Here's a link to what you'd be looking for on narrative language
  10. No, you can’t do part time K12. Not the program I researched. First of all, it’s not offered in every state (not offered here). More specifically it has very rigid (imo) hours. You must log normal school days more or less hour-wise. For an online program that is flexible I only have experience with Time4Learning but I was not a fan of their math so we switched to Math Mammoth. ASD or not, I think it’s important for the parents to be available to assist with the material and hope that they can.
  11. For those ages, I like the videos on . You'll have to follow it up with something more but its a great starting place.
  12. DH uses bacon fat in the mouse trap. He puts it in the trap then sort of singes the fat to make it stick better and increase the aroma I am a sook and cannot stand touching mouse traps so I use ratsack in the roof it is extremely effective. the only drawback is that if the mouse dies outside then an owl may eat it and die as well. I was watching a documentary on something totally unrelated the other day and learned that rats do not have a bladder. they are constantly leaking urine and that is why there is always a dirty smelly trail where rats regularly pass.
  13. Which is just confusing to me, as plenty of students start with calculus! I wonder if they have also have a placement test and fail to mention it here? I've usually seen calc pre reqs as 'precalc OR a score of xyz". I mean, if you're STEM, how do you keep a two year or four year plan if you start with pre calc? 🤷‍♀️
  14. sounds terrific 🙂 I remember when I took my older ones out of school. What I did was start off with 3 core subjects then each week add a new subject. that way we still had the routine of "school" they weren't bored and it wasn't overwhelming. They still had hours more free time a day than when they were at school so deschooling was not an issue for me. We did school work year round with breaks on especially nice days for trips to the beach etc.
  15. Well, she's all registered for her first SAT. October 5th. I hope we did the registration correctly. I forgot (again) that October in the USA would be part of the next grade. So when I listed her as 8th and then the review said 9th grade when testing in October, we were all 🤔. So, I changed it to 8th grade in October, because that's what it actually is here for her. I hope that's correct. I couldn't see anywhere that defined grade level for those outside the US. So, I opted with the reality for us here. Fingers crossed that's all okay 😬
  16. Could you clarify what you were using for practice weekly? @seaben
  17. Probably! I haven't tried. And I do know that my mom's friends used to melt then down in a pan on her stovetop and they caught fire once, so... Use caution!
  18. Usually, a period of deschooling is recommended before starting homeschooling. I'm concerned that schooling through the summer might make things harder for you both.
  19. A thought on the being in college thing, many schools have Venturing Crews under clubs called Alpha Phi Omega--a service club. CU Boulder's puts on two wonderful mb universities every year. Kids can Eagle from Crews once they make First Class within a troop. As to looking for a troop active over the summer, I would not get involved in a troop NOT doing summer stuff. That's when the BEST stuff happens!
  20. DawnM, I have no desire to offend you personally, but that site is truly disturbing. The main picture on the front page is a photo of a deer with an arrow stuck in his back. Close up on the wound and blood. The main photo on the mice trap page shows three dead mice with their headquarters hanging out of a trap. I don't want to know what goes on in a person's mind who thinks that is cool to post. It's like violence porn or something. 😞 It's wrong to love violence and I sure get the impression the owner of that site does. Psalm 11:5
  21. Once or twice per year in a good year. We have the cuisinart soft serve maker. We’d get rid of it, the thing is huge but my sons love it and it was a gift to them from my MIL.
  22. In the Hands of a Child units include all the pictures and labels and such if I remember correctly. There is a science curriculum out there that is meant for many grade levels and the whole premise is lapbooking your way through science. I used to have it and I can see what the covers looked like in my head but I cannot remember the name of them. If I find it or remember it, I'll update this post. ETA: Great Science Adventures by Dinah Zike and Susan Simpson is what I was trying to remember. They call them graphic organizers but we used them as lapbook components and the 'library books' that it directs you to make we just put in the lapbook in a library pocket just made from a generic template or you can buy them.
  23. I will be in a similar situation. My daughter attends a public high school, and she will be taking an online foreign language course this summer to meet college admissions requirements. Her school will not give her credit because this outside course is not district approved. We don’t have a foreign language graduation requirement, so that’s not a problem. What matters to me, in California, is that it is UC approved. The plan is to self report the course in the college application, and then, when admitted, send the transcript to whatever university. I know several people at my daughter’s school who have done it this way, so I hope it will be smooth sailing for us too.If my daughter decides to continue with the foreign language, she could do the SAT Subject test, take another online AP Spanish course and take the exam, or take a Community College course for credit.
  24. Our public high school is pretty lenient, and they allowed us to add homeschool courses to our kids' transcripts from there. Our kids generally did a mix of both public school and homeschool classes each year. They were even given study hall space to do homeschool courses there if they wanted to; or they could just come home. 🙂 The school handled it by noting next to the homeschool course listing that that particular course had been transferred in, similar to what they'd do if a student had moved to town from another high school. So, they just trusted me that the course and my grades were accurate, while at the same time not taking responsibility for them. The homeschool courses did count toward the school's graduation requirements. Worked fine with us.
  25. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is definitely proven to help some medical conditions, including wounds that don't heal and even lingering infections. My dh had it daily for 5 weeks last summer, and thankfully, our insurance paid for all of it! I assume it needs to be in a medically certified clinic/hospital though, and ordered by a doctor.
  26. A new time of life for everyone. I hope you're still going to be posting to BAW.
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