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  2. There’s regular math tutor and there’s AOPS-competent tutor. I’d expect the pricing to reflect that.
  3. My college ds was awarded a scholarship from his employer. He works for a minor league baseball team. The GM of his team chose him to apply and then the scholarship came from the league. He is going to write thank you notes to the GM and the league but I'm not sure what accepted practice is. Is this a hand written note card kind of thing or a professional letter (typed and in a business size envelope)? Seems like the personal notecard is too informal. Is it okay to write a typewritten letter and handle it as more of a professional correspondence? Thank you for your help. I feel like it is a dumb question but we are very etiquette challenged around here. Ds plans to continue his employment in the field after graduation so these are professional contacts that likely will come into play in the future.
  4. If you want someone to say, "You are still a great mom if you have taught your daughter all these good values and you are committed to keeping your opinions to yourself, even while you can't help but have those opinions. You miss her. You worry about her motivations. You literally miss how she used to look. You get to feel how you feel! But you are supporting her, teaching the right things, doing the right things, and you are a great mom. Please go easy on yourself,".... If you want someone to say that, I just said it. ❤️ It's what we do, how we keep trying to grow, and how we treat others that count. You've got all that down already.
  5. Hugs, Mama. I was like your daughter, going from long lovely hair to a buzz cut. I've actually done that dozens of times, though many, many fewer as I have gotten older. I have never enjoyed alcohol, never done drugs, and didn't smoke so, for me, shaving my head was therapy. It was the way I dealt with frustration, anxiety, or feeling smothered. I followed with nose/tongue piercings, which I have let close as I got older. At the time, my mother was very unhappy with my decisions. However, she now jokes about it and likes to tell people about how radical I was. 🤣 Good luck to you both.
  6. I was told by MIT admissions that they wanted my counselor's letter to describe what ds's nontraditional education looked like. I found this a very helpful way to look at it. Here is the first paragraph of six of my letter, to give you a feel for the approach and tone I used. please don't quote. DS was born in New Zealand to American parents, and from early childhood he has led a dual-national life travelling between New Zealand and America every year. This continual comparison of cultures has made him open to new ideas and different ways of doing things. He considers himself a member of the global community, and if you were to ask him, he would say he is ‘half Kiwi, half American.’ Similarly, ds’s education has been a blend of many philosophies and approaches. He is both homeschooled, which allows him the freedom and flexibility to study as he desires, and traditionally schooled, with the structure and expectations of external classes. He has been educated by American parents, who believe in a broad liberal arts education, but yet has completed his education in New Zealand, which allows students to focus in the last two years of high school. He has assimilated these various approaches to life and education to create a unique vision and culture that is truly his own, but at its core is a commitment to understanding the wider world through people, travel, and reading, and through thoughtful introspection of this knowledge using a philosophical lens. Although ds is a mathematician at heart, he is also a lover of ideas, and he has designed and implemented his own educational vision throughout high school.
  7. I think I get it. You are worried about the physical reactions of her emotional state, and you don't want her to do something she'd regret? I went through several years of trying to find "me", which meant a lot of piercings and hair colors and styles. LOL I'm glad I did it, and I'm glad I made rules for getting a tattoo: -wait on the design 6 months. If I still want it then, I'll do it. -never get anyone's name. Even dead people. Skeletons come out. -pay for good, because I'll regret 60 years of subpar. And this is what I tell my kids. And I'm open and honest with them, so when they start looking for ways to define who they are, I jokingly tell them that they are welcome to do anything they like as long as it's not permanent and it's their own decision, but they have two parents who were teens in the 90's and we made all the silly decisions. And being like mom and dad is so not cool. 😄 You can't stop them from trying to figure out how to be comfortable in their own skin, but you can guide them gently.
  8. Well part of the reason we have quit after-school therapy is he was not doing too hot with high-language-output tasks, and that is what I wanted them to be doing. Other things he would do great, but then they aren't really goals to an extent. It's not the only reason but it is a part of it. The last I heard he does do better in a school setting because the expectations are clear, and at school he prides himself a lot on doing things in a good way. A lot of the time, at least. He doesn't do it as much lately, but he has had times where he likes to tell me about so-and-so who did something they weren't supposed to do, but he didn't do it.
  9. DING DING DING! This seems to be what I was looking for. I'll give it a shot...after I contact the planner's Creator and suggest that the company should do this themselves.
  10. Going to delete so no quotes pls. Dd buzzed her long hair and got a facial piercing. She wants tats (thoughtful ones but these aren't common on my side of the family). I think the extremes are a reaction and I can't really go into that, but...I'm kinda having a hard time with the changes. It is great for me to examine my reaction and live my words and what I have always taught my kids about the inner person and not judging by outward appearance (judging meaning not treating someone differently or making assumptions based on appearance). I am also trying to treat my daughter as an adult--her decisions are her decisions. And I'm trying to be kind, realize that she is still developing (are't we always?) and that my every opinion does not need expressing. I don't like her hair at all. The first cut was super short but she looked gamine and cute. The most recent cut is a #3 clipper cut the entire back and most of the front with a slightly longer top bit. Honestly, I find it extreme and ugly. This is hard. It is like she is reacting to the two boyfriends who loved long hair, and to everyone who expected her to be a certain way. She is still fairly kind, strongly opiniated, talented and smart and hard-working. I am trying to be kind and supportive but I feel disingenuous. I don't even know what I'm asking.
  11. Terabith


    Really hoping this is a couple of days flu, not a week to ten days version. Other than surgery, this is the worst I have felt in a long time. Although the kidney stones thing was super distressing.
  12. Last year's six week trip when he chaperoned: did he get paid for that? A 21 year old working without pay, only food and lodging covered, sounds very generous to me. If his parents aren't thinking of that, he should reasonably feel unappreciated. If they are also deciding to add a child and 2 days on the trip without consulting him (it is unclear in the original post who the "we" mailing decisions included), then they are treating him like a teenager, and poorly even for a teenager, but expecting him to act like an adult.
  13. Lewis & Clark And Me is a good read for the young group. It has chapters, but it's a picture book, and it's told from the point of view of Seaman, the dog.
  14. I have the luxury of being able to just generate ideas when we talk, and the tutor is actually doing the work, so don't feel any guilt! Lol! This discussion is pulling things together for me that I wasn't connecting before, especially about the working memory. Like, I know it, but it just seems like a scapegoat. But yet it's really crucial for pulling things together. Yes, they won't come without language, but once the language is there, the working memory is really important. So, this is helping me a lot to discuss all of these ideas. You will figure out ways to use things or to advocate for him to get these things elsewhere--it probably feels hard because it's hard to translate theory into reality, and no one wants to just dive into that, KWIM? And you want to keep things with him positive, which is your job too!
  15. What light are you using? I think I need one especially as the days are shortening, but the number of choices are overwhelming when I start searching.
  16. I just wonder, since the OP sees her son as opportunistic and selfish and not generous of heart, why she believed he would pay for an expensive trip for his sister (and be willing to have the other sister tag along) when he is not wealthy and she thinks $20 for a night out would be excessive spending for his income level. I mean, if the OP had enough faith in his willingness to spend that much money on someone else that she fronted the money temporarily, why does she think he's super selfish? And if she thinks he's only interested in hoarding his own money while spending someone else's, why trust him to spend lots of his money on the OP's minor child?
  17. It doesn't sound necessarily like he proposed the change either. Sometimes young adult have a hard time with boundaries. I suspect it would have been hard for him to say "I really only wanted 16 yo sister this time around." Especially if the sisters were part of this conversation. There have been many threads on this board where people need help and encouragement to lay down clear boundaries with parental expectations of adult children. My only thought is, if they're old enough to pay for it, they're old enough to book it and let the chips fall where they may. I think it is odd the parents were doing all the planning and booking if this was the young adult's trip. If there is one thing I've learned as the parent of a young adult is don't be more invested in what they're doing than they are.
  18. Thank you so much. This encapsulates what I have been trying to focus on 😊
  19. It’s possible she doesn’t like him and he doesn’t behave in respectable ways. I admit, I tend to not like people who treat me like crap. Most people don’t. Love them anyways but yeah, probably not like them. People are how they behave. We can yap all day, and words do matter, but it doesn’t mean diddly if we act in a way that betrays those words. As for this particular incident, I’m not commenting further on it until the OP answers my questions bc I think until then there’s not a big enough picture.
  20. I finished Origin. I love Dan Brown's books and Origin didn't disappoint. Yes, you definitely have to suspend disbelief to enjoy his stories, but that's to be expected when its fiction. Art and history, mysteries, religion, technology, all my favorite subjects mixed together for an interesting read. Once I started reading, I didn't want to put it down. Every time I read one of Brown's books I learn something new and always find plenty of rabbit trails to follow, places and people to look up.
  21. Stevia seemed to cause or correlate with hot flashes, for me. And I figured out I have some anxiety, which also causes some hot flashes. Yippee.
  22. Jean - I commiserate with your frustration. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in May. I am trying to exercise more, eat properly, and have dropped 15 pounds, but even with two types of medication I still seem to be seesawing with my blood sugar levels during my daily testing - unlike you, though, mine are on the high side. Although I have dropped from 12.4 AC1 levels to 7.1 with medication (yeah), I don't see an end in sight of ever being off medication or having this under control. And a new symptom has jumped into the mix - constant sweats/hot flashes. As a person who has been relative healthy all my life, I find this so depressing. I started this post to offer my positive support for you, but my own negativity is surfacing! No advice - so Sorry - hang in there! Myra
  23. I would do this but imthe only member of this potential group that is a member here--and frankly, I like having "my" space here. 🙊. That said, it did occur to me to talk to the planner's creator and suggest that a discussion forum might be something he would like to run.
  24. Exercise was really important for me, both in managing mood and in reducing hot flushes. A good 40 minute brisk walk every day plus yoga twice a week and more serious aerobic exercise twice a week.
  25. Yes but I am not reading that he was forced.
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