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Tackling Tuesday Together, 9.26.23


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Good morning! 

Dh is off to work with his breakfast and lunch. 

  • shower and get ready
  • bible study
  • meals
  • 3 Zoom sessions
  • 2 in-person students
  • make microwave-spiced pecans
  • bank
  • errands
  • tidy house
  • ladies game night
  • prep for tomorrow
  • watch something and relax
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@HomeAgain Sorry you have the bug! I hope you and your Ds13 feel better soon.


I am about to take Ds to school. After that I’ll circle back and get ready to be out for much of the day. 

Shower and dress ✔️ 
Bible study ✔️ 
Work at church ✔️ 
Tutor 2 students in the afternoon

Need to call mom! 
And check Ds’ grades! ✔️ 

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Feel better soon, @HomeAgain


Today my day is:

....call the podiatrist, ask if DS  will need to be off his feet after wart treatment, if so, reschedule his appt for a different day of the week (and cancel DH's appt)
....me or DH - check HEB about the price of a certain med w/o insurance, so we can see if we can widen the search for marketplace insurance for Oldest

....then also remember to check said plans to see if they actually cover mental health appts or not; call Oldest's psych to see what her cash pay price is
....hopefully pick a plan
and sign Oldest up in the next day or so, so it starts right away
....get kids up & out the door on time
....make sure I have everything ready for my PreK kiddo, go do PreK 
....prep/print/put in bag the spelling lists for the 2 tutor girls
....make sure I have everything else I need for the 2 tutor girls
....send a few emails that need sending
....lunch/nap/veg out watch TV
....go tutor the 2 girls
....come home, change for fencing, eat dinner, go to fencing
....come home, veg out/go to bed

I realized I *need* the hour or so of "do nothing" that I have available on Tues, rather than filling it with "to-do" stuff, so planning it that way - the bulk  of all that list can be done before I go do PreK

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Thanks, you guys.  DS is sleeping, poor kid, and I'm doing slightly better.  As long as I don't move too often I'm fine, but I've got a weird bit of vertigo going on.

I canceled activities for the evening.  We'll reassess how tomorrow goes before I decide on whether ds will skate.  I'm hoping we're fine by the weekend since we all have bike races to do and oldest ds has a running race, so I want to avoid getting him sick as well.

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Okay - called; DS's med is only like $4 out of pocket, so we're good there. 

Rescheduled the wart appt, b/c they couldn't say yes/no about foot pain after, so bumped it to Weds when there's no physical activity after

Emailed the emails

Printed the school stuff/spelling stuff for the tutor girls

Kids are up, have eaten, and heading out the door on time w/little to no intervention from me -- progress! yay! 

Will leave "check the plans that are available" to DH, as he's the one that's been poking around/knows the website, now that we know we *don't* need that med covered

Next up - dress, eat my own breakfast, make sure the PreK stuff is ready to go, and go do that

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Good morning!

Prayers for all who are sick!   @SKL & @HomeAgain 





change air filter

knock down wasp nests outside

place Belk order 

Play with kitten throughout day.   The older semi-feral cats are somewhat starting to get used to her


clean Back door

supper:  baked chicken with some kind of sauce I got from grocery store. I've never tried it. Rice & peas

go through shoes on carport shelf and toss what we don't need anymore.  Make a better bed for the cat there since she can't come inside on a regular basis. 

upload dh's resume to LinkedIn.

clean bathrooms


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Unfortunately, I keep thinking of crap to add
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Home from PreK

Stopped at Target to get cushioney-er socks for wearing with my boots

Had an update from my friend - the (many months) post liver transplant friend, with the bleeding (her hubby)?  Back in the hospital, and now going back on the transplant list, b/c the latest fix will limit bloodflow to the liver. 😞  He was home from the hospital a total of 13 days between last time and this time. 

Shopped the insurance stuff with DH; we found a plan that has a reasonable deductible, *does* cover mental health office visits for a reasonable co-pay, w/o having to first meet the deductible, *doesn't* cover his med, but the med is only $4 out of pocket so that's okay, and his doctor takes the plan (or at least the brand of plan, so hopefully....we'll need to check the actual provider list I guess and make sure she's in network....). We'll sign him up tomorrow or Thursday (if we sign up before the 30th, it starts on the 1st, so he'll have no lapse in being covered). 

Super thankful our budget can absorb this extra cost.  :sigh:  The joys of grown kids who aren't launched yet (for valid reasons, but still). 

Next up - lunch/nap probably. 

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Delivered 375 activity books to historical society member in charge of the  6th grade history days Thursday Friday Saturday.

3 loads laundry done

zoom meeting done.

Hope all that are sick start feeling better. 2 of us in the house still have the bronchial cough. 

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@HomeAgain, oh no! I'm so sorry. Praying you are all better soon and no one else gets sick. 

@SKL,  so sorry, and praying the kids get well soon! 

@TheReader, that is so hard! Praying for them. We have a friend who wants to be on a liver transplant list, but he's just not sick enough yet. That sentence seems like such a weird thing to have to write. 

@ScoutTN, I hope she can figure something out. Ds is so frustrated with a couple of his professors this semester. What should be an easy class is way too hard. The professor is all over the place, so they never know what to study for the tests. The other class is something ds really wants to learn, but the professor assigns sections/chapters to the students to read and teach to the class. Great getting the business experience of your peers! (Said in my most sarcastic tone.)

My sibling students canceled. The mom has to work extra and no one can bring them. I can't go there because I had things right before and after them. 

I made the spiced pecans. 

I've been tidying and prepping the house for the ladies coming tonight. 




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Distracted, I just walked out of my house without my keys. The spare key is not in the shed. Dh will not be home for 45 minutes. 

So my first student is cancelled and I will be late to pick up veggies. Ugh.

Thankfully, I do have a water bottle and a book and my phone. Enjoying the lovely afternoon in my backyard! 
Culled my inbox.

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I forgot to add that I'm getting another new student. He's actually a student I had last year. He went to a private school this year, and it isn't a good fit for him. Since he's homeschooling again, he asked if he could come back to class with me. That made my heart happy!! 




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Moved work stuff enough to keep my clients / CPAs happy for the moment, but I still have work I want to finish tonight.

Talked to my kids about school.  They are not off to a terrific start this year.  They don't seem particularly motivated.  I didn't want to fuss too much before the homecoming stuff, but now that's over, so I need them to get serious.  However, most of the teachers haven't posted any grades, or the ones they've posted have been mostly the intro "easy A" stuff.  So on paper, we have As, Fs, and blanks.  (Kid claims the F in English is because the teacher hasn't entered the grades yet, and the F in psychology was a quiz that "everyone failed."  The class average on that quiz was apparently less than 50%.  So maybe the teacher will let kids do some extra credit or something, but we don't know because my kids didn't attend today.  😕  I told them to ask about it tomorrow.  😕

I was so different as a teen.  No adult needed to check on my work because I was responsible.  I've screwed up somehow.  Are my kids gonna be f-ups in college too?  😕  Should I just force them to get a factory job??

Just got off a call with my client and their banker.  I might have been a little too testy.  They are telling me that the reason I'm not seeing a balance online is because there are no transactions, but there definitely is a balance AND transactions.  And if there aren't any transactions in September, that means a borrower didn't pay its bill and I didn't follow up like I should have.  Been trying to work out this bank issue since at least June, but with client CFO turnover, this is where we are.  Now it's urgent and stressful.  😕

I caught up on some personal and work emails, some reading, and some bill paying.

I was bad.  I ate a cookie and a small bag of chips.  I hope I didn't do too much damage to my diet.  Other than that, I only ate a banana, 2 bowls of cereal, and a small handful of cashews.  If I keep dinner light, hopefully I won't pay too dearly.

So that's where I am.  Still stressing, but at least I did something today, unlike some days ....

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Home from tutoring my afternoon girls. They are progressing well so far. Mom made a traditional treat from Ghana, "puff-puffs", and sent me home with some. Yum! Like a fried biscuit/donut thing. 

@mom31257 - yes, that's where our friend was last year. Wanted/needed on the list, wasn't sick enough. Then they moved, the new place could do a living donor, and that seemed amazing. Now all of this (and even now, they are wiggling some numbers around to make his number "better' (worse?) to get on the list again, bc even with "hey, so, we're cutting blood flow to the liver..." his number isn't enough to get on the list.  Mind boggling the way it works. I hope/pray that when your friend does get his, it will go smoothly. 

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School today. Students have work time for their art project. I've been putting away all the new supplies rolling in. 

Youngest had the orthodontist. Eldest was able to stop by the dmv with a form they needed (hooray for driving teens). 

Calculated out ceiling layout for the last (biggest) room. Should only need a few pieces to complete the process. 

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