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Who's going to tackle Tuesday with me?

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Dozing since about 1:30. Awake since 4:30. Up for real and making coffee now at 5:30. 

  • Breakfast meeting at church.  
  • Dd to doctor to check on her wet, persistent cough.  
  • Math!   Not today. 
  • Call Firehouse Subs to see if I can change my order.  Missed the window.
  • Fold laundry!
  • Make ds clean his room. 
  • Braid dd's hair. I am terrible at this! 
  • Pick up sandwiches.
  • Dd to/from rehearsal. Drop off snacks.
  • Swim store with ds? He needs some new goggles for the summer  and another suit. 
  • Get CSA box
  • AHG stuff. 
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Good morning!  Gonna be another hot and humid day here.  

-DS18 off to school
-school with DS14 (math and 2 of his 3 papers left to write)
-workout (HiiT cardio)
-talk to exterminator about yearly terminte inspection
-remind DS18 he has to get his teacher rec forms from guidance office because i am sick of getting nasty-gram daily from guidance office...
-see if DS14 wants to go to neighborhood pool before school lets out nope, he doesn't
-dinner (salmon)

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Good morning! 

Pink and Green, same weather here! I'm just not ready for these temperatures. 

The usuals are done. I'm still tutoring, so on with the rest of the day!

  • meals
  • check some of ds' work from yesterday
  • tutor 4 students (2 end next Tuesday, 1 will continue until done with a bit more, 1 will continue all summer)
  • go through/organize some lab supply boxes here that belong to co-op
  • type and publish for co-op current lists of lab supplies available to teachers
  • take ds to swim 


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Morning all!

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL here!  😊 And it is sunny.  We have had a very   s   l   o   w  and wet spring, so I'm thrilled to see the sun and blue skies.

  • coffee and breakfast
  • start laundry
  • morning school stuff (light day!)
  • switch laundry
  • take most of the kids and go to one son's allergist appointment; also do a few errands while we're in the "big city"
  • home to finish any remaining school bits
  • supper-- chicken something with a large salad on the side...
  • fold laundry, baths for the younger ones and bed for them
  • relax with my sweetie. 🙂😊
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I came home late last night to snow. And a lot of it- about 4 inches of heavy wet snow. I have already been out shaking trees (lost a branch on our young maple) and I am just hoping the garden will bounce back.

Lots of clean-up today- figurative and literal today.

  • coffee/paper
  • shovel deck
  • go with dh to get my name on the rental car
  • take dh to work
  • home to bank/bills
  • school with ds3
  • get ds2 moving about work
  • house chores
  • tons of laundry
  • try to get my life organized
  • tennis?
  • pick up dh
  • dinner? 

Have a great day!

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Hot & humid here, too....yay, us. 

Today is "quilt, quilt, quilt" and do catch-up on leftovers from past to-do lists in between. So, "quilt my sister's quilt" is the main thing. In between, because I can only quilt for about an hour at a time, I will: 

...declutter the cup/mug cabinet
...figure out the DPS stuff for DS18's Learner's Permit
...make my school supply list/deal with supply fee checks for next year's class(es)

...maybe try to figure out DS21's status as far as "excess credit hours" and how to avoid paying out of state tuition soon (stupid stupid stupid TX law)
...see if any laundry needs doing, and do it

In a perfect world, I would get all of that done today.....(well, the quilting probably won't totally finish, though if it did, that would be amazing; I'm hoping beyond hope to be DONE in time to take it to her Thurs; realistically....we shall see. After the quilting there's still binding, which I so very hate....).  In a real world, probably I'll ignore at least DS21's stuff for a bit longer 'cause I really don't want to know how soon we're going to be hit with the stupid stupid stupid OOS tuition junk. 

Oh, dinner......probably, yes. We'll have to wait and see.... (ha. Kidding. I have no clue. Some days I dream of one of those meal prep things just for the ability of them to tell me what to cook, when.....)

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Good morning!

I started a post early this morning and then I forgot I hadn't finished it.

No heat and humidity here for us yet, thank goodness. It is in the 40s and raining on and off.

I took my little Winry girl to the vet yesterday for her "dog-adopted-from-the-south" follow-up bloodwork. The good news is she does not have heartworm and has gained six much-needed pounds. The not-so-good news is that she tested positive for ehrlichia (a tickborne disease) and needs to take antibiotics for a month. She also has the most persistent case of hookworms ever known to man. She has been dewormed multiple times at the shelter in Arkansas, the shelter up here, and since we adopted her, and these mutant worms will.not.die. Aargh. Our vet is trying a different kind of dewormer in hopes that we can finally nuke the little suckers. 

  • school w/dd
  • office work - needs to be my main focus
  • lots of laundry, as always
  • vacuum upstairs
  • order an Anthropologie gift card for dd's upcoming birthday (keep forgetting to do this)
  • give the interior of my car a quick cleaning
  • dinner: enchiladas verdes & rice
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Happy ... Tuesday is it?  Man, this week is going slowly.

I did something wrong with my alarm and ended up sleeping until 10 minutes before the school bus comes.  I offered to drive my kids to school, since it was my fault and I didn't want them to skip breakfast.  But they were ready and wanted to ride the bus, so they scarfed down their breakfast and actually left early.  Guess I'm not very fun to drive with, LOL.

I got a couple work things out yesterday, but not enough, and now I just remembered something I promised to do this morning, ugh!  Will I ever get it together??


  • Kid 1 up early to study for tests, but I think she went back to sleep.  Oh well, I can't worry about that any more.
  • Went back to bed and overslept.
  • Mad rush to get everyone out the door in 10 minutes.  Homework not reviewed ... oh well.
  • Cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms, and some clutter.
  • 1st coffee.
  • A little reading.
  • Texted the driver re this week and next week's schedule.
  • Emailed re kid stuff - school, scouting, tickets.
  • Call with sister re her kid stuff.
  • Deleted a lot of old personal emails to open up more space.
  • Caught up on news, social media, emails.
  • Made this post.

To do:

  • More coffee.
  • Register 3 kids for summer zoo overnight.
  • Lots of client work.  Beginning with at least 2 phone calls, ugh.
  • Need to wash my hair today so it looks decent tomorrow.
  • Kids' work - homework, test study, tidying up.
  • Some sort of dinner - probably pizza.
  • Kid 2 has horse riding and kid 1 has gymnastics.  Driver will take them.
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work or sleep.
  • Whatever else gets done.
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Selkie, sorry your pup is having such a hard time. I hate ticks and their diseases!

At urgent care with dd bc ped had no appts til late tomorrow.

eta: urgent care doc has ruled out ear infection and bronchitis, which is good, but he's not prescribing anything for the cough, which is very bad. Dd is in a musical this weekend!

I may keep the peds appt and see if they will do anything different.

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Finished the focal area quilting. Trying to upload a photo....fingers crossed. Oh, it worked! So, the quilt is long overdue for my sister - she has a chronic "invisible illness" condition, and suffered some serious depression a number of years ago, feeling very much like a burden to her family and just overwhelmed with having to always be cared for (she just turned 40); the overall quilt is called a Storm at Sea pattern, with the heart focus. The heart coloring represents her in the center and all her family surrounding her, as a means of reminding her that when we who love her look at her, we see HER, not her illness, not a burden, not a chore, but her. The mom/wife/sister/daughter/aunt that we love.  

So....each color is a different person in her life, so each section was quilted to further represent that person (the colors are roughly birthstone colors). She's the green diamond in the center, her husband is the navy "star" pieces immediately around her, and then it has her kids, her siblings, her parents, and her nephews. 

ETA: her quilting is a tattoo, simplified, that she has on her foot...a cross inside a dove, with the symbol of the trinity at the bottom. (ish) Her tattoo is better, but....close enough. 

Edited an email for DH, gathered just enough clothes for a load of laundry (I had a friend actually *laugh* at me when I told her I needed a drum roll because I was, gasp, caught up on laundry....apparently she has never been behind on laundry in her life. I am glad to have this group/post where "laundry" is as never-ending a thing as I have always thought....), am now eating food and resting, then will do the DPS stuff before I head up to begin the background quilting. 



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human care done

pet care done - though I need to remember to get more cat food later today.

medical care done

morning exercises done - added one more stretch from the Katy Bowman blog

sent out some camp texts/emails and got one more thing done. 

dd has gone ahead to the farther-away-coffee-shop with a friend.  I will join up with them a bit later at our usual school start time.

put meat in the crockpot

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Cannot tell from the DPS website if DS18 will be issued a Learner License/Permit, having finished the Driver's Ed portion up to that point, OR will have to wait (now that he has already passed his bday) to get an actual *license* when he's finished the full driver's ed....and if he has to wait, can he still do the driving portion of driver's ed w/o the learner's permit....??? All the info on Learner's Permit says must be 15 to 17, expires at age 18, etc., can be renewed, but does not say what to do if you never got it before 18 at the first place. 

Looks like I'm printing all the docs and taking them all, with DS18, and see what they say. 

Also not sure how an 18 yr old student provides *two* forms of proof of residency, unless they'll take 2 transcripts (says you can't have 2 from the same source, so not sure...) Head.Ache. As DS is not awake/stirring yet (no judging, we're done with school....) I am back-burnering the actual doing of this, will gather all the docs we may need for either one, and will deal with the actual appointment at some later point. Oye. 

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Sorted the supply list for next year into "buy now" and "wait till after the used book sale" and hit purchase on the "buy now" stuff. Whew. 
Steadfastly ignoring the DS21 Excess Credit Hour junk. Stupid stupid state law and I'm annoyed and angry and frustrated and hoping beyond hope that we can find a work-around (I am unclear if adding a minor, that will use some of the extras, will save him or not. I do not have it in me, today, to find out how soon we will end up having to pay out of state tuition because he didn't know what he wanted to major in....)

Going up to start the background quilting (took a nap instead earlier.....but did put laundry in the dryer first), and will declutter the cup cabinet on my next break. I did print all the things for DS18's upcoming (sometime this week) trip to the DPS). Oh, and hopping over and schedule an appt for my car at the mechanic/dealership, to try and figure out the odd clunky/thunky noise it sometimes makes.

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Just realized that I forgot to go to the bank. Sigh.

On the brighter side... I did go to the grocery store and dinner is planned.

I am going to relax for a little and have a snack before tackling the kitchen.


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I decided that my house is such a mess that office work will just have to wait until tomorrow. 

Vacuumed upstairs.

Cleaned 2 bathrooms.

Emptied lots of garbage cans (where does all this garbage come from??).

Washed many loads of laundry, hung laundry to dry, put away laundry...

Cleaned kitchen.

Did barn chores.

I realized that I need to change my dinner-making schedule. When the boys were at school, dh and dd and I got used to eating at 6:30-7:00. Now, the boys leave for work at 6:45am and come home starving at 5:30pm - so I'm going to aim for having dinner ready then. Need to reconfigure the rest of my evening chore schedule, too. 


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Just hopping late into your discussion, ladies, because I need serious accountability to get something done today!  Tomorrow I spend out of town with a friend, so I must go into it feeling accomplished:

  • clean kitchen to shining
  • final unpack from NYC trip (includes all the guidebooks, maps still laying around)
  • laundry fold & put away
  • swish/swipe bathrooms
  • cat boxes/birds/vacuum areas
  • cook dinner

Really, just my basic daily grind has not yet happened!

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I did a couple of bonehead things over the past 24 hours.  Makes me wonder what the hell is in the air around here.  Luckily I did notice before it became a big problem.

I sent out a bunch of invoices ... moved several projects a little bit in the right direction ... took care of some schedule things for my kids ....

Pizza is on the way.


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started the background quilting. It's just a simple meander, but I haven't set up my extra side table yet, so it keeps falling, which means shoulder strain. Can't finagle the table out of its current spot, so waiting on DH. 

DS18 is watching the movie version of the last play he needs to read for Brit Lit; a compromise, because the textbook is a rental and due soon. Also, b/c the boys were beyond bored and sitting in front of screens anyway; this way, at least it's school. Ha! 

DS21 passed his lifeguard test at summer camp yesterday, so, yay! 

Car appointment made. Super fun writing "my car makes a clunky/thunky noise when...." and then putting DH as the contact person, LOL!!! ha! I am so technical. Think they'll figure it out??? Appt set for Friday morning so I can be w/o the car for however long it may take them to find and fix the problem. 

Gathering the DPS papers (printed the checklists, apps, etc.), then doing the cup cabinet. 

Dinner will be something with ground beef. Not sure what, but I did take out the ground beef to thaw earlier. 

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dishwasher rebooted

kitchen handwashing done

kitchen counters wiped down

garbage taken out

recycling broken down and taken out

am working on some deep cleaning of the bathroom little by little - got 20 minutes worth done.  Some things decluttered as part of that. 

some more camp business things since all this seems to happen in bursts.

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Decluttered the mug/cup cabinet and now all the stuff we actually use, fits. The stuff we don't use much, but need to keep, has been rehomed in an awkward space in the pantry that was going unused, and the stuff we don't use and don't need to keep has been set aside to drop off for donation (except the thermal mug w/o a lid, and the lid w/o a mug, which were tossed). 

Application filled out for DS18's driver's license/learner's permit, and documents gathered except those that live in the fireproof safe, which I'll grab when we head to the appt. They're noted on the checklist that's the top page so I won't forget. 

DH on the way home so we can run to the store. Going to tidy kitchen while I wait on him. 

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For mother's day, my kids and I all got new bikes.  (Theirs were outgrown, mine was a used hand-me-down that never really worked & I hadn't ridden in decades.)

Today, my daughter talked me into riding bikes with her.  I had wanted to check out my new bike on a flat surface first (we live at the top of a hill in a hilly neighborhood).  Needed to figure out the new fangled gear shifters and such.  But I said oh, what the heck, how bad can it be?

As a kid and young adult, I rode my bike all the time, and I never realized how many muscles it uses.  Well, today I realized.  Especially riding up the steep hill to my house.  What was I thinking?

So, I took some magnesium and drank some water and did some stretches.  But if you hear strange cries in the night, it's probably me having leg cramps ....

I am really glad I have another way to get exercise & have fun with my kids.  I just need to get used to it.

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