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school plans for 2019

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I think I have finished fine tuning the twins school plan for next year ( which we will begin right next week)

suggestions most welcome

they will be 8 in just over a month -  starting grade 1 -  significant struggles - most probably FASD . 

the list looks huge but they progress so slowly that we have to go sideways instead of forwards to over teach otherwise they don't retain things.


AAR2, Fitzroy readers, Bob Books, those print out TGATB readers Reading eggs and starfall on ipad




 Very very slowly AAS1 - this will be interesting as twin 2 cannot remember his alphabet - he can read but the concept that a letter symbol means an individual sound is too abstract for him.


FLL 2 plus worksheets from a variety of sources including Kumon sentences, TGATB random worksheets, Abeka English workbook


Penmanship, Copywork, WWE1, Writeshop


Saxon 1 second half

numbers worksheets for reinforcement

Kummon number books

skip counting by 3s, 11s &15s... they have worked on 2s,5s, and 10s all this year 




Kumon world geography - one page a week. plus they have world maps desk protectors that we look at every day


Animal kingdoms (  simple ) classification then human body

Art and Music

Enrichment Studies music

Study masterpieces 


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We are starting the second semester, but it feels like a different school year. 🙂 DS finished his reading book and is nearly done with his math book, so here are our plans for grade 3, part 2:
Reading - he discovered my older book collection and asked to do one of those instead of going to the next reader.  So this semester will be all fairy tales from the big 3: Perrault, Grimm, Anderson, with poetry from well known children's authors. Now that he's old enough we'll spend time exploring variations of the stories set in different cultures/time periods.
Math - switching at the end of January to Gattegno.  I'll use book 2 online for the first bit until our no-spend month ends and I order the full set of printed books.  He gets to start the last LoF book, too, in the alphabet series.
Language Arts - We switched to Treasured Conversations in November.  It's going marvelously and I don't want to switch again.
Science - a more dedicated effort to hit lessons from BFSU book 2.  I'm pairing that with Freckle.com each week so that one will reinforce the other.

The rest of his schedule isn't changing...at least I don't think so! 😄 I'm hoping to not have to change anything else until September again.

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We're in the US, but our school year runs Jan-Dec so we'll begin 6th grade in 2 days! I prefer to keep the schedule more streamlined, but they have insisted that they want all 6 classes on the schedule for 6th grade, which for us is....new. We're probably going to be tweaking our schedule until April or May until we find a rhythm that fits our needs just right.

For 6th grade they're going to be doing Japanese, Math, Social Studies, Physics, Tech Ed, and of course Spanish.

Japanese Language I don't teach this, I just make sure that they have time in their schedule and tell them to sit and do it. They are going to continue using the same Japanese program and hope to finish level 2 this year.  Good luck to them.

Math is in 3 strands:

  • Directed Independent Study -- Choosing a topic from a stack of math books/magazines to read and research more about on their own.
  • Math Clinic-- I sat with them and went over their notebooks and textbooks from the last ~18 months quizzing them and spot-checking until we found any and (hopefully) all topics that they feel iffy about. This year, each boys math lessons will be focused will be working through their individual list of topics/concepts that they feel iffy on.
  • Daily Review and Practice for Mastery -- Exactly what it sounds like. We do this to every.single.day. 

Social Studies is a self-study course this year since I have one who is more interested in the Humanities side (World Religions) and the other who is more interested in the Social Sciences side (Economics). I went nuts for a while trying to figure out how to balance this in the schedule but finally realized that it's better, simpler, easier if Social Studies remains an at-will subject, so I ordered a cheap introductory textbook in World Religions and Macro Economics, and I've given them the Dewey Decimal chart bookmark so that they can find more on their topic if they're interested. I'm going to encourage them to read and study in their area every week, but I'm not going to require it or monitor it. I simply don't have the time.

Physics We started (and re-started) physics in 5th grade and hope to complete the course in 6th. I teach Physics on an "every-other-day" basis, so that they have time to work problems independently between classes a

Technology Education Is going to be intense this year. We're coming out of a big programming year, and so 6th grade is going to be project-heavy. We'll continue to have our normal programming class on the days that I'm not teaching physics. Buddy has a short list of projects that he'd like to try, but Pals project is laser-focused, he is going to make a collection of (simple) games for Nintendo from scratch. He's really excited about the idea so I am too. 

Intensive Spanish We're trying to achieve fluent (non-native) bilingual status, but we have no ties to Hispanic culture/language, so we take a very unorthodox, but comprehensive and systematic approach to learning and using Spanish. We'll continue with our multi-tiered approach to Spanish. In 2019 we will have: 

  • Not Really Sure What to Call Our Approach to pseudo Language Arts  (kinda) -- I work with one of The Boys and listen to him read a passage from a story of his choice. We pick a short passage from his story and go over it with a large-toothed comb. The next day I do the other kid
  • Reading and Studying the Encyclopedia -- Each day, we sit down as a group and deep-read through an article from the Spanish children's encyclopedia. We stay with each article for one week and (usually) by the end of that week, they can (usually) discuss or explain something about the topic in their own words.
  • Weekly Presentations -- Are something we've done since 1st grade, but now they have to be given in Spanish. They can research on their topic in English, but they have to present in Spanish and the Q and A after has to be in Spanish. 
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Doing kindergarten here .

Continue going through Phonic and Reading Pathways. Assorted phonics readers and buddy read regular books and use Mc Guffey Primer.

With math finish up Horizon Math K book 2. Only doing it a couple times a week, to stretch it out a bit. Also doing Ray's Arithmetic book 1 and flash cards other days.

Practice writing, no specific curriculum. 

A lot of read alouds that cover other subjects like science, history, literature and Bible.

Science is her favorite and we follow whatever she is interested in.

Hopefully the Home School group works out. Also our library host a HS Book Club.

Go to 2 storytimes with crafts a week.

Field trip to various places (Aquarium,  Science Center, Zoo etc)

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I think I will jump in on this post as some things are getting slightly changed up here. (my son is 9 yrs old, technically a 3rd grader but aiming more at 4th grade level work) We are starting back with Mystery Science after January 15. Son loved that but we only had the free subscription so we will be getting the full one on January 15. As for history, I really really wanted to switch to American History, but son did not. He has complained his entire way through history ever since we switched to American History. So we will be going back to SOTW 1 and picking up where we left off.  I have Fix It, the first book, to try out in the spring. Oh, and we have Getting Started with Latin which we have sort of started now. And we will continue Zaner-Bloser cursive handwriting and finish Spelling Workout D. 

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We’re moving into our 2nd semester, but several things changed at the tail end of last semester / beginning of this semester. 

Math: Continuing Beast Academy 3A, which we began in November. 

Language Arts: Music of the Hemispheres (MCT Poetics), continuing Practice Island, self-chosen reading, whatever strikes our fancy for read-aloud. DS still very rarely chooses to read outside of school, which drives me a bit nuts. He *can*... with excellent fluency, comprehension, recall... he just doesn’t choose to. I’m hoping that not pushing the matter (beyond minimal practice to prevent the skill from getting rusty) will pay off in the end. 

Spelling: Continuing Words Their Way & making a 2nd Homophone Book. 

Science: Human Body, moving one system at a time. We covered large-scale life science last semester, so now we’re drawing our focus in. 

History: Continuing History Odyssey Ancients, picking up after Greece.

Culinary Arts: We are making some dietary changes that will require us to eat almost exclusively home-made, and DS loves to work in the kitchen so we are going to be building skills in this area. I want to get him more proficient with chopping, dicing, peeling, and removing seeds as well as work on stovetop skills. He can mix, measure, and crack eggs pretty well already. I’d also like him to be able to follow a simple recipe semi-independently (under supervision) by the end of the term. 

Free Choice: Exactly what it sounds like. Primarily he chooses coding, circuitry, or educational games. Occasionally arts and crafts. 

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I lied.  One more change.  😄
We have a block in our schedule I set aside for "enrichment".  That covers everything from poetry memorization to handicrafts.  I was going to focus on knitting this semester, first with a nail doll and then needles, and I think I will for January, but after that I'd like to do a day of paper sloyd each week.  I remembered the old book online that is free, and since he'll be done with the drawing lessons in Right Start, paper sloyd will be a good way to keep up those skills in a practical manner.
Oh, and memorization will be the 50 states and capitals.

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We have made a few changes since the fall...

DD 9yo

Finishing TGTB3 which is going really well

Mosdos Opal on track to move into the 2nd book. She loves this curriculum

Spelling Wisdom is a new one for us. Her workload is writing heavy so I switched out SYS which we love and will try this

Fix it! Nose Tree we will keep doing this 

IEW:Myths, Fables and Fairy Tales is going splendidly well so no change

Saxon54 and BA3C

Sonlight grade 4 readers and comp questions are going well 

Start write cursive is still a hit

Introducing TGTB keyboarding this semester

Starting Latina Christiana 

DS 7yo

Writing and Rhetoric Fable we started a couple weeks back and so far so good

TGTB 2 is going well so no changes

Rightstart D and BJU3 are going great

SWO C...not my favorite spelling but he is enjoying it so I won't change

Sonlight readers level 3 and comp questions 

SCM cursive is going well

Prima Latina

DS 7yo

This little dude has been a bit harder to tweak the needs of but we currently are in a good place I think ..

TGTB 2 he loves it so we are continuing

IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating was just started a couple of weeks ago. It seems like it will be a good fit...we will see.

SYS C is always a win with this kid so I won't be changing it.

TT3 and a lot of math games, Montessori activities, balance benders and various other math play. This has been a good fit.

Sonlight grade 3 readers and comp questions 

SCM cursive

Prima Latina


Ozobot bit programming and littlebits coding

We had so much fun with TGTB arthropod unit this semester that we are going to do Marine Animals next along with finishing Supercharged Light which has been a really fun experience. 

Biblioplan 2 using SOTW2 and other resources has been just as lovely as it was for Ancient so no change. We are also using Sonlights timeline book which has been lovely.

Geography is a combo of Draw Europe, cooking, playing geography games, reading stories, geopuzzle Europe and geography songs. We also have utilized sonlight's huge dry erase map. 


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I have a 5 year old who will be beginning a soft K this semester; his birthday is in May so it feels right to start K now.  


we're doing 100EZ lessons, Getty Dubay, Draw Write Now, and I have no idea what for math. What would you do for a bright boy who can't read yet (by virtue of zero exposure) and whose mother is not very organized?

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We are in TX, but we are calendar-year homeschoolers.  So, we are getting ready to start a new school year in a couple of weeks.  

Preschooler (turning 4): Letter of the Week (the program that's free online), The Preschooler's Bible

11 year-old: 

  • Finish Saxon 6, start Saxon 7
  • Bravewriter Literature guides with writing projects
  • Journaling with Time Capsule
  • Homeschooling with Horses unit study
  • continue Story of the World series
  • continue Violin

13 year-old (who is a little ahead, but officially starting high school):

  • finish Mathusee Algebra 1, start Mathusee Geometry
  • continue Violin
  • continue German I, move to German II
  • slowly doing some Bravewriter literature guides throughout the year
  • Rotating 8-week courses throughout the year.  The first course is Short Stories & Creative Writing.  (We haven't planned the 2nd course yet)

15 year-old (turning 16):

  • German III
  • Guitar and Piano
  • Mathusee Algebra 2
  • Finish Driver's Ed
  • Taking the PSAT in the fall (studying for it over the summer)
  • Rotating 8-week courses throughout the year.  The first course is Contemporary Native American Literature and Native American History (don't have next course planned yet)

17 year-old:

  • German III
  • Drums
  • Mathusee Precalculus
  • Finish Driver's Ed
  • Take the SAT in May
  • Unschooling everything else (plans to study psychology, botany, studio art - sculpting and fluid art, probably going to read our NA Lit selection with us)
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We will be jumping back in this week and I have pretty much most things kind of sorted out 😄

I have 8th, 6th, 3rd and K/prep this year so it took a bit of work to make it all fit. I played SWB's Teaching Students to Work Independently quite a few times 😉

Main goals will be to get my 5 year old reading, get my 8 year old reading chapter books fluently and starting grammar (mct), my 11 year old more independent and back into beast academy (we had a lighter maths year last year to build confidence) and starting logic writing skills (outlining and diagramming), and my 13 year old tying up any logic stage skills/independent study skills and finishing aops pre algebra/starting algebra.

We'll be doing modern history and focussing on anatomy and electronics for science. We'll also do acrylic painting for art and crochet then sewing for handicrafts. Swimming and general farm chores for PE 😄

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I've actually spent the last twelve hours beginning to design our own geography curriculum. It will include mapmaking, cultural geography, wildlife and ecosystems, Earth science... All the things!

Starter Upton, IEW, Elementary Greek, Nihongoshark. Probably the New Testament.

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plan for ds15 profound dyslexia not motivated at all. wish I was a gifted teacher to inspire him,  instead I push and drag him though each and every subject. I really feel I am failing him as a teacher, but don't know how to assist him to become motivated. :-( 

He also is going to be working one day a week this year. 

Reading /Literature (mostly abridged)

Don Quoxtie or the three Musketeers

Gulliver's travels

Robinson Cursoe

Tom Sawyer

Oliver Twist or David Coperfield

The Sign of the Beaver

Swiss Family Robinson

We'll race you Henry

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

James Cook

Could an Asteroid hit the Earth or Stories of Vampires


The War Of The Worlds


Vocab from Classical Roots

AAS 6 ( half way through already) then move onto AAS 7

Grammar for the Well trained mind

Balance Benders - Logic

Saxon Math - Algebra 1/2 finish then start Algebra 1

Science - Apologia human body

History - Usborne Internet linked

Computer Programming  - not sure what yet.



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My preschool-1st graders are being read aloud to right before quiettime using a lot Sonlight choices and some that aren't 😉.

My 3 year old will just be read aloud to, worked with at home for speech growth, and allowed to play.  If he wants to do some coloring, sorting activities, or puzzles from my homeschool shelf I will be all for it though 😉.

My soon to be 5 year old will first finish ETC primer C-in about a week...then he will do BOB books beginning workbook and do Reading lessons with me in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and finish up Rod and Staff Preschool workbooks. He also does speech therapy and will be released this spring as he has made such drastic gains.

Then we will move onto CLE KII with Alphaphonics and Easy Readers.  I may add MFW K activities weekly as I just love the activities and Character point each week...if I do I will do it with 3 year old as well during our prek hour.

My 2nd-6th graders will do a family Bible time daily with a group literature readaloud following.

Phonics is Alphaphonics for those who need it.

Handwriting is Pentime.

Reading is Pathway with workbooks and 1 hour required reading during quiettime.

Math is Rod and Staff

English is PLL for 2nd and Rod and Staff 3rd and up.

Spelling is Rod and Staff for rules and phonics review and Natural Speller once they finish workbooks to work on patterns.

Primary grades will finish American History and Abeka Health read aloud...using MFW Adventures in our evening basket this semester.  We hopefully will begin BF Around the World Geography and Usborne Science books in the fall.

Intermediate grades do Rod and Staff for History/Geography/Science.  

My high schooler will finish MFW Ancients soon...then will do the following:

Notgrass World History units in order instead of doing MFW World...mainly as it is  way out of budget (even used) to do MFW HS this year for us, but I also think it will be simpler for me to follow with him as I wrote the schedule😉. He is going to add in Rod and Staffs 9th grade history text as it looks interesting to him....I know we are boring people😂.

BJU Algebra 2 and Geometry this year.

Finishing his Apologia Science followed by some sort of Chemistry...still undecided.

He will be doing Rod and Staff 7 for grammar...and he does need this😉.

Marie's Words for vocab drills with mom.

He is the most widely read child that I know and I will allow him to read whatever that he wants in his last couple years of schooling.

My son is doing a training program with a friend who is a computer programmer for the next few years and it will be such a blessing to him.

This is the main portion of our schooling.


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On 1/2/2019 at 3:17 AM, moonflower said:

I have a 5 year old who will be beginning a soft K this semester; his birthday is in May so it feels right to start K now.  


we're doing 100EZ lessons, Getty Dubay, Draw Write Now, and I have no idea what for math. What would you do for a bright boy who can't read yet (by virtue of zero exposure) and whose mother is not very organized?

I would do CLE K II...it is so simple and sweet....and affordable.  I would set at least half an hour to read to him.  If he is your only I would add MFW manual K for the activities and would do them with the letter in CLE II😉...they are so much fun and I am not an activity mom.


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