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  1. Even backwoods rural communities, small towns in the middle of nowhere in the midwest/south, ime have decent police forces who have seen it all (ish) before and know how to protect her and how to deescalate dangerous situations and get things back in order. They're not going to say, oh no ma'am, we can't do anything, it's normal enough to lock your wife out of the house with no pants, just go back home.
  2. she doesn't have to give specifics to the police at this time, she just has to say hi, I need the number to the closest 2-3 shelters.
  3. call the police, they will tell her the number of local shelters. The shelter is designed for this exact situation and they will help her with legal paperwork, temporary food and shelter, etc. If she knows no one, the shelter is the place to start. The local one may be full but will give you references for another one.
  4. How do I change my password, or at least my login? I can't find it in searching this forum or in going through my account settings.
  5. Right, that's part of it too. I'm primarily concerned, to be completely frank, about my chances in my own community. For those purposes, the numbers out of Wuhan are not as relevant at this time (although they do suggest something about what happens if it gets out of control, even in a place with fewer Asians, lower smoking rates, and somewhat less popultion density).
  6. Well that's fair. But I hate (HATE) school fundraising, especially public school fundraising. Just live within your budget or put a tax hike up for the vote! Grr. Everything is a money grab in our local PS. On Pajama Day, which they have once a month, you have to bring $1 to school to wear pajamas. They have stuff like that constantly. and get this, and this is totally not a joke, when we have a snow day, they send out an email saying this is the superintendent, today is a snow day, yada yada. and then at the bottom, it says, I kid you not, "This snow day is sponsored by Sonic." or by Bob's Wood Products. or whatever. !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. because this virus takes quite a long time to go through the whole cycle (onset to death, in fatal cases, is over 20 days), for a while it's hard to say exactly how many people of the ones that still have it will eventually die. so a recovery rate is in some ways more accurate, just because it takes so darned long and we're still in the first month of serious consideration of the thing. On the other hand, there are almost certainly many many many more cases that recover without being counted in the "recovery" stats because they never got sick enough to go to the hospital, just stayed at home and eventually got through it. On the other other hand, there are also certainly a lot of people dying of pneumonia in Wuhan without being counted in either the infected rate or the death rate, so overall numbers are just very hard to come by. This is why on the whole I'm only paying serious attention for now to numbers outside Wuhan and even to some degree outside China; I largely trust the US government to be capable of and responsible for reporting these things accurately. There's not as much data but it's better data.
  8. OP, I have no advice as I gave up on this fight years and years ago and no longer enforce eating at mealtimes at the table. If they're hungry, they eat. If not, they run around destroying the house. But can I just say how reassuring threads like this are. Sometimes when you have a lot of littles, especially when you have one or two with terrible judgment and way too much energy thrown in the mix, you feel like you're the only person in the world raising a pack of wild monkeys instead of normal children.
  9. I don't know whether it is a bioweapon or not, but in a pandemic situation it's much more lethal than the current numbers suggest. Even if you take China's reporting numbers as accurate (which they 100% are not, obviously), you're looking at 20-30% of infections that require serious hospital support, of which 3% or so die with that support. In a situation where you can't put 20% of the infected population in the ICU, the lethality rate is much higher. Obviously infection rates are much higher than currently recorded, but deaths are also presumably much higher (given that crematoriums in Wuhan are going full-out and that no one who dies of pneumonia but hasn't been tested for the virus is recorded as dead because of it). So it is hard to say what the mortality rate is, at all. My dad, incidentally, died of the flu (a flu I think I probably gave him), but it was not recorded as such. He had COPD and developed pneumonia; he'd smoked 2 packs a day since he was a teenager. It was recorded as complications of COPD. That's not wrong, but it doesn't tell the whole story of course. Listening to the US gov't briefing today, I just have to say how amazing I find the state of medical knowledge and technology. This thing showed up new about a month and a half ago, and wasn't on anyone's serious radar until a month ago, and they're already well into the process of developing a vaccine, with a target of human trials in 3 months or so. That's amazing to me.
  10. Formal certification, I dunno. But I can definitely tell you that teaching in a classroom is A. nothing like homeschooling or tutoring and B. very hard. I am very intelligent and very well educated; I am an excellent tutor. I went through 3/4 of a teacher's ed program for high school English and history and I was so bad at it that I literally walked out one day and never came back. For me, classroom management is the barrier to entry, not subject expertise. Maybe both are required to be a great teacher, but I think that without classroom management skills you can't be any kind of teacher at all, regardless of how well you know the subject. Some people probably have an innate knack for classroom management and so don't need a formal certification program, but I think there's probably a fair amount of training necessary for it. I was excellent at the school part of teacher's ed - the part where you make lesson plans and discuss curricula and teaching techniques and the subject matter itself and etc. I would have aced the Praxis. But none of that ever translated at all, except in small groups or individual tutoring, because I couldn't maintain control of a classroom for 3 minutes. 90% of teacher school was stuff I was great at and that I would never in a million years have used, even if I had made it through the program. It was very theoretical and not veyr practical.
  11. To give the situation perspective, we don't have a TV, or kindles, or smartphones, or a video game player. We have two desktops that we use for work all day. So the kids read and read and read and read especially during fall/winter/spring, and so do I. We got so desperate before Christmas that I ordered (and read) all of Newt Gingrich's historical fiction.
  12. I did like the Far West books, but we've read all of her too. Have you read McKillip, the Riddlemaster of Hed ones? I feel like those were pretty clean and essentially positive books but it's been so long.
  13. THAT WAS MY FAVORITE TOO! Yes, we just went through them about 4 months ago, I bought all of them on a whim and we read right through them. They are much freer of his crazier social ideas. Citizen of the Galaxy was great, almost epic if he'd just gone a bit farther and really it was close enough that we loved it. I did not like Farmer in the Sky, by the way, although it was good enough and we all read it, because of the part in the middle where the mom is just fine with sending her 10 year old (or so) daughter back to live on Earth while they all stay on whatever planet they're on. Like, now I either hate this character or I just don't believe anything you say, Heinlein.
  14. Oh no, not just a 12 year old 🙂 I have a DS11, DD14, and I, and we all pretty much read everything any one of us reads, because we're desperate constant readers and there aren't enough books. Our minimum standard is basically stuff written for 11 year olds, though, and we go all the way up through adult. We liked Dianna Wynne Jones and read just about all of it a few years ago.
  15. Ooh so these are like Hallmark Channel movies but books? And she's written like 40 of them? Yay 🙂
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