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  1. I used to read xkcd all the time but some how I stopped reading it. Thanks for the reminder of how much I like them.
  2. I have been praying for God's will to be done. And for all the leaders to hear the cries of the people.
  3. I am sorry that happened to you. I see political signs up and down the street, many of them are for candidates I would not choose to vote for. I can't imagine taking or defacing one, not my property, not my business. I hope it was just immature teens and not anyone actually malicious.
  4. Yes, it takes a long build but it really does become heartwarming and funny.
  5. Can anyone recommend a good vacuum cleaner. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†
  6. We are also in this situation. My daughter (29) is home for Corona. She does some on line work but her main career is Stage Management and the live performance venues are all closed. No, I do not ask her to pay us for food or rent. She helps out around the house and with my husbands business. When she is running errands for me she stops by Starbucks and pays for coffees. She makes the occasional grocery store run and usually pays for those groceries. But no, she is family, I would not ask my sister or parents (when they were living) to pay expenses. If I stayed with them, I would
  7. No. No. 100% No I knew even knew how much money my dad made. When it was time to apply for college (1970s) he would not fill in that line on the form. He said if they needed to know how much he made I did not qualify for whatever plan they were offering. They were both raised during the Dust Bowl and Depression. No frivolous spending. Always money put aside for a 'rainy day'. They were not tight fisted or broke, we had a nice little house, they let me have a horse and ballet lessons, etc. I know they tithed and gave to charity. I don't remember any arguments about money.
  8. I grew up in Arizona and New Mexico both towns were over a mile high, I currently live in Florida (sea level) I miss: Dry thin air. The air here is hot stale pea soup. Really good Mexican Food Green Chile (that might sound redundant but it is not ๐Ÿ˜… Clear nights with a thousand stars Ethnic Diversity Actually nice people not just Southern Pretend Nice. (sorry, the South just is not for me)
  9. Starbucks. Yes, I am a stereotypical old lady that loves cats and coffee. LOL Speaking of which, my other frivolous adventure this year was taking in a little black rescue kitten. Really, I don't know how anyone has survived 2020 without a kitten. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. 1 and 2: My mother and father. Now that I am older I have so many questions I wished I had asked them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just them, a nice family dinner.
  11. I have a vent I can't really share with my real life friends. I have worked as an election worker for many many years. We are well trained and dedicated to making sure every registered voter gets a chance to vote, the ballots monitored and tallied accurately. The urban myths my friends keep sharing about the 'rigged' system are driving me crazy especially regarding mail in votes. I just want to yell, "if you think it is so poorly run why don't you come try it".
  12. I have several small 'gig employment' jobs. One of those is teaching an after school cooking program at several elementary schools. The schools have reopened but they have not started up the after school programs yet. So still furloughed from that income. My daughter is a Stage Manager for Opera. She has not had a contract since March and was just told her contract with Opera Colorado in March 2021 will be moved to the Fall. Because she normally lives on the road moving from venue to venue she is home with us now. I am really enjoying having her here but I know she is frustrated she has
  13. I keep bouncing back and forth about moving or staying put. On one hand dh and I are building businesses here and I have been working on a permaculture food forest and edible landscaping. We also have a four bedroom house and the girls can come and stay as long as they want. On the 'move' side, I would like to be back out West where our families are. I had planned to downsize if we moved but now I want to keep a larger home so that family can move in if they need to. I have also considered the possibility that we might combine households with my sister and her husband as we get older.
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