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Ugh---my brother and his drama


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12 hours ago, Seasider too said:

Ok now I am curious. Wife problems, government spying, or evading aliens?

Sorry, Scarlett, I don’t mean to make light, you must be worried about him. It’s just that your posts about him are always oddly interesting. 

Truly, I hope all is well. 

Don't forget escaping from a cult.  

I have to now assume it is nothing....he texted me this morning saying he is really busy.  So either it is nothing or it is so bad he has decided he can't tell me.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

He never did tell me what that was about but he just called.  Today was court for the criminal charge....but his attorney got it postponed.  Seems his wife failed to respond to the divorce offer and so therefore it defaults to what my brother asked for.  Full custody of their son with supervised visits.  I am just shocked that she did not fight for him at all.  She didn't have him until she was 40--her only child---and she seemed so happy when he was  born...I guess that is the power of addiction.  Brother's attorney says the criminal charge will likely go away when the divorce is finalized.

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16 minutes ago, Arctic Mama said:

Just say no to passive aggressive texts?!  I hate that sort of cliffhanger phone drama.  I’m sorry Scarlett and I hope it isn’t something truly awful and he is just being melodramatic ?

Oh that was 2 weeks ago and he never did tell me.  I just updated the thread today with his latest drama.

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