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  1. I am assuming that if anyone in our immediate household gets it, we've all been exposed and therefore treating like they have a regular flu (but also quarantining the whole household). I'm a little more fatalistic though in general, so feel that the infirm should have free reign of the house with extra precautions around where they are laying, eating, touching things.
  2. Parking at the college is ridiculously expensive, so hanging out there for 2 hours isn't really an option at this point. My DH and I are continuing to brainstorm...he may start doing both pickups on T & Th (pick up from high school, take to comm college and then pick up from comm college). Then, at least I'd have 2 days at home where we could be more focused. I'm also looking at cutting back on the number of subjects we're doing. Audio books just aren't a resource we can use. We're all too kinistetic in our learning style and can't re-read an audio book when our minds start wondering, lol! For this semester, I think I'll cut down to just math being done every day and they can do independent reading and the online history class on their own. We'll add in more as the days allow, but I won't define "behind" by the additional subjects. Next year should be much better as we won't have to do the high school pick up and drop off as he should be at the community college full time. So, just 3 months to go and then we can all get more on track. Truly, thank you for all the responses. It's been very helpful to see different options in one thread as I think through how to make sure everyone is getting what they need this semester.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I think it comes down to I have to start the day running instead of easing into it; we just don't have the time for that this season. I'll try getting up earlier and starting earlier..hopefully that will get us back on track! Or at least get a few days of feeling like *something* got accomplished!
  4. I've been homeschooling for a Loooooooong time...and this year I just cannot seem to get myself and my kids together. Part of that I know is because our schedule is the busiest it's ever been and I'm not sure how to make everything work when the kids (and I) are so dis-tractable when we've been interrupted and have a difficult time getting back into our groove when interrupted. And this year is proving to have LOTS of interruptions. My oldest is not being homeschooled for the first time this year. He is at a school 30 minutes away. The main reason for this is because our state provides free college tuition for high school students, but only if they are enrolled in a public or private school. Funds for homeschoolers are hard to come by. Dual enrollment starts in 7th grade, so we went that route and ended up getting 1 college class for the year. Now that he's in 9th grade and in a public school, he can take up to 30 credits a year. My oldest is doing very well socially and academically with the combination of a small, chartered high school and then classes at the community college. However, driving him back and forth between the school and the community college is causing a huge disruption in our day with my younger two children who are still homeschooled. My younger two are 11 and 8 (boy and girl) doing 5th and 3rd grade respectively. So, our schedule right now looks something like this: 7:30 am: DH and oldest are in the car heading to the school and then DH goes to work. 8:00 am: me and the younger 2 are up, showering, breakfasting and getting ready for the day. 9:00 am: school starts. 11:00 am: T & TH I leave to pick up oldest and take him to the college. 11:30 am: M, W & F Lunch 12:00 pm: M, W & F leave to pick up oldest. Younger 2 stay home to continue to work on schoolwork. 12:10 pm: T & TH return home and make lunch. Have a difficult time restarting school after lunch. 1:10 pm: M, W & F return home. School is mostly not done. Not entirely kids' fault as sometimes they needed help and wanted to wait until I was back home. (Sometimes they are just really distractable and I feel that my sole role sometimes as homeschool mom is saying 100x a day "Are you focusing on what you're supposed to be doing?") 2:30 pm: T & TH-DH returns home with oldest and works from home for the rest of the day. Whether it's 1:10 or 2:30, as soon as oldest returns youngest 2 feel the school day is over for him so it's over for them too. Not that they explicitly say that, but more that seems to be the general attitude. Sometimes too, after driving around and being fragmented for the morning, I'm feeling kind of done as well with the prodding needed to get our tasks done. I know this can't continue as I do value education as a whole and value what we are doing in our homeschool. But, I am feeling completely burnt out with how pulled in so many directions I feel all day long. So, does anyone have some suggestions on scheduling, or tricks or any types of ideas for me to implement to keep our homeschool days on track?
  5. One of my goals for this year is to take every Amazon Prime box or Sam's Club delivery box and fill it up and take it to the donation center...BEFORE I can use what just came in the box. Hopefully it'll stick but so far, it's both made my house less cluttered AND saved me money since I have a chore added to ordering things online now 😄
  6. I really appreciate everyone's input as I am trying to do the best thing. But, Faith-manor, I think this is the thing that most aptly puts into words everything that I am concerned about. I need to remember that we had very solid reasons for creating this boundary. And, a whim invitation isn't a good enough reason to abandon that boundary. The reasons for breaking it aren't yet better than the reasons for establishing it. I will keep an open mind though for the future. For now though, I'll bow out and spend time with my nephew on another day.
  7. Invited boyfriend first because they were at a gathering together. Then sent out a group text invite my sister, my parents and me. Then I responded we'd be there. Then brother told me that he also invited boyfriend. He knew it would be a problem for me so wanted to give me a heads up so I could decide if I wanted to change my RSVP or not.
  8. My question is not "Should they invite him" my question is "should I go?" I am in no way trying to tell other people who they can and can't invite. I am trying to figure out if it's worth going when she's been a person who brings criminally dangerous people to family gatherings in the past.
  9. Typically I do trust his judgment. So, I'll take that into consideration.
  10. So, I would totally do this. Except my brother invited us, we said we could go and THEN he told me today boyfriend was also invited. Believe me, if there was a way to avoid making this into a big deal (it seems very "I'm making a Stand" if we don't go) then I'd have opted for that. So, if I change my RSVP, it's going to be known why.
  11. Just to make it super clear, no one is upset with anyone. I'm not upset with him for inviting the date to the party. He won't be upset with me if I attend or don't attend. There's no upset feelings.
  12. I swear, every time I make a post here, it's because of some weird social issue I don't know how to handle. And this time it's no different! So, please Hive Mind! Help me to navigate in a healthy and productive manner. This all starts 8 years ago. My dad's much younger sister has a history of dating a lot of different guys. This is just normal for her. She gets really connected really fast and they will live together for a couple months, break up a year later she'll be on to the next guy. Every family holiday would be spent getting to know the next one. ,Some she did married, but of the 4 marriages, the longest one lasted 4 years. It wasn't really a problem until she started bringing around guys that were criminally dangerous. One was a pedophile who was wanted in 2 different states (we didn't find out until after they broke up, but he was still around us and my kids). The final straw for my husband and myself was when she was with a guy who was physically abusing her. My grandmother had a birthday party my parents hosted and she brought him and the pictures of her bloodied face. He arrived later. And wanted to hold my then baby girl. And I made some excuses about her needing to eat and exited the room. My aunt was leaving the birthday party to go camping with him in the woods, but asked us to call the police so he didn't murder her in the woods. My dad was solidly against calling the police for a situation she was going into willingly (we offered to instead drive her home, help her pack, move her somewhere else including into my parents' house, help her financially with costs and counseling but she rejected all of these ideas as going camping was the only option she could see. I didn't understand it) After this birthday party, my husband and I told her and my parents that while we loved my aunt we would no longer be around or bring our kids around the guys my aunt was choosing to date. It wasn't safe. My aunt understood and for the past 7 years, it hasn't really been a problem. This has translated to that while SHE is always welcome and invited to family events, her DATE is not welcome or invited to family events. My aunt went to counseling, made some changes and seems to be making better choices, but I don't really see her a lot because she kind of needs a man around to go anywhere. It's just the way she's always been. So, sometimes she'll say she will come to things, but backs out at the last minute because she doesn't want to come solo. Cue to today. My aunt is dating a new guy. They've been together for a year. My brother is having a birthday party for my nephew (turning 5) in a couple weeks. Last week, he and his family were visiting my aunt and met her new boyfriend. They had a great time and he really thought the new guy was awesome. He invited my aunt AND her new boyfriend to the birthday party. He really wasn't thinking about the boundary we drew 7 years ago, although he and his wife have said in the past and said today when we were talking about it that they really appreciated not having to be The Face of this boundary that was set that benefits all of us and our kids. They feel completely comfortable with this guy and invited him to come. They also invited us, the rest of our family and numerous friends to attend. So, here's my problem. I am totally fine going to this ONE event, with this ONE guy, this ONE time. But, my fear is we do this, the boundary is gone and at Thanksgiving she could be with a not-so-great guy and then it's a big deal to re-draw family gathering event expectations. On the other hand, the birthday party isn't really a Family Event per se...so maybe it wouldn't change anything? My kids are also much older now. 7 years ago they were the oldest was 7...now my oldest is 14 and my youngest is 8. So...I don't know what to do. I'll obviously talk to my husband about it tonight, but thought I'd see what you all thought first. Help me, please!
  13. Honestly, I'd get a mold test done. https://www.healthline.com/health/black-mold-exposure#symptoms
  14. You know what? I've been thinking about this a lot tonight and I think this is the answer. Every.single.time. Make a report. Make it known. Stop the idea that a woman's body is public property if she goes outside. Stop the idea that "This doesn't actually ever happen; only for your 15 minutes of fame." Make it inconvenient and make it stop.
  15. It's fairly easy enough to google a news source of your liking to verify this information. Here are two to get you started. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/410401-pope-says-devil-trying-to-divide-attack-the-catholic-church https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/sex-abuse-scandal-pope-seeks-prayers-fight-devil-58168326
  16. https://www.amazon.com/Kurt-Adler-J3767-Nativity-Calendar/dp/B0002TUVEO/ref=asc_df_B0002TUVEO/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167158513139&hvpos=1o6&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10728550614262874934&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9014929&hvtargid=pla-303798168873&psc=1 If you want to get one that can be used every year, I highly recommend the above. If you want one just for this year, I highly recommend one from Lindt Chocolatier. But wait until November 30, I think then they are 50% off.
  17. I'd buy a bunch of water balloons and have a water balloon fight with my kids in the front yard. Anyone could join in. (or some other weather appropriate activity that is fun) Talking to the parents and "forcing" their kids to play with your kids is not going to make things easier for your kids. Investing some time and energy into making your kids the cool kids to hang out with might encourage the other kids to forget about their ostracizing plans so they can join in on the fun.
  18. I'd like to address this point because I do think that street/work harassment does in deed "train" women to NOT speak up. So, 1000 small sexual affronts and objectifications become the price of living in the world. So, when that line is crossed (often without witnesses) it makes it harder to say something at that point. I agree 100% that verbal sexual harassment and physical sexual assault aren't the same thing, so I'm not trying to argue that. Just that the daily/weekly/monthly smaller violations reinforce that 1) no one will ever care if you do speak up and 2) this is just the way the world is.
  19. http://time.com/5419179/sexual-harassment-uk-school-uniforms/ In regards to the question "Is sexual assault a big deal?" I didn't think that the OP was saying any specific people don't think it's a big deal...just that the general "you" of society doesn't see it as a big deal. I understand this is in the UK and not the US, but this quote from the article stood out to me and made me profoundly sad. (I also realize that sexual harassment and sexual assault are different things, but I think the general attitude of when a woman/girl should say something and when the line is crossed is more complicated in our society than maybe it should be.) But many girls also dismissed the street harassment as “all part of growing up.”
  20. I think this can be taught without a detention. You see it and say "Oh hey (kids name), next time, I prefer that use your back to open the door." It seems like such an overreaction to a door being opened.
  21. I'd fight for the hall disturbance violation instead of vandalism. Vandalism is going to put it people's minds that she spray painted profanities on the school walls. Of course, I would fight against any violation of kicking a door open with hands full. I do that all the time in my house. It doesn't cause any damage.
  22. I don't even know what to send you through the interwebs. But, I am so sorry to hear this. And wish and hope nothing but cancer-kicking everything for you in the days/weeks and months to come.
  23. While I love my DH dearly and he is awesome... I don't think I'd want the role of "wife" again if anything happened to him. I think the reasons for getting married (child raising, homeschooling, financial security) would be obsolete the 2nd time around. I don't want more children, homeschooling years are coming to an end (or at least to the point where the kids aren't so needy that I literally need to run out of the house when DH gets home from work like when they were 5 and under) and we've set it up so either of us will be financially secure if something happens to the other. Dating and then returning to my own space sounds much nicer ?
  24. I'm sorry. That's an awful way to not deliver news. ? I hope your nephew is ok.
  25. Gahanna is a really nice area and close to the airport. It's more expensive though. From my experience of living in Columbus for 18 years at various places, most areas outside of downtown (and even some areas downtown!) and pretty nice and safe. 161/71 area is pretty affordable but that's a place I'd stay away from as an exception to the above observations.
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