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The Mom Doesn't Know Anything Teachers Lounge 9-19-2018


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Good afternoon, all! I realize I've been slacking in opening the Lounge but this 14yo boy has really thrown me for a loop!
I thought 15yo girls were full of drama - but they got nothin' on my 14yo son! Whoo-boy!

He's currently bemoaning the fact that he doesn't know how to answer the questions for his Character Analysis for his theater class,
due this Friday. And, of course, all my (Mom's) suggestions fall on deaf ears - presumably because I've never been in theater (not true), 
or never had to do a character analysis (also not true), and interviewing my own character isn't going to work (also not true). These are not
things he's said, but I feel like that's what he's thinking as he sits and taps his pencil in frustration. Let the fun times begin!

What's thrown a wrench in your schedule today/this week? Here: Monday it was the car, yesterday it was me, and today it is the emotional angst
of the teen.

What's your weather like today? Here: it is overcast with spotty rain. I don't mind but I would like A) MUCH MORE rain for it to make the overcast day worth it
and B) A truly VALID reason for me to call off school, and just curl up with a hot drink and a good book on this semi-rainy day.

What's for lunch/dinner? Here: lunch for the kids was chili dogs. Sonic was having a $1.00 coney dog special, so of course ds wanted those. With a $1.00 purchase of 8 hamburger buns,
utilizing hotdogs, cheese, and chili we already had at home, I made homemade versions. Also used better hotdogs! ETA: I'm drinking a meal replacement shake for lunch. Didn't know what to make for myself and had this on hand. Dinner shall be goulash/jambalaya of sorts: quinoa, brown rice, lentals, zucchini, probably some ground port, and a few seasonings.

Talk to me! 

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Can I join? You will probably be sympathetic to the eye doctor appointment that my three dc had this morning. They got their eyes dilated so the morning was spent at the office and the afternoon was spent mostly leading around my temporarily vision-impaired children. I identified two subjects that my older two could do on the computer with the screen super-zoomed.

They aren't panicking, but I'm worried about everything they have due Friday. Why aren't they panicking?? I'm trying to keep a calm outside appearance.

Will your son pull it off in the end?

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Ah, I feel like you are living in my universe, Scrap!

Today was grey, with spotty rain.  Enough to get us cold and wet, not enough to use an umbrella.  Funny how that is.  I made a mess of our afternoon, showing up to an activity half an hour early and then expecting a *quick* stop by the library only to have the reminder that it's Talk Like A Pirate Day as I walked in.  Not a big deal, right?  Our 10 minutes stretched to 40 because the pirate librarians had put together a wonderful event of a treasure hunt and walking the plank and...so, there went my afternoon.  I stopped and grabbed the missing ingredients for chili tonight from the grocery store when we left, and because my afternoon had stretched on it was now the dinner rush hour.  *sigh*

But chili is simmering, a cup of tea is sitting next to me, and ds is occupying himself with a box of hockey gear that arrived on our front porch.  So we will have a good evening, a nice quiet one.

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My 13yo girl just kicked a (small, plastic) step-stool across the kitchen because she is really mad that French uses articles in spots that English doesn’t. She’s also mad that I spoke kindly and patiently about articles in French. She’s also mad that I told her about her error (and flipped to a page with relevant information) instead of just ‘letting her finish’ then marking her whole worksheet wrong. She’s also mad that she is allowed to finish it for homework, and that I asked her what she would like to do next.

Supper is leftover chicken.

Grounding her for 2 hours was (in her eyes) both stupidly ineffective (because, why does it matter which room she is in?) and vastly unfair (because bad attitudes to the point of kicking furniture should be completely acceptable school time outbursts).

Drama. It really doesn’t need a reason does it? French articles. Seriously.

Weather: it’s a bright fall day, sunny and chilly at the same time. (10 degrees C ~ 50F)

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I feel like we are having a mostly civilised day here.  No teens yet...

schedule disruptors today are an outing with the kids and tomorrow we go away for the weekend so won’t get much done other than packing the van.

yesterday was a plumbing leak that meant water off so washing and dishes piled up a bit.  

Hope all your days pick up and start looking better soon.

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Good evening, Scrap!

No schedule disruptors today, but anything could happen tomorrow! 

My 13 yo is pretty chill, but my 11 yo is a firecracker who easily turns our schedule on it's ear. Lots of drama!!

Weather here is unseasonably hot and humid. Hoping it cools off soon. We are ready for backyard firepit season and some cocoa. I would love a cold rainy day to make soup, and curl up with a novel! 

Lunch was leftover chx chili and a bit of fajitas. Dinner was chx curry. I love Wed nights during the school year because we have dinner at church! Woohoo for dinner I don't make or clean up!!

I hope you have a better day tomorrow. 


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Hi Scrap and everyone,  nice to see this thread again!  Scrap, I've got a 14 year old son, and my advice (which you can ignore) is to stop assisting him and let him figure it out. He can do it and he'll learn way more if he figures it out on him own. Go ahead and write your own character analysis for your own personal pleasure, though. If at some point he wants to see an example of what a character analysis can look like you'll have one handy. 

My schedule: Pretty busy, but really stimulating in an exciting way. I've just gone back to grad school, and I'm volunteering to attend every library computer system workshop that's offered to grad students. They're happening about once a week, but this is on top of my classes and homeschool/family schedule. The saving grace is that my dd now has her drivers license and can do some of the driving. 

Dinner/lunch food: Scrounge and find what you can because no one has time to shop for groceries! ?

Weather: Has been perfectly amazing fall/late summer weather. Some rain today, but it's still warm. No snow yet!


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My 13yo was adamant that there was no reason he couldn’t look after his 11yo brother from 1830 to 0715 while I went to work, instead of spending the night at Grandma’s. On a school night, if that makes a difference (it doesn’t in my mind). He was verrrry indignant. And there may be 13yos that can look after their 11yo siblings overnight with no issues. These are not those siblings....

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Our wrench this week has been the fridge. It stopped working on Sunday, my DH called me while I was in the checkout with a week's worth of groceries, caught me just in time. Finally got someone in to fix it yesterday, after the "trusted" handyman just told my MIL to buy a new one since the one she has now is 5 yo and so not worth even looking at. Thankfully after a bit of work on my side I convinced her to at least get someone to look at it.  It was a $300 repair but that's a ton better than a fully new fridge, and a lot faster too. Thankful that's finally been sorted out. 

My 9yo dd has been having sulks recently. On Tuesday, after a full hour of her pouting around and playing 20 questions about what's wrong I set the rule that she can either fix it or forget it. She opted for forget and was much happier afterwards. It worked this time but I know we are in early days and this glimpse of my future is scary, lol. 

Dinner is leftovers, yay!

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