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  1. Kansas City area is not what anyone would describe as liberal, but no one here asks me about my religious beliefs.
  2. Some religious homeschooling groups are intolerant. I won't be a member of those groups either.
  3. Yes! There is a difference between between having a strong sense of faith and being pushy/evangelical. You can see that difference in curriculum too.
  4. What is the really sweet math curriculum you used in early elementary? I remember you talking about it on a thread years ago. I think it had a color name in the title (maybe?). I have a friend who might homeschool K and I am helping her pick curriculum.

    1. Farrar


      Miquon, probably. Each level is a color. Miquon Orange is the first level. She should use the videos at Education Unboxed if she does that. You also need Cuisenaire rods. I adored Miquon so, so much.

    2. Jyhwkmama
  5. I think there is an undercurrent of anger that there are not more wholly secular homeschool materials. I get the irritation. I, too, wish the perfect science or history program existed. However, I will not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Climbing to Good English is a beautiful and effective grammar program. I will not completely discount it because one question out of 50 says something about "God's beautiful flowers." Instead, I just explain to my kid that an Amish person wrote this and has a different point of view. It is fine. I actually like my kid to understand that not everyone is
  6. See, Nancy Larson doesn't teach it either (and it is for K-6 approximately). Technically it is neutral, but when you lay out the posters of the different animal groups for your kid to see you can just say "see how life started in the ocean and then animals evolved and partially moved to land and then evolved more and fully moved to land..." I can't imagine teaching high school biology without evolution being woven in, but little kids learn more basic things. The parts of a flower are the same no matter what. I was not taught much about evolution in PUBLIC school until 8th or 9th grade. I took
  7. I know exactly what groups and who you are talking about. I am an atheist, secular homeschooler and I had to leave those groups there was so much intolerance. Just because someone has a faith does not automatically make them an inferior authority on a topic or a bad homeschooler. I would never use YE science or an overtly religious history program (Notgrass), but I can get over/edit a little religion in a math program (like Horizons), strongly edit and use an overtly religious math program (CLE), understand and explain to my child the religious references to the beauty of God's creation
  8. On Hulu, you can watch DCI Banks. Really great detective show.
  9. Our nation desperately needs widespread testing--both the antigen testing (have it now) and antibody testing (already had it).
  10. Be sure you wash and thoroughly dry the blankets/comforters before putting them away. If they are still being used, I would wash them daily (a pain, I know). Get nail brushes (or cheap $1 toothbrushes that you mark with a sharpie) and have the kids use them. Help the little ones. Cleaning under nails is important. ALL the hygiene/floor cleaning/bathroom scrubbing (which you know).
  11. Fit and Fresh makes all the things for that... https://www.fit-fresh.com/
  12. Lutein is definitely what you need. Eat leafy greens and take a supplement. Interesting anecdotal evidence: my BIL said that when he was drinking a bottled green smoothie everyday he noticed an improvement in his eyesight
  13. Get an app where they can call you through their tablets and leave them at home.
  14. Want to also say that I am sorry your friend is in this situation.
  15. She needs to file for emergency custody asap. People at the shelter can tell her how to do that. Burner phone is perfect advice. She should take her regular phone to a tech service that can identify the tracking software and document it for court later. The Legal Advice Forum on Reddit can be helpful. She needs to be sure and identify her state local laws vary. I also want to add this inspirational Reddit post. It may help you think about the kinds of things the husband may be doing and what can be dome to remedy it. ,(car tracker, phone tracker, etc...) <edit--I dele
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