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  1. Huh? Did I miss something?
  2. This made me think of Cambridge Diet products.
  3. These! So comfortable. True to size.
  4. An older but fit/active family friend was attacked by two feral hogs in Texas earlier this year. Her pelvis was broken among other broken bones. She will be recovering for months. She could have died.
  5. And now there are photos....that he actually had labeled and indexed on cd-rom
  6. I just got back from a trip out west and my heels/feet were TRASHED! I had peeling, cracking, and bleeding. I started using this stuff less than a week ago and they are more than 70% healed. Miracle Heel Stick with UltraAloe, 2.5 ounce stick
  7. Yes! Entirely different bank not associated with his parents. FYI--there are several threads on the Legal Advice forum on Reddit that give very clear advice on getting your ducks in a row when leaving your abusive parents.
  8. Does Jake have any relatives--even far away--that are not part of the same religious bent/way of thinking of his parents? If a relative would take him in, he could get a new job somewhere else and restart his life. After he is better established, he could start helping has siblings one at a time as they come of age.
  9. I wear thicker pants (often lightly lined) with a built in crotch and no undies. So much better than undies.
  10. Serial posting to say that cyberschool is work for the parent. Real work. My kid is in cyberschool and while I like it and am thankful it is available it takes commitment. I work with him on every topic almost every day. It is not autopilot, especially for younger kids.
  11. I actually want to clear up a misconception about this. I live in an affluent area. However, there are still needier neighborhoods. Our school district (like most in the US) has the same summer lunch program. Our school district actually begs for kids to come eat there. The school district is actually reimbursed for the meals at a higher rate than the cost. The summer lunch program is a financial help to the schools. Also, if enough kids don't eat in a particular location, the dictrict sometimes has to close it which hurts any needy kids in the area. My kids have food allergies, but if they didn't I would totally taker them for lunch a couple of times a week.
  12. Glad you are OK! Linwood is going to have a big cleanup. My friends in western Shawnee could hear it as it passed just 2 miles north of their house. So big and scary.
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