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  1. Cipiro is the antibiotic that works really well for UTI. I second J-Rap on the Phenazopyridine. You can buy it over the counter as AZO pills.
  2. It's everywhere:
  3. Does she have her social security card? If not, she should get a new one after getting her birth certificate.
  4. It has always been this way in my house. My older DS has special needs and has been homeschooled since 4th grade. My younger DS stayed in brick and mortar PS. It works out well. I have a couple of times taken my younger DS out of public school for fun field trips I just didn't want him to miss. Other than that, no public school days during the week (teacher work days, etc) and the only thing that is at all hard. My kids were old enough when I started homeschooling that it was never really hard to have two different paths.
  5. Yes. SS cards have a code. For those born before 2011, it can tell you state of origin:
  6. Can she go to the college and ask to look at her file? Maybe they have a copy.
  7. Yes. It will take mild to major reno to eliminate smoke smell. Once you smoke in any room of your house, the entire house will smell like smoke, it just may not be as strong in some rooms. That house is going to need a kilz/repaint/recarpet at a minimum. Nicotine sticks to everything. $200 is way too low. I would give a high hourly rate l(like $45/hour) and warn them it will take several hours for the deep clean.
  8. Right. Couldn't the young adult live there?
  9. So do you have an empty bedroom currently gutted to the studs? If so, I would prioritize paying someone to hang/tape/bed the drywall so that you can move someone in there.
  10. My parents did river rock for the exact same reason. It is working well for them, but labor intensive to have put down. They hired a guy. Plus, river rock can be expensive.
  11. Also going to suggest Fever, 1793. It is a book about the yellow fever epidemic in Philadelphia. So amazing. Has a female protagonist.
  12. Was going to suggest War That Saved My life. Reading it right now with my kid for school. Such a good book!!
  13. Wait..what? A kid was pushed out for being chubby?
  14. These jeans!!! Seriously. They are the most flattering and most comfortable jeans I have ever owned. Fit true to size. I am 5'3" and got the regular length. They shrunk some in length after washing and drying. My only (tiny) complaint is that they are about 1/2 to 1" too long still unless I am wearing tall shoes. However, the short length would have been too short after washing and drying.
  15. Hello everyone. Things have been just rolling along here today. I lifted weights and eating is on track. I am determined to really focus the rest of this month. My goal is to hit 130 by 3/3. 3-4 lbs to go. I am in the slow zone, so I need to stay on task. I enjoy hearing about everyone's light bulb moments and successes. Keep going!
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