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I'm tired . . . (JAWM)


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. . . tired of the city. Tired of every month of every year for the past few years being the same - barely enough money to cover the month.
Tired of not feeling wanted/included at church. Just tired - of trying to change things to have nothing change. I'm sure it will get better. Right now I'm just tired. 
Thanks for letting me vent.

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I'm sorry.  I find that times like these come in seasons.  There are seasons when everything seems to go along okay, and seasons when it seems like nothing works out quite right.  I've tried to find a pattern to this, and I do think there are things that play into it, unless it's just a fluke.  Things that play into it seem to have to do with knowing the right people, even just a few people.  Sometimes that happens easily -- just luck, and other times you have to work at it.  Sometimes, putting yourself out there for awhile in some capacity helps force things along.  

I hope things start turning around for you soon!

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