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  1. There was a picture in an article I read. They showed a beautiful 1800s weapon, yes.
  2. Haha, in which we of the board once again contradict people with phds, hahaha. I would read "get a tutor" as a generic recommendation to get help but I would get more detailed testing to know who is *qualified* to give the level of intervention he needs.
  3. If the anxiety affects his ability to access his education, they can be compelled to care. If the anxiety requires specialized instruction (Zones of Regulation, Interoception, social thinking, whatever), then it can go IEP and get him a higher tier than SLDs for the scholarship. Anxiety is a funny thing because it's something people don't want to talk about. For op, it's something to be very cautious about and consider honestly. Psych evals do not always nail *everything* the first time through. There's kind of an unfolding process. You may have filled out questionaires for anxiety, etc. and possibly under-scored areas, not recognizing the symptoms. Sometimes bright kids have sophisticated coping strategies and we think they're ok. However ok can turn to *maxed out* as the demands of high school and college increase. So this is the time to put everything on the table, ask for professional help (not self-determined tutors, sorry). Btdt. The more professionals you bring in, the more high quality people you surround this bright dc with (ie. people with masters or phds in their field), the more he will be able to sort through with them what his needs are.
  4. This score can be an iceberg situation for language. You have no clue what is going on till you get detailed language testing. Cede nothing, assume nothing. Wait for evals. Could be minor or you could turn up all kinds of surprising things. You just don't know till you have evals, and it's why you do them privately, to get the hours and get it thorough.
  5. The biggest name psychologist in the Big City near us was WRONG WRONG WRONG about my ds. The ed psych is correct that his high scores will make it a hard case. However *assuming* is not getting you anywhere. Get the SLP and OT evals and see what they show. You need to read about the IEP process. (look for the NOLO book on the IEP process, your library will have it) Technically you don't "try" for either an IEP or 504. You make a written request for evals saying you suspect disabilities affecting his ability to access his education. They run a Multi-Factored Eval, and then they look at the results of the MFE to determine whether the dc needs a 504, IEP, or nothing. You do not need to somehow cede ground and say you don't think he needs an IEP. You do not have the data to determine that until you have THOROUGH EVALS. Right now, you only have one piece, a psych eval saying SLDs in reading, writing, and math and ADHD and whatever else. You do not have enough data to determine whether he needs *accommodations* or whether he requires specialized instruction. You keep saying tutors, but tutors may not be qualified to provide intervention level services. SLDs sometimes need specialized instruction from someone qualified to provide intervention. This means a person with a masters in special ed (an interventionist), an SLP, or someone similar. A random "tutor" may not be qualified to provide the SPECIALIZED INSTRUCTION your dc may need. Also, because you have not yet had detailed language testing, you do not know the extent of the language issues and whether there are issues requiring SLP intervention. You DO NOT need to decide 504/IEP and you SHOULD NOT go in saying anything about that. You are facing the challenge everyone with gifted kids with SN faces, that the challenges can be nuanced and require extra care to identify and advocate. You only get ONE first eval through the ps. Personally, I would not make your written request to the ps until you have the private SLP evals happening and a report basically in hand. You have to go in with a very strong case and already knowing what needs to happen, or you are pretty much guaranteed the bare minimum. So get the private evals, see what they turn up, THEN decide your next steps.
  6. I'm just tossing out a little more here with webinars you can watch. I don't *know* what all is going on. Technically with a dsygraphia diagnosis you could use an OT eval as well. So this first link https://www.therapro.com/Webinar-08-25-2020-Every-Brain-is-Different-How-to-Help-Children-with-Dysgra.html is an OT webinar on dysgraphia. I'm NOT saying it's going to be his issues, but you could watch it to see if anything jumps out at you. We talk about the strands of the Writing Rope. https://dyslexiaida.org/joan-seditas-writing-rope/ This is why it's necessary to do multiple evals, not only a psych eval, because it takes a team effort to diagnose and address all the factors. https://www.therapro.com/Webinar-11-17-2020-Working-Memory-A-Refresher.html A webinar on working memory. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4rcl6f0uo70esmv/AAAaGAHw3_YTMEQZSw_WI-t_a?dl=0 My dropbox file with RAN/RAS pages. These are hack, something I made. I would probably *not* do them before his thorough SLP evals, however it's soemthing that is easy to do later. There are theories on why therapists need not bother, whether it should be dots or numbers or words. Whatever, snort. I say it costs nothing and is stupid easy to do and *might* help. Of course ADHD meds that raise processing speed and anxiety meds also help. You might find meds help *immensely*. https://www.kelly-mahler.com/what-is-interoception/ Obligatory disclaimer on the need to consider his self awareness. For him to self advocate, he needs to realize how he's feeling. This is the full enchilada program and he may or may not need it. https://www.zonesofregulation.com/index.html This is a streamlined program for people who have self awareness and just need some help to pay attention and organize it. They use this at a local dyslexia school. If he has any issues with emotional regulation, handling his stress, recognizing how he's feeling, etc., that is stuff to talk with an OT about. Also the physical act of writing, physical comfort being in his space or in his body.
  7. She gave him the trifecta, SLDs in reading, math, and writing. So yes, SLD Writing. RTI=response to intervention. Unfortunately, because you are a homeschooler, you are an easy target for them to say the problem is your instruction an that had he been in their glorious system he wouldn't have the issue. Remind us, he's in high school? I would be careful about screwing up his grades with classes that are not aimed at people with SLDs at this point. He will benefit from specialized instruction. If you need to withdraw him, withdraw him. If you're calling him 8th, that gives you more leeway. Well this a lot to have thrown at you. Testing feels interminable in the middle but it's a relief when you're on the other side getting intervention and getting things on track. For right now, is there anything that WORKS for him? If you're committed to him staying in the class (which may or may not be appropriate, I don't know), then RAISE SUPPORTS to fit his SLD Writing. Put it all on the table. Tech, dictation, graphic organizer software (Inspiration), or even co-writing the tasks with him. You can reduce the writing tasks in either length or complexity. Stress shuts down learning and anxiety increases stress. So anything you can do that reduces stress and increases his competence and confidence will be good. Here, this might give you some ideas you can bring in. But I would not *stress* him to make things happen. The SLP testing may find unexpected holes that need to be worked on to make this go better.
  8. Try looking for an SLP who specializes in literacy or expressive language. Sometimes it will be a clinic focusing on autism, because those clients will also have significant language needs.
  9. Do you make them with the lemon *and* almond extracts together or just one or the other?
  10. RAN/RAS (rapid naming) is a funny thing. I read on these reading intervention groups and practitioners go in circles saying it doesn't help to work on it, blah blah. To me, my lands, just WORK ON IT and see what happens. Costs nothing, hurts nothing. Super easy to work on. I've shared my dot pages in the past but you can use numbers, whatever floats your boat. With those achievement scores, you're going to have an uphill battle about any IEP discussion. *In theory* you should be able to get there if you have a diagnosed SLD but you have to show it's affecting his ability to access his education and needs specialized instruction, not only accommodations (504). The school could also say (not to burst your bubble here) that they want to see RTI. Which is to say, you may end up paying for this privately for a while. Did the psych diagnose SLD Writing?
  11. I'm glad you're seeing progress!!! The main thing they told us, when we were finally successful with retained reflexes, was never miss a day. So if you're hitting 2X, that's awesome. And it was something like at least 40 or 45 days of that consistency.
  12. You've got layers going on here. It's good that you're pursuing more detailed language testing because that's not *typically* something a psych runs. Yes, you'll want to get any ADHD and anxiety treated to make that part go better. So technically what you'd be requesting is a multi-factored eval to determine whether he would be *eligible* for an IEP, which would in turn make him eligible for the scholarships. The eval will be multifactored, but the school may or may not own the tests you need/prefer and may not run them even if they do. Don't even get me started on that. They screw you right out of the gate because they don't own/run the tests that would show the disability and then say there's no disability. Grr. At that point your only recourse is IEE (3rd party independent evals). If you can make the evals happen privately, you'll likely learn more and get more done. *typically* the SLP evals our ps has done have been very brief. You're talking many many hours of testing to make specialized tests happen. The school probably doesn't even own the tests. You are looking for a clinic that specializes in expressive language, someone who has invested in these tests. In the Big City near us I can think of *2* places that own that many tests and one is more niched than the other. Basically one place in an entire major city. Maybe you'll luck out and there will be several.
  13. Is there any test data on freezing the *dough* ahead vs. the already baked cookies?
  14. I'm blaming you if I gain weight this Christmas. Thanks. 😄
  15. For cruise travel, they're accepting the letters. I think you can do whatever you want.
  16. Exactly. He should have been trained.
  17. The articles I found were saying there's *not* a person behind the camera when they shoot at a camera.
  18. People were asking what could be done about it and the obvious solution was for him to have been required to take a gun safety class before using a weapon. He spent years saying the NRA was PILING UP BODIES when NRA members are extremely gun safety conscious and would NEVER let their loved ones touch a weapon without training and would NEVER assume what they were told was correct but would check the weapon themselves. But in his arrogance he said he could farm that out and that they were hicks. So it's worse than a chimp driving a car. He was a chimp with a gun. The articles are parsing out civil vs. criminal liability. So you're ok with someone who has never had a gun safety course using a lethal weapon? Or are we assuming AB *did* take a gun safety course? Requiring a gun safety course before you use a gun would put the armorer in their property place, as the assurer of safety, not the babysitter of someone unqualified to do what they're doing.
  19. So the news is finally digging in on the obvious issue here, that a population (Hollywood) has spent so much time in anti-gun rhetoric that when they idiotically put one in their uneducated, hick hollywood hands, they don't know what they're doing. https://www.newsweek.com/alec-baldwin-nra-guns-rights-activists-gun-control-halyna-hutchins-rust-1641671 Of COURSE he's at fault? Why should he get some pass?? He wasn't giving anyone a pass with his anti-gun rhetoric over the years. Read his quotes. NRA people are PILING UP BODIES and no one has a right to so many guns. But if it's Hollywood, oh that's occpational hazard, look the other way. You don't let a chimpanzee drive a car and then complain when it crashes.
  20. You're doing a very stressful thing anyway (building/moving) and having supply issues on top of it. This is probably going to happen a lot. Or someone was willing to pay more. Right now, the dealer we bought my car from 2 years ago is sending us letters in the mail asking to buy it back AND FOR AN EYEBROW RAISING PRICE. I'm not going to sell it back, but my dh is saying the car dealers literally cannot get cars to put on their lots. It's not just appliances and this may be ugly for a while. If you can't get what you want, take something. I hope you get what you want.
  21. Every provider I've called for Genesight (in several states, for different people) has turned out no longer to be using them. Their listings seem to be more a list of contacts rather than practitioners actively using them. You can look at the sample genesight reports and work backward. https://genesight.com/product/psychotropic-report-details/ Most of the genes they look at are in the 23andme raw data (the $69 cheapie test). Also they don't look at any of the larger picture of how the system functions. https://genesight.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/GSPS.094.19Y.Psychotropic3_0_2.pdf Here is their sample report as a pdf so you can see the fine print. On the last page they give the RS and NM numbers for each gene they were looking at. I'm a little astonished at the conclusions they're drawing from such scant data. NM numbers are *nucleotide* numbers, and when you google them you'll see things like https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/clinvar/variation/511090/ So this is a very important gene (one of two that were important that they look at) and yet the NIH is saying very little conclusion can be drawn from looking at that *one nucleotide* kwim? Might be why practitioners are not using it. Most of the genes they're looking at are metabolism. If you actually want to know what can be done, you'd need to look at the whole methylation cycle and how the dopamine, serotonin, etc. are made. That field is called nutrigenomics and there are docs like Mensah Medical out of IL who do it.
  22. This will be a bit more out there, but I've gone pretty heavily toward the genetics/supplements route. My loved one who is diagnosed and currently on meds also has the side effects of many many years of the meds. Obviously safety is most important, non-negotiable. For deciding what to do in our house, genetics was what finally made everything *make sense*. Good part is less side effects, bad part is no hang time in the system.
  23. I'm with you on this. My usual strategy has been to go settings where people are paid to talk to you (stores, the cashiers, haha), conventions for whatever I'm into, and now cruising. You could probably find a cruise to suit you. I find there are usually people more than happy to talk, so even traveling alone or semi-alone I get my extrovert bucket filled. And I like the BIG ships, ones with lots going on. Carnival might be unintellectual, but there's always something FUN going on. 😄
  24. Is it possible a bunch of you are introverts and like having smaller, more private spaces to retreat to? Have you thought about portioning some of that room as a discrete office for him? That would free up your bedroom and give the living room actual use. I don't think furniture will change personality. If you're introverts, you may be craving time apart, not together, by the end of the day, lol.
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