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  1. Our state has carve outs for mask exemptions, but private businesses do not have to adhere to those. Does anyone know what the official policies are for the big businesses like Walmart, Target? Are they allowing exemptions or is it EVERYONE? How does that work?
  2. That's interesting that it makes shy/introvert people feel more outgoing/comfortable! I've suspected the masking had a similar effect in the protests, dehumanizing the actions. (It's easier to yell at a mask than someone's face, to be angry at a mask than at a face...) In my house, 2 of 4 find their comprehension drops markedly with masked speech. (hearing loss, APD) My ds with apraxia, who has had extensive speech therapy, was not talking at all while masked. Then my adult dd21 commented that with the mask on her speech shuts down. She says it's somethng abt the touching. I asked my ds about it, because obviously that's dangerous if he literally can't talk with it on, and it would almost be like duct taping someone. He *can* but it's difficult, so difficult that he's mask averse. I just thought he was nervous and didn't realize it was shutting his speech down. I should have because he's normally quite talkative. I hope the masking ends SOON.
  3. There is a video floating around on how to tighten paper masks by tying top and bottom of a side tigether. Or buy Happy Masks
  4. You could totally get some counseling for this. For me, anything repeating in my mind like that is baggage that needs healing. You should prioritize yourself and get it done, come to the other side of it. I mean, do what you want. I'm no expert, lol.
  5. Makes me think of a Bette Davis movie and the other one, I forget the lead, where the mother and daughter go through the guy. Well anyways, at least you know you'll be a cougar when your time comes.
  6. I jut thought EKS' comment here was really profound. It's that weird stage we're at with dd, like what is maturity and what is nutty. Everyone seems to have an opinion on how much you shold influence your kids. Sigh
  7. I just wanted you to see there's a lot behind the scenes on the board here. If it happens, it has probably happened to someone here.
  8. Well that gets kinda deep. His psychiatric care involved significant counseling and reflection, perspective taking, etc. I talked with the provider and they told me his regret. I never ever brought it up because it wasn't appropriate. I'm not saying it's not in yours, just that it wasn't in ours. He was a broken man, having been homeless, hit by a car, and so on. Once he was doing better, it was clear he was not going back to old ways. (They take the meds up too high for that to happen.) But for other situations, sure that's stuff you work through with the counselor. The thing is, the healing you get by working on the trauma helps YOU. It's not about them. If they're still nt in a good place, that's their issue. Yo can stll have peace and be free. And it takes recognizing that we function as a whole, with intellect, soul, and body. I forgave on a spiritual level but it didn't stop the physical consequences of the trauma. So then there's bodywork for trauma. We address our whole selves. I think as you address your own self you'll eventually know what you want to do with the other person. But you take care of yourself first.
  9. Yeah I went back as an adult and got trauma therapy for things my dad did when I was a child. Things change and I now have a great relationship with my dad. He's also on a lot of psych meds. Fwiw, I was almost 40 when I ended up getting that therapy. It was sorta by accident but cleared up for me things I didn't even know were consequences of my childhood experiences and didn't realize could improve.
  10. Are you still on the young side? My dd is just old enough that she's going through the my parents weren't perfect thing. I think you'll find your own balance. I think *anxiety* drives a lot of what people do. It merges with good intentions and makes people vulnerable to confident, misleading voices. The antidote then is calming our anxieties and making good choices, giving our kids good advice that doesn't confuse wisdom and anxiety.
  11. Yes! And I go in yesterday and he's watching something about the best way to lure sharks... So I think he can roll with this. He just spends a lot of time watching video games, which isn't useful. Well thanks ladies, these lists are amazing!! This is a particularly good point, that I could use videos to bring some of the big question type instruction I am not good at. I was tinking very grammar stage, but you're right it could be so much more. Good, good point. That gives me a lot to think about. (what questions he's ready to ponder, question of the week, etc.)
  12. I suppose in the big city teachers can be total strangers but in many communuties teachers are KNOWN and hopefully reflect the values of the community. I think it's a healthy twist that parents can see what's going on and being taught and perverse if someone thinks they can't do their job if the parents observe. We may see a rise in community level school boards, etc thanks to this, who knows. Meanwhile, the real travesty is the kids who will not receive support at home for their schooling if they continue virtually. In our area that number was 40-50%. That's just anecdotes, but it was that high.
  13. Yeah I should probably go buy bacon to make the first week go great, lol.
  14. You have amortized out costs over kids. Schooling one at a time, I've never spent less than $1k a year, not in reality. You can do it for probably $400 (or much much less) a year for a single child if you have to. There's just always something, with classes, kits, interests you're facilitating. And if they want to go buy a kit (BJU grade level, Timberdoodle, SL, whatever), and a zoo pass, same gig they're approaching $1k. ($800+150-ish+ ice cream cones each zoo day) You realize the whit of my bathing suit choice, right? All these Lakeshore science kits I spend money on (hydraulics, contraptions, architecture) I'm replicating with sand and coconuts at the beach, baby. Social skills? Talk to the people on the beach. Biology? It's on the beach. Spelling? Write it on the beach. Ditto math. Think how much money I could save living on the beach!
  15. Then isn't it time to scan these so you can still leave with just your iphone? Like in all seriousness, if they're that precoious, you should.
  16. I'm assuming schools are requiring medical documentation. Private orgs can do what they want, includng refusing participation. Seems to me (and this is just me) that some kids who can't eventually will be able to, some who can't have reasons that preclude them from the activities too, etc. So not one answer. What I'm seeing more of locally is *won't* parading as can't and that makes me pretty pissy. (said as mother of ASD2 who has been told by people to get the excuse) Fwiw, you've also got the issue that unmasked Johnny over a certain age (pick the data) is a health risk to the others, which those others might not appreciate. On other lists I'm on, an occasional person who gets excluded (from a business, whatever) over their dc who can't will complain and pretty much everyone else (dealing with similar disabilites) tells them to shut up and deal. So to me, exclusion goes with it and access is not a right. There are many rights being balanced. It's ok to allow them but not necessary or even necessarily wise.
  17. Oh wow, you were totally on about this! Some o them are really good, with colored highlights of the part you're labelling. Way cool. Ok, what are montessori people doing? Some of these are saying control chart. Is there something nifty to do that I'm mssing?
  18. Oh that's interesting! I have some Dinah Zike stuff lying around I wanted to look at first. But then yeah TPT is a great idea!
  19. Yeah, it sounds like you need some data to sort this out. There are dyslexics who read and they get diagnosed a bit later with their spelling, etc. Font size goes down with chapter books but also the narrative language demands and syntactical complexity increase. Did he ever have language problems or require speech therapy? You may just need to eliminate things to igure it out. Addressing the vision question is a big one.
  20. I guessI could amend it and say ipad pro (the big one) but I don't own it. If I had one, I'd take that and my phone.
  21. We use them to raise ramps for physics labs, adjust table heights for products. Like you I grew up reading and loving ency but reality is kids are SURROUNDED by text. So their virtue is their thickness and this point. If I didn''t use them so often for that, I'd toss. I'm tempted anyway. You should toss. Make way for things THEY wil love
  22. Oh yeah baby, I totally can. almost everything I use starts as pdf. (math, etc) Might need unlimited data, haha. Youtube and amazon prime. You can measure with your iphone. Apps for spelling, quizlet, pdf books. The towel is the controversial part.
  23. I know Cuz if we're leaving, we have gas in the car, right? And that means we can go somewhere, right? But please tell me, why do I keep buying stuff to teach and use with ds if all I really need is swimsuits and an iphone? I clearly have problems, lol
  24. iphone swimsuit towel sunscreen I can solve everything with that. Just don't ask how.
  25. maybe that bodes well for college dorms? wishful thinking probably
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