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Positive update on my ASD teen

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The title is a low key version of what I am doing internally, which is jumping and crying for joy and shouting out the front door that my kid has "made it"!   :hurray:


This is year ten of homeschooling him, and he just turned 17.  He is a junior doing a dual credit Comp 1 class at the local CC.  He is a year-round competitive athlete.  He is (slowly) learning to drive.

This week brought the following:  a 94 on his first college essay with positive feedback from the prof, a 100 on his pre-calc test (online course), and an 1190 (without accommodations) on the SAT.  He has taken the PSAT and the ACT, but this is his first SAT sitting.


After ten years of pushing that rock up the mountain every day and having it roll back every night, I feel like I can exhale.  I am the only English/writing teacher he has ever had.  


He still has some work on life skills like laundry (he does it but poorly), preparing his own meals (doesn't), and using common sense, but WOW, I am beside myself with these accomplishments, which are average for many kids but extraordinary for my average IQ kid with ASD, APD, and a reading LD.


Next up is getting SAT accommodations. He ran out of time and also did poorly on the essay.  Why didn't I get him accommodations before he took it?  Because he can take it multiple times, and I wanted to see how he did without them and, more importantly, to demonstrate to him how he did without them.  He is resistant to accommodations because he thinks he doesn't need them and that it is an unfair advantage for him.  I thought he would do pretty well without them, and I was right.  His goal is 1300, which he thinks he can accomplish with more studying and a couple more tries.  He did take an online prep class, but he needs more practice.  


I know there are a lot of mamas with kids who are younger who are wondering if it will be okay someday, so I hope this is encouraging. And thanks for letting me brag on my guy!



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How wonderful! That is an incredible update. We are five years behind you in this journey, and it is indeed encouraging to hear such a great report. You and your son should be so proud of yourselves.

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