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    This set includes: Teacher's Manual B-1, Teacher's Manual B-2, Student workbook B-1, Student workbook B-2. There is no writing in any of the books. Asking $35ppd.


  2. I just made the decision to stop coloring my hair. I've been coloring since I was in my early-mid 30's and I'll be 50 next month. My hair grows quickly and I was doing my roots every 2 weeks! I have dark hair and am almost completely white underneath...no gray or silver. I went to a stylist for a deva cut (dry cut for curly hair) and she gave me just a few highlights around my face. It doesn't hide the demarcation line but it softens it ever so slightly. I'm using root cover-up to get me through the earliest stages and then I will have to live with the outgrowth. My stylist is one of the
  3. solascriptura, Thanks so much for sharing all the details. I am going to look at the products you've mentioned. My skin is not bad but I have done nothing to take care of it over the years and it's way past time to start. I'll be 50 soon and I'm seeing the effects of age and neglect; right now, mostly dry, dull skin. Thanks again! This whole thread has been really helpful.
  4. What brand of roller do you use? Where did you purchase it? How often do you use it? What is your routine with it? (ie. cleanser, roller, serum? ) What improvements have you noticed? My neighbor is a Rodan/Fields rep and she is promoting the roller, which I'm interested in, but I don't really want to buy the products that go with it. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone use a derma roller? Any advice?
  6. I bought this sunscreen last year after it was recommended here. It is amazing. Are you the person who recommended it? If so, thank you!
  7. What do you think of the soy curls? I've been on the fence about buying them but I think dh would really appreciate them. I love your menu. This is how we eat and I've been in a total meal slump lately so it's helpful to see. Thanks for sharing!
  8. So glad you went in and got started on meds. "Let's not mess around" is right! Lots of people need you...here on WTM and probably a bit at home too. ?
  9. The only reason I am going with grades for ds16 with Down syndrome is because that is what my umbrella/state expects to see. AND the grades will most likely be A's even though ds is no where near grade level. In his case, an A will represent working to the best of his ability at his level. I have to record what texts are being used. If anyone looks closely, it will be obvious that these books are not typical high school level (ie. there will be no pre-calc on his transcript. His Life Science textbook is from Janus, which is for special needs students). I would use whatever system your sta
  10. My ds16 has Down syndrome. He has not had any of the serious health complications that many kids with DS have. He had strabismus and had two eye surgeries at 18 mos and 3 yrs to adjust an eye muscle. He has worn bifocals for years. He is tested yearly for thyroid issues because kids with DS are prone to it. My son also is tested every few years for atlantoaxial instability (which he doesn't have) but is usually only an issue where certain sports are involved. He was diagnosed with cataracts about a year ago. He is monitored twice and year and they have not progressed. My son had respirato
  11. The relevant part of my post came next. "People generally accept..." Because most people do think there is value in using plants to support health/greener living. Until you add the words "essential oils." Then it's snake oils and fallacies. I think extreme opinions on oils (and most other issues) are narrow minded. The opinion that oils are the answer to every problem and the opinion that they are snake oils with NO value ever both come from a place of ignorance and rejection of science-based evidence. I don't care if people use oils or not. I do think singling out one sentence and
  12. Aromatherapy has been around a long time. We all generally accept that eucalyptus helps with respiratory, fennel and ginger help with digestion, lavender and frankincense can be calming, tea tree for anti-fungal, peppermint for nausea, etc. I'm not sure why there's such a heated response to essential oils. I've been using them and reaping their benefits for about 4-5 years. I have 5 diffusers, one for every bedroom and large area. I think they are great and I use them every day. I don't make a big deal out of it.
  13. We have always vaccinated. My dd followed a typical schedule. With my ds we spread out the vaccinations because he has Down syndrome and I was concerned about a possible overload. We have chosen not to do HPV because both kids have or are predisposed to autoimmune conditions. We don't need any exacerbating situations. My dd is 18 now and I decided that she is informed enough to make that decision for herself. So far she is not interested in getting it.
  14. This is my favorite workout video. It may be available at her library.
  15. Ok, I should probably apologize to my neighbor. He insisted it was Virginia Creeper. I didn't know about the possible allergy to it and I guess he didn't either. When I became covered in one of the worst rashes ever, I assumed he didn't know what he was talking about and I blamed him! We are also in MD.
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