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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!



-oldest off to school

-9 AM vet appointment for dog (not acting himself)

-school with youngest

-straighten up kitchen

-try to get some sun if the weather holds up/if there is time

-find a new book to read


-Whole Foods

-do not eat any of the chips and Chips Ahoy in the house

-oldest takes self to baseball practice if no thunderstorms/rain

-dinner (chicken of some type)

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Good morning!


Today is sort of a day off.  Ds 18 doesn't have classes today and our house guest doesn't have to work so no babysitting today.


I am hoping to catch up on stuff this morning


1)  AHG stuff!  Still haven't filled out the forms.

2)  More lesson prep

3)  We didn't get to the farm park on Monday because dh accidentally took the carseat with him to work.  So hopefully today we will!

4)  Dinner?  Why can't I plan dinners like a normal person?


I know my ds 25 is leaving to go back to Boston.  I have no idea when he's going to do that.  This morning?

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Good morning!


•school w/dd

•get dd signed up for a new foreign language class

•make another attempt at cleaning (got nothing done yesterday in this dept.) 

•straighten up garage

•do some food prep (salad, hardboiled eggs, asparagus)

•print out a few new recipes

•weigh puppies in order to figure out dosage of heartworm preventative

•dinner: miso glazed sea bass w/dashi broth

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Good morning! I am supposed to have an easier day today, but it still seems that I have lots of little things to do.


To do:

dd2 off to school

school with ds3

ds2 off to cc

grocery store/$ for ds3 (he leaves for a tennis tournament tomorrow)


all the chores I didn't get to yesterday

phone calls

practice #1/practice #2


Have a great day!


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Once again, I slept early and got up sorta late instead of working overnight.  Well, hopefully I have great productivity to make up for it today!


We are not allowed to drive over the end of our driveway, as the road crew has poured concrete or whatever.  Must remember to go over the treelawn ....


Still dealing with a computer with no backspace or delete keys and half of the number pad unusable.  The computer I was offered yesterday didn't have a number pad or a CD drive, so ....


Got the kids off to the school bus on time, but only after confiscating a certain child's phone.  She now hates me because I don't agree that checking your baby dragons is more important than getting dressed for school.  We were already on rocky ground last night because I dared to review her homework and help her correct it.  Gotta love hormones!


Lots of work due today, hope I do it.  I've been pretty distracted this week.


First AHG meeting of the 2017-18 year tonight.  I think I am supposed to have a bunch of things ready for it.  Must review all the emails.


Some bills due, better remember to pay them today.


Must renew my law license today.


Whatever else I'm forgetting.

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Good morning! 


A bit late this morning, but no kids' activities today or tonight, so plenty of time to finish do everything well.




kids walked the dog

bills paid



To do: 

school     They will take some to work on at my mom's.

mammogram - ugh

kids to my mom's

Get a snack to take with me. 

consignment sale shopping



dinner - Mom will feed my people. I will eat a good lunch and a snack at the sale. 

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Good morning!


Mommyof1, hope you feel better soon!


I had to go back for an ultrasound of my left breast and am waiting on the results. My CT scan was clear, and my stress test and blood work were all great.


To Do:


school with ds

pay bills

take ds to a swim party if the weather holds out

swim practice, depending on weather


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Just got back from the vet.  $600 to take 4 xrays (and do some blood work) to tell me he has an enlarged heart and it is pushing on his trachea and that is why he is gagging every time he finishes eating or drinking.  Sigh.  We will hear more tomorrow after the radiologist goes over the xrays.


Aww, poor guy. I hope he will be okay.  :grouphug:  :grouphug:

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I have done chores and ds3 is almost done with school work, so we went to run errands. At Walmart, we abandoned the cart in a long line when it turns out that they weren't taking debit/credit cards only cash and check. 

Only ladies over 70 had their checkbooks.


Good grief. We bought the necessities for the tournament and left.


So I wasted an hour and still have to go grocery shopping.

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Came back here to check and see if I forgot anything, LOL.  Looks like I finished the stuff that absolutely had to be done today.


Not on the list but also needed done today:  laundry (kids' dirty gym suits needed tomorrow) and an Amazon order.


I am still behind on my work, and hoping I didn't forget anything super important.

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