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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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  • Clean fridge shelves

Wash all dishes

Look for coconut bliss ice cream (very important)

Edit & submit reports

Afternoon appointment

Coax dog outside to do her business at F104

Switch out vacuum cleaner bag

Call repair shop and inquire about my car  :(

Evening walk after dark

Persuade dh to make blueberry smoothies :)

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Most of the morning turning compost. Talk about a good workout.


School work with ds13 most of the afternoon


Cut out a quilt. I haven't done any patchwork since the twins came to live with us nearly 3 years ago.


Tomorrow dd and I are traveling by train to Melbourne for university open days!!!!! So excited. I am way more excited than dd. at the moment she is doing Open University Units as her pathway to university. Here parents cannot do transcripts and I cannot give her an ATAR. At the moment she is thinking of doing Industrial Design.

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Good morning!  Another travel baseball tournament starts today.  This one I have to travel almost 2 hours to several times over the next few days.  Times have already changed for today due to weather last night.  I hate not knowing and it really messes up my schedule.




-try to do a load or two of laundry before we leave

-stalk mailman for Stitch Fix shipment

-library and post office

-leave for baseball game at 11:30

-dinner (no idea, may have to be takeout)

-scrub white baseball pants for tomorrow

-try to get workout in (either 1 hour on recumbent bike, or upper body weights)

-read and relax

-be Whole30 compliant

-get to bed early because first game is at 8 am tomorrow

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Good morning!


We are struggling to get back into our school year schedule. Kids are too used to bring up later at night and sleeping in. I am the oh so mean mom for now, making them go to bed and get up on time. ;)




call mom

swim with friends

figure out dinner

school planning

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Good morning!


It's a gloomy, rainy morning here, so I'm sitting in front of my Happy Light with coffee and puppies. I felt super lousy when I got up (bad insomnia last night), but am starting to snap out of it now.



•wipe down kitchen cabinets

•bills, filing

•clean hay steamer

•text hay guy w/ order for next week

•make homemade dog food

•give puppies second dose of dewormer

•place a Boxed order

•update my Subscribe and Save

•order a new clock for my bedside table

•mix up some bags of berries to keep in the freezer

•dinner: potato leek soup & roasted vegetable salad w/ chimichurri

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  • Sent out report in wee hours.  Still need to finish the last part (probably the hardest part).
  • Kids ready & driven to camp bus.
  • Cleaned the kitchen and 3 bathrooms.
  • Need to get some work momentum and send out lots of reports.
  • Follow-up on kid's medical mystery.
  • Some personal paperwork.
  • Someone sent me an invite to a meeting mid-afternoon about the sewer easement they are forcing on us.  Would rather not go, probably have to.
  • Pick up the kids from the camp bus.
  • Make arrangements for weekend horse show.
  • Laundry.
  • Pack the kids' school bags.
  • Box the hand-me-downs for my sister's kids.
  • Get the house ready for the maids to clean tomorrow, esp. the bedrooms.
  • Prepare stuff for the kids' Friday camp so morning will be smoother.
  • Read-aloud?
  • Kids to bed.
  • Work.


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Breakfast and lunch are done


Most of ds' school is done. He asked for a break because a friend who's been on vacation is back in town and wanted to play online on the PS4. He's got 1.5 subjects left, so I was a softy and said yes. We'll work later this afternoon or tonight. 



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I went out to the car this morning to chauffeur ds to work per usual.  My new driver said "Where are you going?"  He drove himself to work this morning!  (He got there just fine.  He's a good driver.  I'm more worried about the rattletrap that he's fixing up.)  Woo hoo!  No driving back and forth!


human care done "good enough" but I will make myself more publicly presentable later.  Maybe.

Pet care done

Medical care done

Second half of the living room cleared of furniture and vacuumed.  (I will still have to do the stairs and landing tomorrow)


OK - I caught my breath.  Now to actually shampoo the carpet in the second half of the living room. 

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