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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning! 



-Monday school (shortened day)
-arrange some driving lessons for oldest

-shower and get ready

-make marinate and get London broil soaking

-library for drop off and pick up

-co-op for enrichment classes

-pick up oldest from school

-work out (bootcamp and biceps/triceps)

-oldest to conditioning gym

-help oldest with English paper (he let me give suggestions on the part that was due today; not sure how long this will continue)  Oh boy, the less said about this the better.  How many grammatical errors can one child have in a paragraph?


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Good morning!  I slept in!


Already done:

recycling out


To do:

catch up on City of God for book study - I am so behind!

Get teen up - she's got tons of studying/co-op work to do

make phone calls

Pick up 18 yo from airport

Get my hair possibly?

Little guy needs new shoes-didn't get any yesterday in our shopping adventures

Dinner is new recipe - sweet potato hash



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Good morning! I'm not mentally ready for Monday...


•hay delivery (hopefully, we'll get a break in the rain so it doesn't get wet)

•arrange grain delivery


•restock soap, kleenex, garbage bags, etc. throughout house

•empty garbage cans

•dust & vacuum upstairs

•reschedule vet appt., order refills & food

•food prep

•help dd w/ cello string


•dinner: clam spaghetti

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Good morning! Different kid health issues are taking all my mental energy. Dd2 still feels terrible, but school starts today and she must go. She has missed so much that she can't miss anymore.


To do:

check on ds1

get ds2 off to class

get ds3 up and working

clean house

daily chores

pick up dog food

back to regular life

PM practice- maybe not for dd2 and aikido


Have a great day!

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  • Was awoken early for a work emergency.  Great way to start the day!  Not!

Kids got off to the school bus.

Got a little work and exercise done.

I am supposed to do a bunch of writing as well as the usual work stuff I do in early April.

I got a call from the doc about the mammogram I had last Wednesday.  "Negative, and doc wants you to do it again in a year."  I liked hearing the first half of that. :P

I need to get my calendar done already.

Try to set up the photo stuff for scouts already.

Contact my friend, who is possibly terminally ill, to find out if she needs me to extend her taxes.  I can't get a hold of her.  What a stupid thing to talk about, but she gets super nervous about taxes.  I've tried calling and leaving messages for months.  Can't remember where she is (which hospital/rehab in a big metro area).  May have to contact her son, not sure I have his phone number.  Ugh.

Kids have track after school, then youth group.  I pick them up from aftercare.

Kids to gymnastics.  Work at gymnastics.

Kids' work.


Kids to bed.


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Ds to college done

Instead of my early morning jumpstart walk, I did yardwork instead.  So not many steps but lots of bending and light lifting.

Talked to a friend about another close friend who is in the ICU.

Took care of Neko.

Took care of Libby.

unloaded clean dishes and put them away/ loaded dirty dishes and ran the dishwasher

pilled Libby and Rocky

pilled myself.  ;)

made bed


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Helped dd with algebra.

Helped dd with literature.


Washed and dried load #1


picked ds up from college and dropped him off at work.


Went to Staples for notebooks for dd


Went to PetSmart for a can of dog food for Rocky to see if he will eat it.  He's refused to pretty much eat for a week now.  We can coax him to eat from our hands but just a little bit.  We're hoping that some soft canned food might be more enticing for him.  But at this point I'm not going to buy more than one can until I will see if he will eat it. 


Went grocery shopping and planned dinner while I was there (gluten free meatloaf, mashed yams and asparagus).


Unloaded groceries


Now my knees really hurt.  Time to sit and grade, I think.  Except that I should switch laundry around. . .   OK..  If I get up and switch laundry, I get a square of chocolate. . .

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I FAILED at my not even very long list. DD is dropping her. nap but not yet having quiet time meaning I'm getting like NO break during the day. That, plus pregnancy, plus sleeping horribly last night meant I was running on fumes and the kids were quite trying.


DH came home and I left! I did an exchange at the store and got Chipotle by myself ðŸ˜ðŸ™ŒðŸ». I left him to cook the Mahi Mahi for them.


I'm planning to ride through the Chic fil a drive through for a frosted strawberry lemonade and then head home. Once kids are in bed. I'll try again tomorrow.

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