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  1. My Ker is super advanced. He’s reading everything he can get his hands on. He just finished the Penderwicks. What do I do with him LA a wise??? He still has a relatively short attention span and not great handwriting but is crazy bright and an avid reader!
  2. Good morning! Busy day here! School prep Make breakfast Devotional w/kids School with DS Little bit of school with DD Apt for me Cast apt for Ds (broken arm) Work on prep for rest of week
  3. Last week was NUTS with two flu cases, one of them also having strep and the other breaking his arm 😱. Plus strep for me! I hope this will be a nice, normal, BORING week! Today: School w/DS Meet hubs for lunch Few phone calls Work on consignment prep
  4. You’ve inspired me too! Awesome job
  5. Norwex rag and water do a beautiful job!
  6. You’ve gotten so much done
  7. We are. Expecting winds up to 70mph. My mom works for the power company and has been prepped for working overtime. I’m super nervous about the trees around our house/vehicles!
  8. MaryMak07


    I’m so so sorry!!!
  9. I have strep. My two big kids have flu. The oldest was recovering (he got it last Wednesday) and was well enough to play outside today. He broke his arm. I have a 6mo old and am terrified he will get sick. I also have PPA/D. This all feels like too much.
  10. Chicken noodle and homemade bread. 2/3 of the kids have flu (pray that my 6mo old doesn’t get it!) and I have strep. On the bright side, I married well. My hubs made the home made chicken noodle AND the homemade bread in my pretty new Le Creuset pot. It made my heart (and belly) happy!
  11. As a teacher, I saw educational neglect. Parents who never came to a single conference or made a single effort to be involved in their children’s education would pull their children and “homeschool†them when they got mad at the school. It was like they thought they were punishing the school. They’d do nothing with their kids except maybe bring a workbook and bring the child to their work. When they got tired of that they’d put them back in school. LOTS of this observed as a teacher As a homeschool mom, I haven’t witnessed this. All the homeschoolers I’ve met and gotten to know make a real Effort to give their children the best education they can.
  12. I feel like I could puke. Sad doesn’t even come close. There truly aren’t words 😥😩
  13. My mom got me a Le Creuset Dutch oven!!!! (She got a bonus at work and decided to get each of the kids a spendy gift!!!) I’m soooooo excited! I’ve dreamed of these pots for years but it’s always been waaaaaaay out of reach. I just can’t wait to cook all the things!! What are your favorite things to make in yours?
  14. I’ll play today! School with DS Bible reading plan Prep for DDs birthday tomorrow (she’s having a princess and stuffed animal tea party with another homeschool family during the day) Date night tonight!!
  15. Following, as I have one of these too!! It’s hard. I struggle with when to try to encourage a different response and when to let tears be ok.
  16. Scrambled eggs and apple slices for me. Same for the kids but they also got toast with jelly.
  17. Yes. Specific recs if what to do next. This is my first time homeschooling. Do I start working on spelling/writing? Just do copywork? Obviously he will keep reading books but what else should we be doing?
  18. My 6yo is an avid reader. He did AAR 1-3 and now basically can read anything. I’m doing AAR 4 bc I have it but he doesn’t need it(Just finished Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 2 days). His handwriting is Just so so. We are doing the HWOT K book and that’s perfect for him. What should I do next for him LA wise next year? What comes next for a kid who reads really well but handwriting is just ok? Curriculum hits have been AAR, Right Start and me reading a lot aloud, of that helps.
  19. I was given 1st edition of RS A and B and have used those and been happy with them. Now I’ll need to buy whatever we will use next. I’m torn: Should I buy 2nd edition RS C? Stick with 1st edition and buy RA C? Switch to Singapore or Beast Academy or something else? I have a 6 yo boy who is doing well with 1e RSB currently. He enjoys the games and interactions (he’s also an avid reader!) I’ll have another Ker in the fall as well as a 1yo.
  20. I’m doing RSB with my DS6 right now. I’m super interested in trying BA2A with him at some point. After which level of Right Start would he likely be ready to do that? Or should I try to do something else in between? Singapore for a bit? He’s doing just fine with RSB (though it’s not below him - he isn’t flying through or anything) and is an avid reader.
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