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  1. My Ker is super advanced. He’s reading everything he can get his hands on. He just finished the Penderwicks. What do I do with him LA a wise??? He still has a relatively short attention span and not great handwriting but is crazy bright and an avid reader!
  2. Good morning! Busy day here! School prep Make breakfast Devotional w/kids School with DS Little bit of school with DD Apt for me Cast apt for Ds (broken arm) Work on prep for rest of week
  3. Last week was NUTS with two flu cases, one of them also having strep and the other breaking his arm 😱. Plus strep for me! I hope this will be a nice, normal, BORING week! Today: School w/DS Meet hubs for lunch Few phone calls Work on consignment prep
  4. You’ve inspired me too! Awesome job
  5. Norwex rag and water do a beautiful job!
  6. You’ve gotten so much done
  7. We are. Expecting winds up to 70mph. My mom works for the power company and has been prepped for working overtime. I’m super nervous about the trees around our house/vehicles!
  8. MaryMak07


    I’m so so sorry!!!
  9. I have strep. My two big kids have flu. The oldest was recovering (he got it last Wednesday) and was well enough to play outside today. He broke his arm. I have a 6mo old and am terrified he will get sick. I also have PPA/D. This all feels like too much.
  10. Chicken noodle and homemade bread. 2/3 of the kids have flu (pray that my 6mo old doesn’t get it!) and I have strep. On the bright side, I married well. My hubs made the home made chicken noodle AND the homemade bread in my pretty new Le Creuset pot. It made my heart (and belly) happy!
  11. As a teacher, I saw educational neglect. Parents who never came to a single conference or made a single effort to be involved in their children’s education would pull their children and “homeschool†them when they got mad at the school. It was like they thought they were punishing the school. They’d do nothing with their kids except maybe bring a workbook and bring the child to their work. When they got tired of that they’d put them back in school. LOTS of this observed as a teacher As a homeschool mom, I haven’t witnessed this. All the homeschoolers I’ve met and gotten to know make a real Effort to give their children the best education they can.
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