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Who's going to tackle Sunday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Hey my house exploded too! Dh and ds3 went skiing with friends and the girls (dd1 is home on break) headed off for a day out together. So I am here, carless, in the mess. ds2 will wake up and help a little, but I know he has lots of school to do.


To do:

finish cleaning kitchen

general pick up

other chores

quilt-must finish this week-to get to the quilter and use coupon!

other jen things while the house is quiet


Have a great day!

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Morning, all!  


I hate it when houses throw up, also.  Such a pain!  Scout, what Pride and Prejudice are you watching?  


To do:



grocery/Target for milk, eggs/ Rx

maybe go to the beach just because...or stay home and clean up house vomit 


Have a great day, all!

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We are purging he main floor, scrubbing the kitchen, and I'm mopping the floors.

My hubby is on spring break this week so he's not working full days. I told him that we are tackling spring cleaning. My house feels like a disaster area. I can't take it anymore.

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Hello! I'm posting late because it's been a busy, busy day.


•cleaned horse paddock

•I found some moldy bales in our latest hay delivery, so spent a couple hours in the hayshed tearing apart bales and getting rid of the yucky ones

•did a thorough cleaning of our garage, everything either got put away or thrown away, found evidence of a mouse invasion so set several traps 

•ordered some spring clothes

•kids worked on cleaning their rooms

•I have a laundry pile the size of Mt. Everest to deal with

•dinner=shrimp & salad for dh & I, frozen pizzas for kids

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I don't think I posted yesterday, but we did horse riding and then a field trip to our local Little Italy and nearby points of interest.  Cleared out a cupboard, got rid of expired cans and set aside some for donations.  Later I tried to finish our AHG God and Family workbook, but my kids were being such demons I finally threw the books at the wall and sent them to bed.  (In between, I did some work.)


So today ... was a bit better.

  • Sunday school.
  • Church.
  • Enjoyed audiobook for about an hour while driving.
  • House cleaning, purging, reorganizing.  Fixed washer, assembled coat rack.
  • Laundry (4 loads, last one is in washer).
  • Kids did some cooking, cleaning, homework, a quick science experiment, music practice, and a tiny bit of Beast Academy.  Should have gone out and ran around!
  • Tried again with the AHG religion lesson.  Got about 15 minutes in and gave up again.  What is it about this curriculum that my kids won't be serious and just get it done?  :/
  • Oh, I forgot ... work.  I'm still working, reviewing draft contracts and stuff though I don't feel clear in my head.  Blah.
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