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Middle School Math Options

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My dd will be in the 7th grade next year.


We did Teaching Textbooks this year, but I'm kind of annoyed with it. She gets straight As but something's weird. She's not retaining, or something, because she gets to the unit test and doesn't understand key concepts. We have to go back from time to time and I have to provide extra help and practice on certain types of problems because they've evaporated from her brain. I think the problem is that the curriculum doesn't provide enough practice on the concept taught on the day it is taught.


It annoys me that she can seem to be doing well, having straight As but still have skills that need work.


Anyway. I'm exploring options.


I've done Saxon. Don't think I want to go back to that. even though I have the books.


Don't know anyone locally who uses anything but Saxon or Teaching Textbooks.


What's out there? What's good?


She's a good student and no learning disabilities. Once we get extra practice and explanation on lacking topics, she's fine. I really just want a curriculum that I don't have to add to for her to learn what needs to be learned. I detest having to seek out extra practice problems on a regular basis. Don't mind it occasionally, but not all the time,

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Have you looked at CLE?  Explanations are in the workbooks and there is a lot of review.  In fact, there is so much review that once a student has mastered something you could easily cut out some of the review from each lesson.  It makes it less overwhelming for the student if they don't do well with tons of math on a page and you win brownie points for not making them do every single problem.


Give the diagnostic test and start with the lower level one to make sure she doesn't have too many gaps.  Some kids do great with TT but others just don't seem to retain from that program.  I found CLE was better because it had more review but wasn't as tedious as Saxon.




The first light unit of each level is entirely review of previous levels so if she does have a few gaps you could try just doing the first light unit of the previous level and the level she tests into for solidifying gaps before moving on.  The program is easy to accelerate or extend, as needed.

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We had the same problem with TT. I'm probably not going to use it with any of our other kids- they can game the system too easily. For us that required me being more involved with math and needing a non-online program so I could see the progress and where the issues were rather than checking the grades online.


I whole heartedly agree with OneStepAtATime's recommendation to check out CLE. It's really a great program and if you need to shore something up, just order the light units you need from the other years. I wish they had the Sunrise Units past Algebra I.

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I can't tell what you are looking for in a math curriculum, but I am going to mention Singapore's Dimensions Math because it doesn't come up a lot. We are really liking it here. 


It is not self-taught, but a mathy student can read it and do a lot of it solo. 

It's more mastery, not a lot of review. There is a workbook with additional problems.

It has a lot of integrated geometry and a bit of statistics and probability.




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