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  1. I am basing her credit on time spent on the subject. We are moving very slowly through the book to give her plenty of time for memorization. We only spend about 20-30 minutes per day, but we are sticking with it all year long so we don't lose it all in the summer.
  2. Algebra-Teaching Textbooks English-Words Aptly Spoken short stories, EIW, Spelling Power, lit through history and physics American History-Sonlight Core 100 history only pared down for my dyslexic or AGS Physics-Guest Hollow conceptual physics Art-Creating a Masterpiece plus plenty of art on her own Chinese II-Chinese with Mike Bible-The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study
  3. You're probably right. If patriotism is a strong love for one's own country, they are probably not apologizing for existing and all that we went through to become the nation that we are today. The idea of divine providence has probably less to do with patriotism than I gave it credit for. I'm just trying to wrap my mind around why some people tend to love our country and others tend to be anti-American.
  4. We've been back to school for a while since we took a long break in November. Today is my last day before I start full-time child care for my neighbor. The youngest that I'll be watching all day is a 5 yo boy. I'll have a 2nd grade boy and 6th grade girl after school for about an hour. I'm pretty much looking forward to this. Teaching preschool is fun! Getting a paycheck is fun too! I was hoping to sleep in on my last non-work day, but it didn't happen. Oh well. Maybe I'll squeeze in a nap. Coffee Bible study Read book for book club Declutter 7 items for a decluttering challenge Laundry Help dd with school in the afternoon Grade papers Put away Christmas tree Rearrange furniture in living/dining room Make dinner-chicken and tortellini alfredo with garlic bread and probably broccoli Make school checklist for tomorrow
  5. Thank you for the review. It sounds like it may be a good fit. Now to get my hands on it.
  6. Thanks for this review. I agree that I wouldn't want a book that equated America with Christianity. Is this what you were thinking of from Critical Thinking? https://www.criticalthinking.com/critical-thinking-in-united-states-history.html
  7. My daughter doesn't retain much on audible, so that's out. She always liked Usborne books, so she'll probably like the magazine layout. I can deal with it. I think for a neurotypical child, it looks perfect for a middle schooler. My daughter needs things written at a simpler level due to her dyslexia. I didn't find it at our library, but I did find it at a reciprocal library. I can't put books on hold there, but i can pray that they are available when needed. That would save a lot of money.
  8. All I meant by my questions was to get a sense of her bias. I don't think you can write 10 books on US history and not show some kind of bias. I know that America is not Christian or anti-Christian. I was just wondering how she treats religion in general when it comes to US history. This is less difficult than when dealing with World History, because then you are dealing with millions of years/evolution/the creation of the world's major religions. I can handle all such topics, but like to know what I'm getting beforehand. With regards to her patriotism, I just wondered if that came out in her writing. A less patriotic person may apologize more for the sins of our nation. A more patriotic person may believe in divine providence. Maybe. I'm speculating here.
  9. Coffee Bible Take down tree and decorations -tree is still up, but all decorations are off of it. Hubby needs to bring in the tree box. Community group Declutter 6 items for a decluttering challenge Read for book club Read book 2 in Mere Christianity
  10. I personally wouldn't remediate a child unless they needed it. If they can handle the work of 2nd grade, allow them that opportunity.
  11. I'm interested in using this with my dyslexic high schooler for US History along with writing assignments and other projects to fulfill a year's credit. My problem is that I don't have an easy way to get my hands on a copy without purchasing it. If you've used it before, what are your opinions of it? I heard that it is not Christian, but would you say it is anti-Christian? Does she tackle hard subjects well? Would you consider her to be patriotic? Does she have any strong biases that come out in her writing?
  12. Laundry Take down and put away all Christmas decor/tree-not gonna happen today. I did some, but my dd was supposed to help with this chore. Her friends wanted to hang out all day. Unfortunately friend time doesn't happen often enough for my extroverted kid, so I was happy to let her hang with friends. Read my book for book club Get rid of 5 items (since it's the 5th, decluttering challenge) Write out school plans for next week
  13. My ds was always close to his long distance grandparents because he was raised by them for the first 4 years of his life. The bond is really strong. With my dd it's different. They love each other and enjoy time together when that happens. She's never been good on the phone. I don't push phone time too often. Sometimes grandma will ask to talk with her and she will. It's just a little more awkward.
  14. I had hand foot and mouth as an adult. It was the worst! The first Dr tried to treat it with Vicodin. It didn't touch the pain. The next Dr treated me with steroids. That helped so much.
  15. A doctor can give you something for nausea and keep you hydrated through an IV. I'm pretty tough, but needed to go to the ER because I couldn't get off the floor due to dehydration. Take care of yourself.
  16. I'm having the same problem. Super annoying.
  17. Every month I deal with very heavy bleeding for about 2 days. My pain and energy levels are fine, but I try not to leave the house. If I worked outside of the house, I might be more quick to consider ablation.
  18. I'm trying to be frugal for my daughter's birthday, but that may look different from other people. We usually go more extravagant and spend about $500 on her party. She asked me if she could go to a local pottery shop to paint with about 5 friends which would only be about $200, but that doesn't include lunch/dinner and cake. I told her that we are spending less this year, so she decided on having a few friends over to watch a movie and just hang out. We'll probably order Chipotle or Panera and have cake. I don't know what to do about goody bags. Her friends always give them out. I told her that she could take her neighbor friend to the pottery shop. Why did I say that? That's at least $50. We're also buying her 2 records for a total of $40. I'm going to keep the party at about $125. Add in the rest for a total of $215. Not too bad considering what we normally spend.
  19. I sell my books at a local Half Price Books. I don't make very much, but it's a simple way to unload it. There is a homeschooling section in the store, so I'm hoping the right people are finding them.
  20. I definitely need to join this group. We've put ourselves in a lot of debt over this past year. My husband and I are both spenders, so we need to work on that. The good news is that I will be starting a full-time babysitting gig for my neighbor. I want all of that income to go directly toward debt. My goal is to be debt free by July.
  21. I've seen the first 3 episodes. I wish it motivated me more than it does. I need to NOT watch more TV.
  22. I'm 40 and am struggling with letting go of the idea of more kids. My youngest is almost 15. I really should just move on, but it's hard. If I could have more, I probably would.
  23. I enjoyed Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Fluff but fun. For a more serious read, The Alice Network by Kate Quinn was a favorite. I don't read a lot of nonfiction, but The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba was interesting.
  24. Good job! Honestly, after reading your other post, it didn't sound like you were ready to declutter. You're inspiring me to do the same. It's one of my resolutions for 2019.
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