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Little Caesars' Founder Quietly Paid Rosa Parks' rent for years...


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I grew up in Detroit, where the Tigers, Red Wings, and Little Caesars are big.  I remember many birthday parties as a kid that included Little Caesars pizza and Faygo or Townhouse pop (soda).


Mike Ilitch died a few days ago, and stories about him are coming out.  I love stories like this...people who were generous, but kept that quiet.




"But in 1994, Parks was robbed and assaulted in her home at the age of 81.


Keith, himself an important legal figure in the civil rights movement, worked to find Parks a new, safer apartment at the Riverfront Apartments in Detroit, according to the Sports Business Daily.
Ilitch read the story in the newspaper and called Keith, offering to pay for Parks' housing indefinitely. With no fanfare, Ilitch continued paying for the apartment until Parks died in 2005, Keith said."
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That is kind!  Little Caesar's is great for traveling for big families like us.  If the weather is nice, we will find one and buy a bunch (4-5) of their $5 pizzas, then stop at a park to eat and let the little ones run around.  It's so cheap to feed us all, even all the teen boys!


DS17 was traveling back 2 weekends ago from a Civil Air Patrol training weekend several hours away with other members of his squadron.  He was in a hurry to get back because he needed to play in a basketball game, so he suggested this option for lunch (well, not the park, lol).  So the van gassed up and everyone used the bathroom, then they stopped at Little Caesar's and bought pizzas and ate them in the van.  Not anywhere near as complicated as making a big McDonald's order or other fast food!

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