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  1. Hey, I bought that for my daughter back in early May, just based on reviews on Amazon! I'm glad to see it recommended here too! Whew! I figured the physical version would be good, since a younger daughter is interested too.
  2. I'm glad this thread was reactivated! My second daughter (now 13) has become very interested in Korean, also because of k-pop and Korean dramas, lol. She has taught herself the written language so she can translate names and things like that, but I was unsure of where to go for spoken language learning. I am definitely going to be looking into these recommendations! I'm not sure why it never occurred to me to search here first, honestly. She also would like to live in Korea. We have a very good friend who was selected for NSLI-y and has spent a summer and a year over in China. We ar
  3. As far as false positives go, my uncle down in FL had a positive rapid test back in the beginning on June. He was sent to the hospital where he had 2 negative swab-type tests over the next week. He was having symptoms--coughing, difficulty breathing, fever--but it turned out he had pneumonia. So the rapid test definitely can have false positives. And I know those false positives are not "struck out" of the counts either.
  4. Ugh, how stressful. I wish we could be helpful in the afternoon for PEP pickup for you, and we possibly may be able to--but I'm juggling 2 different cross-country team practices at different places/times, and I'm not sure how the afternoon is all going to pan out. I just don't know enough yet, which is also frustrating. Are your girls doing more than just the core classes?
  5. Definitely a malamute for me. We had a lab/malamute cross when we were stationed in CO pre-kids, and he was such a great dog. We hiked and camped all over creation with him, and went cross-county skiing, etc. with him too. So much fun! But like Arctic Mama said, a malamute would be miserable here! We currently have a Newfoundland, and she is the absolute perfect dog for us. We prayed for 2 years for the right dog to show up (I knew I wanted to be done potty-training kids, and once that happened, we knew we were going to move to OH, so it made sense to wait even longer). I've always
  6. I married a man who is 8 years older than I am, and who is the youngest of 9 kids. So dh's parents are the age of my grandparents. I was only 20 when we got married, so there was no way I was calling them by their firstnames. They told me to call them mom/pop, but I did what many people on here have done and avoided calling them anything directly, lol. And then as we started having kids, I called them Grandma B and Grandpa B if talking about them to or around my kids, and "your mom" and "your dad" if talking about them to dh or his siblings. But as I got older, it just became easier
  7. Yes to all this! We are members of both. Honestly, with a big family, I feel like we get our money's worth out of both of them. I do like the clothes at Costco, and like someone else said, most of my wardrobe is from Costco. But I get most of my groceries at Sams, and the curbside pickup as well as the scan and go are really, really nice. I personally think Costco is more for little families who like to buy a bunch of little packages of stuff, whereas Sams has more stuff in big quantities. But not as much trendy little stuff.
  8. Yeah, there's a house like this in our old neighborhood here in Ohio. We were stationed here back in 2000-2004, and a few months before we PCS'd in July 2004, lightning struck a house in our neighborhood, causing a fire. A few years later, my parents bought a house in that same neighborhood, so we would come back to visit them. Their house was around a corner and down the street from the lightning house, so dh and I would walk by it, taking kids to the park or whatever. The owners eventually replaced windows, siding, and roof--but that was it. And it was obvious no one ever moved ba
  9. That is such a blessing. We felt the same way after the Memorial Day tornado that hit our neighborhood a year ago. We were so stunned--so many trees were down, debris was everywhere, the house was a mess--and a large local church sent teams into our neighborhood with chainsaws. We had 18 young men and women (early twenties, most were, I'd say) in our yard. There were maybe 4 with chainsaws, and in an hour or two, they had chopped up 5 big trees that had fallen in our yard and dragged them out to the curb. It would have taken us weeks to do it all, assuming we could even find one chainsaw.
  10. We're fairly normal too. The kids are disappointed that the summer camp they usually go to in PA was cancelled, and that was where 2 of our sons were supposed to work this summer, so that is the main thing that isn't "normal". Oh, and our weekly Bible study is still meeting over zoom. But swim team has started up (yay!!), so that is giving us some good structure. Dh can only go into his office on base Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, so he is still around here way more than usual. We haven't made it back to church in person yet. We take up too much space, I think. We'll
  11. This tangy pineapple chicken recipe is quick, easy, and very kid-friendly.
  12. Ahh, we will finally meet in person then, Lord willing! We are headed over there this afternoon to do the writing assessment!
  13. My family PCS'd to Dayton when I was in junior high, and I graduated here and then went to Cedarville, so I was here for several years. I married my dh in between my sophomore and junior years at Cedarville (he was stationed at WPAFB then), finished up college, and we PCS'd to Colorado Springs. I had never been bothered by gray winter days all those years. I had never even thought about it at all! After spending 5 1/2 years in Colorado (dh was assigned to 3 different bases, lol--we loved it!), we PCS'd back to WPAFB. Oh my goodness! That first winter was HARD! I kept thinking, "How di
  14. Yes, move to SW Ohio with happysmileylady, ArcticMama, and me! Is your dh military? There's a big base here for support. It's really a nice area for families. I'm so happy we moved here from northern VA!
  15. Yeah, with my stubborn kids, it was more about me convincing them that they actually wanted to be potty-trained, rather than any specific potty-training trick. So I pointed out all the time how babies wore diapers, and things big kids could do that babies in diapers couldn't do. And then I proceeded to let my older kids do whatever seemed to be what the non-potty-trained kid wanted. One kid really wanted to chew gum (believe me, not something 3 year olds normally do around my house, but it sure was motivating!). So I let the older kids have gum frequently while lamenting how the 3 ye
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