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Who's going to tackle Thursday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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DH looked after three younger ones so I could take dd to her work and then go to hospital to visit next door neighbour who is dying.Very nice to have a break - though he was completely frazzled when I came home.


1 load of laundry washed, hung out


1 bathroom scrubbed


3 fine motor activities for twins made, printed, laminated and packed into 3 little boxes- twins tested them out as we were making them


fish patties and steamed veggies for tea


kitchen almost finished being cleaned


 twins packed off to bed


just on completed school organising, just a few more things to laminate . school starts for the year next week






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Argh!  Did not get things done yesterday like I should have.  Instead I obsessed over the news.  Sob.



Latin homework

Clean kitchen

Make sure 15 yo is ready for ride to Bio lab this a.m.

Teach Latin at co-op

run errands

Get 18 yo to his class at 4

Once again no idea about dinner - I've been doing this all week.

Try to read City of God before book discussion

Babysit toddler

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Daughter to school DONE
Youngest to enrichment
Must go to a grocer Not GOING to HAPPEN
Oldest to orientation
Call local middle school to set up testing DONE
Pick up youngest
Pick up daughter
Pick up oldest
Make dinner
Clean kitchen

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Morning everyone!


•finish up animal care

•fold laundry

•clean bathrooms

•get kids up and moving


•clean stalls

•run to town for errands (bank, post office, pick up dog food, pick up monitor for DH, groceries, bookstore)

•DD equestrian club

•place an amazon order for supplements and a few other things

•order hay for next week

•dinner=takeout (sushi for kids & me, mexican for DH)

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Good morning! Am practice run, took ds3 to enrichment day. Ds2 is still asleep; he is fighting off a cold. My big plan is to rearrange the basement today. And make lasagna for dinner.


To do:


get ds2 working

basement stuff

big snack for after school

make dinner

dh swim practices

me: judo practice


Have a great day!

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I really appreciate the challenge yesterday. While I didn't get everything done I certainly accomplished more than I would have otherwise. Here are today's goals:


* render the fat that I drained off the beef yesterday

* declutter living room - didn't get to that yesterday

* make 40lb of sauerkraut

* stick to my diet - I must repeat to myself, "hunger is a good thing, hunger is a good thing" :)

* laundry

* marking and lesson planning

* short lesson with ds5, allow time for ds13 to do some work

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Got the kids off to school on time.


Slept a lot because of being sick.  I might be starting to get better now.  I hope so!


Lived through a conference call for which I was unprepared (I was supposed to read a 100-page document - ha!)


Answered a bunch of emails which pointed out a few things I was forgetting to do ....


To do:


Email some AHG info.  Looks like the leaders aren't interested in having a newsletter, so lucky me.  Who has time for that anyway ....


Catch up a lot of work.


Kids' homework.


Kids to AHG field trip.


Kids to bed.



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