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Long time no talk

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Hey folks.  Wow it's been a while since I have been in here.  According to my notifications I have 36513 posts to catch up on haha.  So life has been interesting since I last was here.  I actually put all 4 of my kids into public school.  Oldest 2 go to an alternative high school that is as close to homeschooling as ps can be.  dd9 goes to the local catholic school and well ds13 is back home homeschooling.  He didn't even last until halloween in the school.  Not a good fit for him and I wanted in punch one of his teacher's in the throat.  I really did not want to homeschool this year.  After 10 years of doing it I was so beyond burned out, my responsibilities at work increased (acting director for remainder of school year since director is out on mat leave), my health is taking a beating again etc.  But here I am, with 1 at home.  The one that caused my burn out the most.  We are just getting our footing again, I need to pull out my wtm and dust it off and get to planning.  I do not have as much fun lesson planning as I used to.  So back to the boards here looking to read and infuse my soul with the passion I once had to homeschooling again. He is only in 7th grade, so I have at least until the end of grade 9 for sure with him home before we give the alternative school a try in 10th. 


Youngest really wants to come home again too.  She likes her teachers, she loves learning and academically is doing well.  But she hates school itself, or more specifically the kids.  She is my social butterfly and yet she has made zero friends at school.  She hates being stuck with the same age group she is in.  There is a girl that makes her life miserable (same girl comes to my afterschool care and tries the same crap there but it doesn't fly with me), and because it is a small town school it is not like there is a lot of kids to pick from. She has tried to make friends outside of her grade but the kids are so ingrained in this idea that friends need to be from your class that it has been really hard for her. 


dd17 is thriving and blossoming in her new setting.  She is excelling academically, joins in with all the community service things her school does, is in the mentorship program and goes to the elementary school every monday for an hour to be with her mentee.  And is just doing beautifully.


ds18 was doing really well, but decided he no longer needed his meds.  Then he crashed and burned, got suicidal and has been a bear to deal with.  He got into a dual credit course at the college (something newer in alberta), and has really been enjoying that but got behind in that and all his regular high school work.  He is back on meds now but it takes time to build back into his system.  We are thinking that he will not be graduating this year after all but will need at least another semester next year thanks to this set back.


Over all though life is better when not homeschooling all 4.  I can now actually go work out, see the doctor, etc. Now to figure out how to work, homeschool ds13, go to the million extracurrics at night and still have that me time I needed to recover from the burn out.


Wow that got long, haha.  All that to say I'm back :) Though I am sure there are so many new faces here that means nothing haha

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I was just thinking about you today!  Good to hear from you.  I am glad that some things have worked out well and sad that some things didn't.  Hopefully lots of people will be able to help you get into a good groove (or at least offer a lot of commiseration if they are struggling too :) ).


Best wishes always.  Glad to have you back.

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Great to see you here! Glad things are going better for you and your family. I wish we had a dual credit option in Ontario like you have now in Alberta. Love the alternative school option, though. Glad you are able to make good use of it.


All the best with homeschooling your 13 yo.

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