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Is coconut a tree but for allergy concerns...


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I'm cooking gf for a potluck. The mom of one of the other gf kids said her ds also could not have peanuts or tree nuts.


I'm confident my kitchen is peanut safe and I don't have tree nuts around. However I use a lot of coconut oil when baking.


Where does coconut fall in the allergy spectrum?


I do know what I have to do to make the kitchen safe and I will inform the other mom so she can decide for herself. I will do that anyway. I would just like to know where coconut is on this.



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The FDA classifies coconut as a tree nut, for allergy labeling purposes. DS, anaphylactic to tree nuts, was allergic to coconut until several years ago. It is the only allergy he has ever outgrown.


So - I think you'd want to clarify directly re: coconut.

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Yep, check with the mom.


I think it is common for people who have nut allergies to also react to coconut, but it isn't a rule. 


I have tree nut allergies, but not to all nuts and i can definitely eat coconut.  DD has a friend who is allergic to tree nuts and can have coconut. 

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I have tree nut allergies and also cannot have coconut.  Or bananas (which is completely ridiculous!!! in my opinion!!!!!)  (Stupid allergies!!!)


Good to ask the mom.  :0)


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DS has an almond allergy and we avoid all tree nuts due to cross contamination concerns. Coconut is not a true tree nut, but is classified that way in labeling. DS is fine with coconut as long as it is free of cross contamination.


On a side note almonds are also not a tree nut, but the FDA labels them as such. DS'S allergist told us to avoid all pit fruit because that is the actual food family of almonds.


Allergies can be tricky, so it is always best to ask.

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