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Ever feel apologetic for too many good news?


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Ever feel bad to those around you for having so many good things happen to you at the same time? That's a bit how I'm feeling about right now.


First the acceptance into the business school at DS's university, and now a grant which came through. And it's more than enough to completely pay for the COA at his university.


I'm almost really ashamed to be this happy.


:huh:  :hurray:  :sad: :party:  :001_rolleyes: 

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Things like this keep me going and balance out the other cr*p in my life.


Recently my younger one got a gold medal on the National Latin Exam Prose test, and my older one was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. Those events have put a bounce in my step for weeks now.


Enjoy!  :hurray:  :hurray:  :hurray:

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A huge congrats!!!! :party:


...and, Nope. I never feel apologetic for the good things! DD (and I) have worked - HARD - the past many years. Her achievements weren't just "lucky happenings" and didn't just land in her lap. She worked and researched and made a lot of hard choices over the years to make her present/future possible.


Zero apologies. If ppl we know don't want to celebrate dds worked-for achievements, they can bite me. :laugh:


(with that said, it's certainly not as if we announced every single major scholarship or award she has received... but I did share quite a few, with her permission.)

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No, I don't feel guilty. I also am not one to share too much good news, and my kids have often commented that I don't share enough.  Things may be going really, really well in one area of our family life, but we struggle in others. I don't talk much about either though, so it's balanced. ;)

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