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  1. I know of one family where the father helped their children to apply to ONE college, Calvin College, his alma mater, and then told them that they were free to apply to other colleges on their own. But neither one applied anywhere else so they both ended up at Calvin. What a way to get your children to go to the school of the parent's choice! Dd has received acceptances from University of Maryland and University of Maryland at Baltimore County (safety); waiting to hear from Pomona College (reach) and Bryn Mawr College in March.
  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful list of free resources. I was trying to check out the "African Waldorf" but the link is broken. FYI
  3. We moved in our first and second sons, N and Y, for the first time this year. We live overseas so N, who is a junior, was moved in by his grandparents when he was a freshmen. I always felt bad about that and so for Y, I made sure we were around to move him in. As a side story, I just found out that the mattress size in N's school depends on the dorm hall, which was news to me! Freshman year mattress was regular while sophmore year mattress was XL. LOL. N had been squeezing his twin size sheet onto a XL twin size mattress! I asked him how often he washed his sheets. Not often. It dawned on him that that might have to do with the STRUGGLE of putting it on. We found out what mattress he would have this year. I pronto got onto Amazon and ordered him an XL bed sheet set (Love Prime Shipping!) just days before he had to go. (I don't know WHY he didn't get XL sheets previously or ask me to get them! As a overseas mom, love Amazon, did I mention this?) For Y's move in, because we were coming in from overseas, we didn't have much. We were minmalists. Five of us went to drop him off so all his stuff had to fit in the back of a minivan. The four of us were able to carry all his possessions in one trip, excluding the dad who left to park the car. As long as you don't take the big items which I consider unnecessary, there's not a whole lot to take. The whole process was made easy also by the fact that the school was super organized. We were told the day and time to come. Y's roommate brought TV, refridge, and carpet. We didn't bring any of that and we were in-state while the roommate was not. I had figured the kids could talk about getting things like that AFTER they moved in... Maybe it's the influence of his roommate whose mom commented, "He probably has enough clothes for both of you" but Y feels like he needs more shoes and clothes. Or it could be his major is a factor here. We had to buy him a suit, a casual suit jacket, and dress shoes for his business school. He does need a casual non-sneaker non-dress shoes that can work with jeans and dark pants. Anyway back to Amazon to browse!
  4. Ha, ha. That is funny. :laugh: Being immersed in the homeschool world, I'm surprised to hear a comment like that. It feels like every should have already heard that homeschoolers go to college.
  5. I called the Collegeboard and they said that if I wait until mid July, the 2016-2017 test dates will be up and at that time, I can re-register for a new test date for $28.00.
  6. As a result of an increasing number of homeschoolers, many college sites have a specific page for homeschoolers with recommendations/requirements noted on it. As 8FillTheHeart said, there a big range in what schools want. For University of Md where my DS will enroll at in the fall, there wasn't really any extra work, if I recall correctly. On the other hand, Bryn Mawr College, has a list and one of the requirements that's irritating me is the need for two MORE recommendation letters on top of the two required for all applicants. Essentially, you need to check out each college for what they want. But at the minimum, you should have a transcript, course descriptions, and a school profile done. Portfolios, reading lists, etc. would depend on the school and major.
  7. DD had an emotional breakdown and missed the SAT subject tests. I have to wait another 9-10 hours before I can call the collegeboard since we're in Central Asia. So I thought I'd ask my question here first. I want to register but not on June 4, the last remaining test date for this academic school year, because on that very day we're traveling back to the US. But June 4 is the only option available on the registration portal. Is it possible to change it to an October date by calling it in, or is it a done deal with no chance of re-registration? Anybody with this experience?
  8. Wow. This was so easily resolved. I think you can count yourself, that is your daughter, lucky. Just keep telling yourself that $400 is not too big a loss in the big picture. :001_unsure: Really it isn't.
  9. Based on the information from this link, because our son is not filing taxes and we claim him as a dependent, it seems we the parents will have the add the overage from the grants to our income. Our income tax reporting has never been this complicated. I guess we also will have to consult an accountant. Any recommendations for an accountant in the Baltimore, Md area?
  10. I totally did not know the room and board grants were taxable. So, if I'm understanding this correctly, this is taxable income for the student?
  11. Congradulations. How proud you and your family must be. It is my dream that my kids will one day say that they were happy to be homeschooled.
  12. Wow, that's super fast, not just in being assigned the room but in the school notifying the student. They sure are organized.
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